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A firebender named Zardok has come to The Southern Water Tribe to get his revenge.
Chapter 1 Fresh off the Boat

Avatar Korra was having a pleasant dream on this night. It had been three months since she saved Republic City from Kuvira and she had been dating the lovely genius of Future Industries, Asami Sato for around the same amount of time. The two slept in the same bed back at the Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace. Asami decided to live with Korra for a few days after revealing that the two of them were dating to Senna and Tonraq. Korra was remembering that moment vividly in her mind. Korra had just arrived at the palace and she decided to talk to her parents

"Hello Mom and Dad." Korra said to her parents

"Greetings Korra. May I ask why you've returned to the Water Tribe? Don't you have Avatar duties to attend to?" Asked Senna.

"Well Republic City is being rebuilt at a very fast pace. So since crime is low and there aren't a lot of bad guys for me to fight I decided I needed to get something off of my chest."

Tonraq put his big, strong hand on Korras toned shoulder. "What is it Korra? Just tell us what's on your mind."

Korra took a deep breath and gave her parents a confident smile. "I've been dating someone for a while and I thought you two wouldn't take it very well considering how my last romantic relationship went."

Tonraq and Senna let out a small laugh causing Korra to sigh in relief. "We're completely okay with you having another lucky boy to date. Can we see him?"

Korra motioned for Asami to walk over to her. Asami this whole time was hiding behind a wall waiting to come out of her metaphorical closet with Korra in front of Tonraq and Senna. Asami walked towards Korra and put her hands inside of Korras hands. Tonraq and Senna both looked perplexed and initially they didn't know how to react. Senna spoke up while Tonraq tried to process this revelation in his mind. "Isn't that your friend Asami?"

Korra nodded and kissed Asami on the cheek. "I never said I was dating a boy. You see over the last few years me and Asami have gained a true bond with each other. She completes who I am and who I wish to be. Her brains counter my brawn. Her kindness countered my hot headed decisions. I don't think I could get through some of the obstacles I had to face in Republic City or in the Earth Kingdom if she was not with me."

Asami added to Korras points after flicking her long black hair. "I didn't feel complete myself after both my mother and my father passed away. Initially I thought Korra just thought of me as a spoiled rich girl but I eventually saw that she had more to her than meets the eye. I wouldn't have survived several scenarios in the Earth Kingdom if it wasn't for Korra."

Korra hoped that her parents would be okay with her being part of a same sex couple. In the Southern Water Tribe such a couple was unheard of since the Tribe was more traditionalist and less technologically advanced than the other portions of the Four Nations. Korra nervously opened up about her feelings about the situation. "So Mom, Dad is it okay for Asami to stay with us for a little bit? You don't mind that we're dating right?"

Tonraq smiled and gave his daughter a thumbs up. "I'm completely fine with it Korra. When you were unable to walk for all of that time I just wanted something. Anything to make you happy in your time of great distress. So even though I've never seen two women fall in love with each other I completely accept this relationship."

Senna also smiled and shook Asami's hand. "As do I. In fact I wanted to invite someone special to celebrate Kataras 90th birthday with us. We're going to have a lovely celebration in the Palace to honor our Master Waterbender and all of her accomplishments. Since you helped out our Tribe so much during the unfortunate Civil War I was wondering if you wanted to come to the party?"

Asami gave Senna an adorable smile where she bit her lower lip and showed off her perfectly white teeth. "Of course I'd love to go to the party. Besides. I have this wonderful dance that I'd love to show you that I've been working on with Korra. I'll show it at the party I suppose."

"Great! I'll just let you two enter our guest room and you can get ready for a very fun day tomorrow!"

Korra woke up from her dream with youthful bliss as she picked out her original Waterbenders outfit to wear. In the three months since she defeated Kuvira, Korra had been working out vigorously to try and regain her bulk that she lost after nearly three years of inactivity. She was able to regain her muscular physique once more and she couldn't be more proud of herself. Korra put on her outfit and put her hair in the tubes that she previously had before she cut her hair in the Earth Kingdom. Before she knew it she looked like the Korra she remembered from the past albiet with the mindset of a more peaceful and compassionate Avatar.

"My biceps are back! Oh I missed you girls so much!" Korra kissed her biceps and picked up her saddle just as Asami woke up and yawned. "Korra? What's going on? Why are we going into town so early?"

"Well since you haven't seen the Water Tribe in a while I just wanted to take you on a trip around the town before the party begins. You know it's a way for us to have a girls day off with just the three of us."

Asami looked confused at Korras statement. "The three of us?"

"You, Me and Naga. We'll ride into town and I'll show you how I spent my free time at home for all of these years."

Asami got out of bed and grabbed a coat. "I'll be right there I just need to get dressed, comb my hair, put on my lipstick, all of that stuff."

"I'll be waiting outside with Naga. This will be an excellent day!"

Alas Korra and Asami were unaware that at that very moment a Fire Nation ship was arriving at the Water Tribes dock. On that ship were a brother and a sister who had anything but kindness planned for the residents of the Water Tribe. The young light skinned man was ripped with toned abs, arms and legs, a shaved head and a burning stare from his black eyes. The young brown skinned woman was slim and slightly curvy. She had green eyes, raven hair and a mismatched outfit of Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation attire. The two of them spoke to each other before getting out of the boat.

"Well brother we're here. I'm fairly certain that those ignorant Waterbenders won't even see us coming. Just remember to keep your stress under control. Fire can be a useful tool but it can also be a deadly force if used in anger."

"I understand sister. I won't blow my cover until I'm ready. Let's just find the chief Tonraq, kill him, bring his corpse to my father's grave and fulfill my father's dying wish while we're at it."

The two got off the ship as the Water Tribesmen got ready to stop them. "Sorry you two but we weren't expecting your presence here for Kataras birthday. You're not on the list therefore you're not coming in." The young male Firebender hit the Waterbender with an uppercut as the female Firebender hit the other tribesman with a Fire sweep kick and a Fire punch. The male firebender picked up the tribesman's list and threw it onto his unconscious body. "I'm on the list now idiot." He wrote the words, "All Waterbenders are morons" on the list.

"I told you not to blow your cover."

"Well I decided to have some fun. You should try it sometime."

"Fair enough but I have my own way of having fun. You'll see that later ruby boy."

"I'm sure I will gem girl."

The two firebenders headed for the Water Tribe as Naga transported Korra and Asami to the same place.

Chapter 2 The Village Trip

Korra rode Naga into the city with pure enthusiasm as Asami struggled to hold on to the big friendly Polar Bear Dog. Naga ran through the thick snow with a powerful stride almost as if the snow wasn't even affecting her in the slightest. Naga slowed down as she entered the Southern Water Tribe Village. Korra quickly dismounted from Naga and Asami fell off of her large steed with a startled facial expression. Korra laughed, picked Asami up and wiped the snow off of her coat.

"Yeah. That's just how I roll when I'm excited Asami. At least I didn't crash into anybody this time. Come on! I think you're going to need some piping hot fish jerky! That ought to get you accustomed to life here at the Water Tribe. Come on try to keep up!"

Asami shivered as she nodded her head in approval. She slowly trudged around the snow as she crossed her arms and buried her face in her coat to keep herself warm. This place was absolutely freezing and since Asami never could bend she needed to rely on her coat to survive the cold climate. Thankfully Korra bended some of the snow, turned it into water, heated it up with some firebending and put the water into a cup.

"Here you go Asami. I guess you're going to have to adjust to this place just like I had to adjust to Republic City. You can get to the general store by yourself right?"

Asami sipped the hot water and breathed a sigh of relief as her body heated up. "Yes. I can make it there myself. You can just go on ahead Korra."

Korra ran ahead as Asami made her way towards the general store slowly while continuing to sip the hot water to keep herself warm. Asami approached the store and saw that much like most of the homes in this Tribe the store was inside of a tent. Asami initially thought that was rather quaint however she quickly realized that the Tribe was quite traditionalist in its design. She shrugged and entered the tent. Inside she saw that the store was full of Water Tribe clothing and food. Coats, gloves, boots and hair loopies that were similar to Korras. The food around the store was clearly gathered from the ocean and the surrounding wildlife. There were fish, whales, arctic hens, five flavor soups, squids and there were even packages of kale cookies. Asami smiled as she remembered Varrick scarfing down kale cookies back when she was in a meeting with the Southern Water Tribe. She walked over to the counter where Korra was already present. Korra grabbed a package of fish jerky and pulled out some yuans.

"It's okay Korra. You wanted me to try the jerky so the way I see it I should pay for it."

"I insist Asami. It's my gift to you for spending time with me before Kataras birthday. My way of saying thank you. Besides it's only worth 2 yuans."

Korra paid for the jerky and gave a piece to Asami. It felt slimy and wet and the smell was... Well fishy. Asami at first cringed when she sniffed the jerky but she didn't want to hurt Korras feelings so she took a small bite of the jerky. As she chewed the fish she felt a tangy sensation on her tongue, one that was entirely unexpected from what looked like such a simple snack. Asami took bigger bites of the fish until she swallowed every little portion of it. Korra patted Asami on the back.

"You liked it didn't you?"

"Are you kidding me? This jerky is amazing! I wish Republic City had a store that sold this stuff. It's way better than the extravagant meals that I'm usually served back at Future Industries."

"Why is that the case Asami?"

"Well let's just say that being a rich girl isn't all its cracked up to be. When my dad was alive we had a lot of meals that valued presentation over taste. They looked exquisite on the outside but inside they didn't have much of a taste. He always told me that any commoner could get an overt taste but that it took a refined man like himself to find a subtle taste. The barest hint of a sensation. But every time I tried the food he'd give to me I still couldn't find any flavor. Your fish jerky didn't look very appetizing but it actually turned out to be better than what I initially thought it was going to be. I guess that's a metaphor for something. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah. I think that's how you saw me at first. I think you saw me for who I am inside at the same time that I saw you for who you are inside. Appearances can be very deceiving. But enough about that! Let's head over to the other side of the village. I want to show you the ocean!"

Korra fed one of the fish jerky pieces to Naga and the Polar Bear Dog swallowed the jerky whole and wagged her tail in excitement. Korra scratched Nagas ears and kissed her forehead before mounting Naga, picking up Asami and placing her on the saddle.

"Good girl. Now let's head for the Ocean Naga."

Naga ran over to the other side of the village where the two firebenders were approaching Tonraq. The female firebender whispered into the male firebenders ear. "Just ask for admission into the party. We'll execute our plan on this moron when he's at his most docile."

The male firebender nodded and walked over to Tonraq. "Hello Tonraq. We understand you have tickets to the birthday of the Waterbending Master known as Katara. May we attend this party?"

"That depends. Who are you?"

The female firebender stepped forward and shook Tonraqs hand. "Allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Yukiko and this is my brother Zardok. We are the descendants of Fire Lord Izumi. As such both of us are aware of the friendly relationship between Katara and our grandfather Zuko. We would be honored if we could attend this celebration and give Ms Katara a gift that was made by Zuko, Zardok and myself."

Zardok spoke up about his opinion of the villages climate. "You're the village chief aren't you? Is it always so cold here? If so I hope that the party tent will be warm."

"Yes. It's always cold here. But since you're firebenders I'm sure you'll keep warm anyway. Now young lady may I see this gift before I decide if you can enter the party? It's for security purposes of course."

Yukiko smiled, nodded and pulled out a small platinum statuette of Katara and Zuko hugging. She placed the statuette into Tonraqs hand and he examined the statuette extensively. He grinned and shook Zardoks hand. "Well that's enough proof for me. I'll allow you to enter the party."

Zardok took the statuette and placed it in his bag. "Thank you sir. We will present this gift for the old woman tonight to symbolize peace between our nation's that was achieved thanks to many incredible youngsters over 80 years ago. It is my belief that the Four Nations are all special in their own way."

"Glad to hear it. I'll see you at the party."

Korra and Asami stopped Naga by her father and Korra decided to get involved in the conversation. "Hey Dad. Who are these two?"

"Well Korra, these two guests of ours are Zardok and Yukiko. They're the son and daughter of the Fire Lord and they're here to attend Kataras party tonight as well."

Yukiko and Zardok saluted to Korra. Zardok spoke up about the legacy she was upholding "It's an honor to meet you Avatar. My grandfather talked all the time about the previous Avatar Aang. He was always my favorite."

Korra initially couldn't read Zardoks intentions as he spoke with a somewhat uninterested tone but she took it as a compliment. "Thanks I guess?"

Yukiko saved her brother so they wouldn't come off as suspicious. "But of course. In fact we both think you're exceptionally brave to handle so many people who wished to disrupt balance. Not to mention being part of the cutest couple ever with that handsome Mako!"

Asami interjected. "Umm. Korra isn't dating Mako anymore. She's dating me now."

Zardok cringed when he heard that but he regained his composure before Korra or Tonraq got suspicious. "Oh... Great. Good for you. I'll see you two at the party." Zardok and Yukiko walked away as Yukiko found herself mildly annoyed with Zardok.

"What was that brother? Do you seriously want us to get caught?!"

"I'm sorry. It's bad enough that Tonraq caused all of our misfortune now I have to find out that his daughter is a bisexual? It's just not natural!"

"Well you can be offensive later but you've got to focus now. If you're going to defeat Tonraq you need to be at your best."

"That goes double for you sister."

Korra rode over to the ocean which was about a mile away from the village and pulled off one of the bags that she placed on Naga. "Asami. There's something that I want you to wear tonight at the party. I know that you're not from the Water Tribe but I'm sure my parents will understand." Korra pulled out a pair of hair loopies with small diamonds inserted into the base. Asami's eyes lit up with joy as she saw the wonderfully crafted hair accessories before her.

"These look lovely Korra. I'm sure these will go great with my dress. Why did you want to speak with me right here though? You could've just given these to me later when we're going to get dressed for the party."

"I know but I wanted to ask you something."

"What's up?"

"Well... It's just that we've been dating for a few months now and I've hugged you many times and kissed your cheek but I've never kissed your lips. So I wanted to show you all of my love at a place where I faced my most extreme emotions. You see this was the place where I went when I lost my bending after facing Amon. I thought there was no hope for me to be a great Avatar but right then Avatar Aang appeared and restored my bending. My emotions here ranged from dispair to triumphant joy. So I figured this was the best place to kiss you. So can I please do that?"

Asami puzzled and thought to herself. She hadn't really thought of the affection that she had showed Korra beforehand but she decided to act in her typical confident way. "Kisses are just greetings to me. So I'm sure I can give you my lips and my love." Asami moved in closer so her face would be near Korras but Korra started to sweat, she seemed to be going back on her decision in a sense. Korras mind was erratic as this whole experience was new to her.

She thought "Am I doing this right? Should I feel confident or nervous? What if she doesn't want me to kiss her?"

"Korra. You're too stiff. You've already kissed Mako a bunch of times, why are you so nervous?"

"I'm sorry. It's just... I wanted our kiss to be special."

"It'll be special once my lips touch yours it's as simple as that. Here. I'll lean into it first." Asami puckered her lips and leaned into Korras face, Korra held on to Asami's hands as she puckered her lips aimed towards Asami's lips and delivered a romantic kiss in front of the ocean! Korra rubbed Asami's back while Asami fondled Korras hair as they continued to kiss passionately. Korra had erratic thoughts in her head. "This is how kissing Asami feels?" The kiss lasted for a solid fifteen seconds before the two finished and had a strand of saliva connect them.

"Thank you Asami. I'm so glad that I have a girlfriend to hang out with."

"As am I. Let's head back to the Palace. It's getting dark. I had a great day. I'm sure it'll end in the best way with our dance."

Korra and Asami returned home on Naga. They knew that their love was meant to last and this party was the one where they were ready to dance the night away!

Chapter 3 The Party

Korra and Asami put on their respective dresses inside of the Palaces bathrooms and got prepared for Kataras 90th birthday celebration. Korra picked her dark blue dress that she wore at the first party she ever saw Asami at. Of course that's when Asami was dating her old boyfriend Mako but the dress still meant a lot to Korra since it was the first time they ever met face to face. Korra found it to be rather ironic that she at first disliked Asami for her relationship with Mako but practically because of their shared relationship with him that caused their friendship and eventual love to bloom. Korra emerged from the bathroom with an aura of confidence and energy. She just couldn't wait to meet her old friend one more time and celebrate her accomplishments. Asami stepped out of the other bathroom wearing a gorgeous bright red dress that hugged her body and contrasted nicely with Korras dark blue dress. Korra was so blown away by how good Asami looked that she started to drool slightly.

"What's wrong Korra?"

Korra wiped the drool off of her face and regained her composure. "Sorry it's just. That's something that happens to me when I see someone as gorgeous as you."

Asami giggled and flicked her hair. "That reminds me of the first time I met Mako. He was just so stunned by my appearance that I think that shocked him more than the fact that I almost ran him over with my motorcycle."

"Wow. I did not know that. Anyway. We should head to the party. Katara is waiting for us and I much like everyone who loves and cherishes her have a gift for her."

"That's very thoughtful of you. What is this gift of yours?"

"That is for me to know and for everyone else to find out."

"Oh. Do you think I'm going to look bad to come to the party empty handed?"

"Not at all Asami. You didn't get invited until yesterday and not everyone will give Katara gifts. Besides I think that special dance that we made together will be more special than all of the little trinkets in the world. Why is that you may ask? Well it's because it's a symbol of unity, love and kindness. The art of dance can tell us so much about a person's emotions, ideas and experiences. Every dance is different! You'll be just fine. So please walk downstairs. The festivities are on the first floor."

Korra and Asami walked downstairs and saw a truly pleasant sight. The entire first floor was converted into a dance floor and a buffet of steamed fish, whale meat, squid, five flavor soup, kale cookies and many other delectable dishes. The guests were all either scarfing down on the scrumptious food or dancing in couples on the floor. But there were some guests that decided to spend their time with the birthday girl herself. Many of Kataras old friends paid her a visit such as Toph Beifong who immediately went to Katara and hugged her.

"You still have a lot of spunk to you Madame Fussy Britches."

"Toph. I'm 90 years old can you please stop calling me that name?"

"Isn't that just like Aang. No matter how old you get you still have a big stick up your butt." The two laughed as Katara realized that despite the fact that they haven't seen each other in decades she was the same Toph that she was as a twelve year old. Next Zuko entered the party alongside Zardok and Yukiko, the three of them also greeted Katara while Zardok pulled out the statuette from his bag.

"It's a pleasure to see you Katara. It's been so long since I've seen my good friend from my teenage years."

Yukiko gave Katara the Fire Nation Salute and bowed to the Master Waterbender. "Indeed it's a pleasure. I believe that our nation would've been tainted with the legacy of a power hungry dictator and an insane girl who nearly killed Avatar Aang if it weren't for you. We couldn't be happier to be here."

Katara bowed back and sat down on her fancy chair, the chair meant for the birthday girl. "I'm glad you're all here. Come and join the festivities the legacy ceremony will begin shortly."

Zardok presented the statuette to Katara. "We would like to give you a gift symbolizing our unity as one people brought together by our shared humanity. This little statuette right here is a sign of love from us to you." Katara gazed upon the statuette and smiled, she picked up the trinket, placed it onto her table and winked at Zuko.

"Thank you. I'll keep this statuette for the rest of my life. Hopefully that means a few more years so I can make that statement mean something."

Zardok motioned for Yukiko to come with him so the two siblings walked over to Tonraq as Korra and Asami rushed over to Katara to present their gifts. "Hello Katara. I can't thank you enough for giving me so much support when I was poisoned. I don't think I would be able to walk now if it wasn't for you. So to show my gratitude I decided to make something that should be near and dear to your heart. Hold on, I won't be long I just need to bend the gift inside."

Asami scratched her head and thought to herself. "Bend it inside? What did she make anyway? It must have taken a while for her to make." Korra pulled a large object at the back of the room covered in a tarp with her bending and placed it directly in front of Katara. Then Korra pulled the tarp off the object and it was revealed to be an ice sculpture portraying a much younger Katara, her brother Sokka and her Grandma Kanna. Kataras eyes burst with life in utter amazement. She leaped right out of her chair and danced around the sculpture shocking Tonraq, Senna and everyone else in attendance. "Yippee! Gran Gran, Sokka! You haven't looked better! Three cheers for Korra! Hip hip hooray!" Katara hugged Korra as hard as she could and cried tears of joy. "I'm completely grateful for such a thoughtful gift Korra! I don't think there's anything more beautiful that could be presented to me tonight."

Asami then stepped forward and presented herself to Katara. "Hello Katara. I don't know if this will be nearly as beautiful as Korras gift and I really decided to throw it together before I was ever invited but I hope you enjoy it all the same."

"That's fine Asami it's the thought that counts. Please let me see this gift."

"Well I'll need Korra for this present. So Korra would you kindly take my hand?" Korra took Asami's hand as they walked towards the center of the room. Korra went to the left side and Asami went to the right side. Then they started to dance. Korra went first raising her hands into the air and performing mini squats before twirling around to the left and right, she swung her hips and pranced around the area whipping her hair around and puffing out her chest. Asami on the other hand spun around on her toes before placing her hands on her shoulders then her elbows, then her ribs and then her hips. She swung her hips, squatted a few times and then waved her arms like the waves in the ocean. She then backflipped towards Korra as she front flipped towards Asami. They embraced in the middle of a flip and started spinning around together like leaves in the wind before finishing off their dance with Korra picking Asami up, throwing her into the air, catching her and Korra kissing Asami on the forehead. The room erupted into a round of applause from everyone and especially Katara. But Korra saw that someone was missing from the festivities. Tonraq was nowhere to be found! Korra pinched Asami's shoulder to get her attention. "Wait a minute? Where's my dad?"

"I don't know Korra. Maybe he's in the kitchen. We're sorry everyone! We need to find someone. Please remain calm!" Korra and Asami opened the door that Tonraq was right in front of and ran through the kitchen. Inside Korra found most of the cooks and waiters already knocked out and two firebenders carrying an unconscious Tonraq. It was Zardok and Yukiko!

"Hey! What do you think you're doing with my dad?" Yelled Korra.

"I'm getting my vengeance you stupid idiot!" Yelled Zardok. The two firebenders shot lightning out of their fingers forcing Korra to block the attack with an air shield. She tried to hit the two with air punches but Yukiko blocked them with fire punches as Zardok kicked open the exit door, threw Tonraqs unconscious body onto the side car of a snowmobile parked outside and breathed fire to set the entire kitchen alight! Zardok then shouted as he and Yukiko got into the snowmobile!

"So long Korra! You're a complete imbecile just like your daddy! If you want to be less of a coward than he is I suggest that you follow us. If not you'll prove that your entire race is full of nothing but moronic weaklings who can't evolve with the times!" The two drove off leaving Korra in a state of despair that she hadn't felt in months. Asami tried to comfort her as the Avatar prepared to tell everyone at the party the bad news.

Meanwhile the vile firebenders gave each other a high five as Yukiko drove the snowmobile far away from the party. "Thank you sister. We now have everything we need. Mr. Tonraq here will never see his family again and that Avatar girl is too stupid to find us where we're going."

"Indeed. But what do you plan to do to Tonraq first?"

"Well lets just bring him back to our safehouse first. Once he wakes up this idiot will be in ten times the pain I've been in over the years. To the Fire Nation a toast."

"Cheers brother."
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