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A rare treat of a solar eclipse here in Tanzania
Awesome to witness this extraordinary phenomena
The famous rare' Ring of Fire' right over Africa!!
Today the sun's a terrific ruby ring in Tanzania
A fiery stunning cerise circumference, special effects, credits Creator Allah
As the luminous moon is bid to veil the dazzling sun
As it casts its amazing antumbra
Upon the terrestrial sphere, aqua and terrafirma

It's a new Moon and the moon is at its apogee
The Moon, earth and sun aligned in a fine straight line
As the trio are lined up for the superb syzygy!
The moon superimposed upon the sun, juxtaposed for a contrasting 'ring effect'
Both of them as if grinning and glowing in glee

Bailey's beads of light art' seen
Towards the Moon's trailing edge
The sun's photosphere is seen as a bright ring of rays
Around the dusky disc of the marvelous moon
Two Heavenly Bodies as if joined in honeymoon's loving embrace
And we in Tanzania lucky to be in the path of the moon's antumbra
The moon's aphotic silhouette glides across the sun's face
Beckoning people to gaze up the mighty Heavens
This eclipse can only happen during the new Moon phase
I fantasise that instead of circus tigers the Leo star shall jump
Through this flaming ring of the sun's corona
The golden rim's like a great glorious necklace
That the moon gifts to the sun, as designed by Allah

So people are tuned to the firmament
Gazing with goggles in all wonderment
At this striking celestial show which requires us Muslims to pray the special prayer of signs
The namaze Ayaat to celebrate and supplicate to God' s glory gratefully
So hallowed be God and hail to the moon and beauteous blazing boundary
Afforded to us as we are treated to it for free

( a must read the authors notes below for interesting info, as we in Tanzania are treated to this rare annular solar eclipse)

The solar eclipse happened on 1st September, also my parents marriage anniversary. I found this Wikipedia commentary ESP interesting since I have been in Tanzania for over a decade now): SOLAR ECLIPSE Ring of Fire report: source Wikipedia; The best vantage point was in Tanzania and Reunion Island. The longest eclipse was visible in Tanzania, peaking at 12:06 p.m. local time and plummeting the sunny day into partial darkness. Spreading across a 60-mile (100km) radius, those outside the full eclipse were able to enjoy a still impressive partial eclipse. Partial #solareclipse right now in #Joburg - max at 11:02 @eNCApic.twitter.com/5dP8FAokTX — Candice De Carvalho (@CandiceSAfrica) September 1, 2016 @Slooh Partial solar eclipse from Arusha, Tanzania. pic.twitter.com/fxu0CdKUYu — Dominyk Lever (@zoOmphotosafari) September 1, 2016 Also known as an annular eclipse, the ‘ring of fire’ is a rare treat, with only three more to occur this decade. Unlike a total eclipse, the moon is smaller than the sun when it passes by it, producing a ring effect. And There We Go....The Solar Eclipse in Full Effect! #katumabushlodge #katavinationalpark #mbalimbali #Tanzania #africa #african#africanadventure #nature #solareclipse #solar #eclipse #wanderlust A photo posted by Katuma Bush Lodge (@katumabushlodge) on Sep 1, 2016 at 1:42am PDT September starting with a solar eclipse. Spectacular view! #HappyNewMonth#RwOT#Rwandapic.twitt er.com/rj4kuytqxe — IGIHE (@igihe) September 1, 2016 Those lucky enough to witness an annular eclipse hopefully remembered that even with massive reduction of light, it is still unsafe to look directly at the sun and was better viewed through a filter, pinhole, or the safety of RT's live stream.

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