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A rescue dog gets to experience having his own Christmas Tree.
A Tree for Me!


I was so excited today! They brought a tree into the house. They called it a Christmas Tree. It was put in a big green pot and set up near the big windows at the back of the house. Putting it in a big pot of water seems a bit strange. Lots of things that my folks do seem a bit weird to me. No matter. I really love trees and so do all of my friends. My name is Bentley, by the way, but everyone calls me Ben. Despite the fancy name, most would call me a mutt. They tell me I am a mix of some kind of hound and a Border Collie. All I know for sure is that I am a rescue and I love my new home.

Anyway, back to the tree. After a bit of a slightly loud discussion about whether the tree was straight or not, and which side of the room it should be on, by the windows it stayed. Mom seemed pretty happy with that decision. She and Dad then went upstairs and started pulling lots of boxes from the closets. This looked liked it could be lots of fun. As usual, I managed to get under their feet and was told to go back downstairs. So off I went and I decided to go check out the tree for myself.

It really is quite a sight and the scents are amazing! I checked it out from all sides and had to agree with the others. It really is a wonderful tree. I can’t wait to tell all of my friends! I have my very own tree. Inside the house, no less! I was just about to “water” the tree when my parents came back into the room. “Bentley, NO!” they both hollered as soon as they saw me lift my leg. Needless to say, I high-tailed it out of the room! Now, I have to say that I am very confused. Why bring a tree into the house? I use the trees outside, why can't I use this one?

I was put on a timeout in the corner by the fireplace. I did my level best to look sad and pathetic so I could get out of the corner, but it did not work. They were not real happy with me right then. That was okay. It was quite cozy by the fire and a nice nap helped to pass the time. Besides, Mom and Dad were not paying too much attention to me. She was putting a lot of bright and shiny things on the tree and he was on the couch watching a bunch of people chase a ball on a field and pile on top of each other. I thought only we dogs did that stuff.

I will have to talk with my buddies at the park and see if they have a Christmas tree in their homes - one that they can’t use, just like me.
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