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Izuki continues his rampage as Avatar Korra joins the fray.
Chapter 4 A Matter of Love

Korra and Asami arrived late at Asami's mansion with one of Asamis servants patiently awaiting the arrival of his two masters. "Ms. Sato, it's a pleasure to see you back with your girlfriend. Do you require anything tonight?"

Asami walked up to her servant with Korra holding onto her arm with soft tenderness and loving care. "Nothing tonight. For now I just want to spend some time with the Avatar. Please patrol the premises like usual and if there are any calls made to the house please let me know."

"Certainly Ms. Sato, I hope you two ladies have fun with each other."

"Oh we'll have fun all right just keep a lookout. My only concern tonight is giving some loving to Asami." Said Korra seductively. Asami and Korra entered the Sato mansion, which was just as luxurious and spacious as ever. Korra made sure to pick up a book on the ground floor library that her father Tonraq gave to her after she revealed her same sex relationship with Asami. She giggled in delight as she rejoined Asami who picked out a film reel from her collection in the second floor theater room. Then the two women went over to a room that Korra had never been in before. Korra had lived in Asami's mansion ever since she returned to the Material World from her Spirit World vacation with Asami. Korra had been in nearly every room in the mansion except for one. A room on the top floor where Asami restricted Korras access for quite a while. But tonight Asami was a bit more lenient with Korra since she wanted to let off steam that she didn't have for quite a while.

"Korra. I want to have this romantic moment on the top floor... In the room that you've never been in." Explained Asami.

"Really? You never let me in that room before though. Why is that the case?" Asked Korra.

"Well I'll tell you once we get inside. Trust me. I have my reasons for keeping things from people. It took me a long time to be a legitimate businesswoman and I want it to stay that way." Asami elaborated while her voice started to crack. Asami and Korra reached the top floor, Asami pulled out a rarely used key, opened the door and Korra saw a room that blew her mind. It was an old bedroom that had a huge bed, platinum, gold and silver statuettes of Hiroshi Sato, Asami's late father and a young attractive woman who hugged him in every single statuette. There were also windows adorned with expertly woven drapes, a film projector with Varricks symbol emblazoned on it and a shelf that held photos showing Hiroshi setting up Future Industries, him meeting the young woman, their wedding ceremony and the birth of a little girl that Korra saw was the baby version of Asami.

"Wow. Is that woman your mother Asami?"

"Yes. It is." Asami started to tear up while continuing to smile. "I remember playing Pai Sho with her as a little girl. I thought she always let me win because she was being nice but it wasn't until I was fourteen when I realized that I was actually too smart for my mom to beat at the game. It just... It just broke my heart when her death caused my father to hate benders so much. But I still hung onto the good times me and my mom used to have. This room has so much negativity in it."

Korras interest was peaked to say the least. "Why does a room with so many nice things in it have negativity inside of it?"

"Well my father never let me enter this room after mom died. I spent year after year wondering what was behind those doors. It wasn't until a couple of days before you arrived in Republic City that I finally started to get some answers. You see I heard footsteps in the middle of the night so I decided to investigate the house. My dad entered the forbidden room so I listened in to what he was doing in there. I heard him beg forgiveness for his wife and I also heard him crying... I didn't know that he was holding so much bitterness inside of him." Asami put the film reel in the projector and it started showing a film called "The Marriage of Sato."

Korra saw that Asami was pouring out all of her emotions on this night so she walked over to Asami and hugged her tight as Asami continued to cry. "It's okay Asami. I see it now. You wanted to take someone you love into this room so you could get over this long standing feeling of emptiness and bitterness. Do you want to watch this film with me to help you do that?"

"Do you have anything else in mind?" Asked Asami as she wiped away her tears.

"Well. I have this book." Korra pulled out her book and gave it to Asami so she could read it.

"Avatar Kuruk's Art of Ladybending? Why did you pick this book up? What's Ladybending?"

"Just read part of it. I think you'll like it." Asami read the book and saw that it was a book full of lovemaking techniques! Asami was amazed to see the writings of Avatar Kuruk explaining how he used his bending to pleasure his wife Ummi both in the streets and in their own home. Asami blushed as she read as she's never gone through such an interesting and energetic experience with any of her past lovers. But Asami wasn't a prude so she decided to indulge in Korras suggestion.

"Okay Korra. I have some water in the bathroom next to this room. I suppose I can experience some Ladybending." Cheerfully chirped Asami.

"Great! I'll be right back. Just make sure to get into your nightgown. It's easier to enjoy it when you have minimal clothing." Replied Korra as she ran over to the bathroom. Korra gathered some water and put it in a cup while also undressing herself till she was in her tank top and her underwear. Korra cheerfully walked back to the bedroom and she saw Asami in her nicest red nightgown. She turned off her film and laid on the bed.

"Hmm. This is so soft... It's like a princesses bed." She thought to herself. Asami looked over at Korra who was staring at Asami with the Water in her hands. "Okay Korra. I'm ready. Ladybend me!"

Korra started bending the water and she moved the Water orb slowly towards Asami. "Where do you want me to insert the water?"

"In my mouth is okay. It doesn't matter where the water goes in right?"

"Not at all. Just please don't freak out when I start bending the water inside of you. I'll try to bend it near your pleasure spots so just relax okay?"

"Okay." Asami opened her mouth wide and Korra bended the water into the lovely businesswomans mouth until every drop was inside of her. Asami at first didn't feel much so she decided to lay on the bed again. But after a few seconds of concentration Korra started bending the water all over Asami! Asami twisted and turned in her bed while moaning in pleasure.

"Oh! Korra! Ahh!" Asami felt so many lovely sensations all over her body! In her chest, her stomach, her legs, her arms, her face her whole body was getting stimulated! Asami continued to moan as Korra started to bend near her hips. Asami held onto her stomach as she got louder and louder almost to the point of climaxing. Korra finished off the experience by bringing the water out of Asami through her mouth again as Asami laid down exhausted from her experience.

"Asami! Are you okay? Your response was so extreme to the point where I thought you were feeling too much pleasure."

"Korra... You were incredible... That felt amazing. I only need one more thing to end this night off well..."

"I thought we'd never get to this point." Korra mounted Asami and delivered a passionate kiss to Asami's red lips. Korra fondled Asami's hair while Asami grabbed Korras back and hips while they kissed. They rolled all over the bed as Korra and Asami kissed over and over again only coming up for air when they needed to. Korra felt a sense of love and joy that she needed after experiencing such a scary scenario back at the arena. After several romantic kisses Korra finally got up with Asami with a strand of saliva connecting them. Korra started to cry tears of joy

"I love you Asami. I never want to leave your side. Please stay with me."

Asami cried tears of joy as well while rubbing her nose against Korras. "I'll stay with you. I love you too Korra."

Just then the phone rang and Asami picked it up. "Hello. You've reached Asami Sato of Future Industries. How may I help you?"

"Ms. Sato, Chief Beifong is here. She says that you need to see something near the sewer entrance by the Pro Bending Arena. She also says to bring the Avatar with you."

"I'll be right there." Asami hung up the phone and started to get dressed back in her businesswoman uniform. "Korra. Get dressed, Chief Beifong needs us."

Korra got back in her Waterbender uniform and headed to the front door to see Chief Beifong. "Am I going to get arrested again Lin?"

"No. But you do need to see this. My fellow officers have already handled the body but I realized that I need help from you because, honestly you're just my best shot for taking this criminal down."

"Criminal? You mean the guy who attacked Tahno. Is he okay?"

"He's the body Korra." Lin breathed deeply and put her hand on Korras shoulder. "I'm sorry. Mako and I did all that we could. But we were too late."

Korra ran as fast as she could towards the arena before whistling for her Polar Bear Dog Naga who was staying at the Sato Mansion with her. "Let's go girl!" Korra rode over to the arena with newfound determination. Tahno was her rival beforehand but nobody deserves what happened to him. Asami also ran to her Satomobile and drove after her girlfriend.

Korra arrived at the scene and ran past several of the metalbending officers before reaching a body bag. She opened the bag and saw the remains of Tahno. She looked back and felt her body clench in shock and anger. "Who would do this?"

Lin and Asami reached Korra and the Chief explained the situation. "Tahno was partially eaten by Izuki. I tried to apprehend him but he's too powerful. I also doubt that he can be talked out of eating more attractive young men."

"Where's Mako? Shouldn't he have come out with you?" Asked Korra.

"I'm sorry. Mako ran away to draw his attention. I tried to go after him but Izuki bended the sludge in the sewer to form a wall. It's preventing me from following him. That's why I need your help." Explained Lin.

Korra got up and clenched her fist. "I swear this guy is going to wish he never messed with my friends. Come on Asami, let's head into the sewers."

"Wait! I'm coming too!" Yelled Bolin. "When the metalbending officers showed up I decided to follow them over here. Look, he's my brother and I need to make sure he's okay. I mean I know you're the Avatar and you want to keep the innocents safe but I know Mako better than anyone. You need me."

"Don't worry Bolin. You'll be with us. It'll be just like old times right Korra?" Asked Asami.

"Yeah... Just like old times." Korra, Asami, Bolin and Lin headed for the sewers to begin their search all the while Korra hoped that Mako was safe from Izukis clutches.

Chapter 5 Chasing a Dream

Izuki continued to rush after Mako by using the sewage around him to slide through the sewers. Mako kept on using his jet streams to avoid Izuki and to attempt to find an exit. Mako looked all around the disgusting, damp sewers but couldn't find a single exit point. Mako knew that he couldn't just keep running forever from this mutated monstrosity so he hatched a plan. As soon as he was a few corridors away from Izuki, Mako got in position to electrify the sewage below him. He needed to get up on a platform in order to avoid shocking himself though. Izuki continued to charge forward towards Mako as the cool under fire officer let go of his fear and his disgust to begin his lightningbending. He felt the energy of such an unpredictable element, he felt its flow and waited for the precise moment to strike the liquid sludge below him. Izukis disfigured face came into view and Mako realized the time was now. He fired the lightning into the sludge below him and Izukis entire body pulsated as he was shocked with volt after volt of lightning! Izuki stopped sliding through the sewers, dropped to his knees and fell on his stomach as Mako wiped the sweat off of his forehead. Mako dropped down from his platform and was ready to bring Izuki in.

"Your cannibal days are over Izuki. You'll be lucky if you aren't given a life sentence." Mako got out his handcuffs that he brought with him to the Pro Bending Arena and grabbed Izukis arm. Suddenly Izuki regained consciousness and slashed at Makos left arm with his claw-like hand causing Mako to recoil in pain! His arm had a bad cut that was already bleeding all over the place! Mako held onto his arm and yelled as loud as he could just so someone, anyone could hear him and save him from this monster.

"Ahh! Not my bad arm! Someone help me!" Izuki grinned sadistically as he started to lick the blood that was dripping from Makos arm. He opened his mouth wide, targeted his jaw at Makos cut and... He punched himself with his right hand! Mako backed away from Izuki as he saw the man hold his head in pain again and scream in agony! Mako was rather confused by Izukis actions and he wondered in his mind. "What's his problem? Why isn't he going in for the kill?"

Izukis eyes stopped glowing as he finally regained his composure. "Oh my god! Sir, what happened to you?! Who did this to you? Where did he come from? Why am I in a sewer?"

Mako got up and pointed at Izuki with his good arm. "What are you talking about? You're the one that ate Tahno! Then you attacked Chief Beifong and tried to eat me!"

Izuki looked all around himself before breaking into tears. "No... No! I can't be doing this! This can't be happening!" Izuki slid away at full speed using his earthbending as Mako tried to keep up with him.

"Izuki! Izuki! Stop running!" Makos words fell on deaf ears as Izuki went all the way to the end of a sewer corridor and bended another sludge wall to keep Mako out. Mako sighed as he tried to find his way back to the sewer entrance he came from by retracing his steps.

Meanwhile Izuki dropped down and cried some more as he started gagging. He tried as hard as possible to upchuck the portions of Tahno that he ate but it was to no avail. Izuki saw a discarded advertisement for the Pro Bending Arena that was at least a few months old. He stared longingly at the ad as he went into another flashback. This time he was hanging out at an earthbender style restaurant in Republic City with Tahno and Ming of the White Falls Wolfbats. They were drinking some Lychee juice while discussing Izukis bad luck with employment.

"So basically I can't get a job anywhere and you guys are my last chance. My wife is about to be evicted from the poor man's apartment we share and she has a baby coming. I need to prove myself as a husband and a father. I need a job."

Ming and Tahno looked at each other like Izuki was crazy. "Let's get this straight boy. We have reputation when it comes to our pro bending team. We're ladies men. When we go into matches we want the women to fall at our feet rather than cringe in fear. Watch and observe." Said Tahno. A beautiful waitress got Tahno his meal, a roast duck which he intended to share with his two guests.

"Here's your roast duck Tahno. Good luck on your new season! I'll be rooting for you!" Excitedly said the waitress.

"I'll make sure to wave your way sweet thing." Said Tahno in a flirtatious tone. He gave his waitress a kiss to her hand causing the waitress to blush and giggle to herself as walked to another table to continue working. "See? We have to stay gorgeous in order to keep our fanbase up."

"Yeah and you're honestly not that good looking." Added Ming.

Izuki covered up his own face in embarrassment. "Thanks for reminding me guys." Said Izuki facetiously. "You think I haven't heard that before? I've tried to get a job all over this city and nobody wanted to hire me! You pretty boys always get good jobs that pay well but for me nobody will even give me a single occupation. Not even as a simple janitor!"

Ming tried to talk Izuki out of joining them but Izuki was persistent in what he wanted. "Haven't you tried to get a job with the other pro bending teams?"

"I tried but none of them wanted me. Some said their rosters were full, others said that they didn't like the way my face looked. You guys can't just leave me without work! My wife and my child won't survive in the streets!"

Ming whispered to Tahno. "This guy won't stop. How are we going to get this guy to quit asking us?"

Tahno was barely looking up as he was preoccupied with eating the delectable roast duck on the table but he had an idea. "Calm down Ming. I've got this." Tahno gave Izuki a piece of duck as he decided to give Izuki a task.

"I understand your desperation friend. I'll make an exception I suppose. But I believe in reciprocity. You do something for me and I'll let you join our team. I'll even give you a portion of the Championship pot so you can move your old lady to a decent neighborhood. What do you say?" Offered Tahno.

At this point Izuki was desperate. Any way to get money was worth it for him. "I say yes. But what do you want me to do?"

"That's the spirit. Now there's a special new product that's about to be released to the public by Future Industries to help the sick benders of the city restore their bending power. I'm thinking that maybe if we get our hands on some of that substance, use it and hide the evidence from the officials we would be an unstoppable pro bending team. Have you ever been to the Future Industries factory?"

"Yes. In fact I actually worked there before getting laid off by Ms. Sato a few years ago. Something about being affiliated with a Water Tribe businessman named Varrick. She was a bit paranoid when making her accusations cause I never met the guy."

"Point is you know the layout of the place right?"

"Yes. In and out. Their security is pretty tight but I know a way inside that won't attract a lot of attention."

"Excellent. Just meet us outside of the factory by 9 o clock tonight. Once you accomplish your mission we'll pay you and give you your job as a reserve man for our team. Enjoy the rest of this duck. Don't worry about paying for it. The meals on me."

"I certainly will and thanks Tahno." Izuki ate better than he did in weeks as he sported a huge smile on his face. He thought that this was his lucky day and that he was on top of the world. Izukis flashback fast forwarded over to the night of the break in. Ming and Tahno patiently waited outside of the factory while craftliy avoiding the guards that patrolled the area.

Izuki ran over to the two pro benders with a Kiyoshi mask on. "Hey guys. So are you ready?"

"What's with the mask?" Asked Ming.

"I wanted to stay anonymous throughout this."

"Whatever. How do you get inside without alerting the guards?"

"Just head to the back. I can metalbend my way in."

The three young men snuck their way to the back of the building as Izuki carefully and cautiously metalbended a portion of the wall away. "So are you guys coming?"

Tahno shook his head. "No. We'll stay out here and keep watch. You get the substance."

Izuki threw his arms up in disbelief. "Thanks for your help." He said sarcastically. Izuki metalbended the wall portion back into place. Then he snuck around the building in search of the product Tahno was talking about. It was a pretty big factory and even though all of the employees left with the exception of the guards it was pretty hard to find what he was looking for. Izuki went behind one of the guards and swiped his flashlight when he wasn't looking so he could see better. After that he climbed up to the second floor using his metalbending to lift the floor below him to give him a boost, dodged a few more guards and he aimed his flashlight at some interesting looking boxes.

"Bending Plus? Avatar Korra approved? The things they'll do for marketing nowadays." Thought Izuki. He grabbed a small box full of the substance and read the description for the product in his mind while in a corner. "Are you losing control or power over your bending as you know it? Do you wish to reclaim your ability to bend the elements while you recuperate from your illnesses? Well now with Bending Plus you can revitalize your bending abilities while you recover so you can still use bending to its fullest potential even when you aren't at your fullest potential. For Pharmaceutical use only. Do not take Bending Plus if you are perfectly healthy as the product may cause headaches, physical deformities and a corruption of brainwave functions. This product is made with the restorative substances found in the world's many Spirit Vines and as such their boundless power could warp the bodies and minds of people who do not require the product."

Izuki couldn't believe what he was seeing. "These guys seriously want to use this to win a couple of pro bending matches? Well it's their funeral. At least I'll have my wife with me in a decent neighborhood now." Thought Izuki. However when he tried to leave one of the guards shined a flashlight onto Izuki.

"Intruder alert! Get your hands off of the Bending Plus!" The guards sounded the alarm alerting all of the other guards in the area and sending them all to his position!

"Well there goes my stealthy approach." Izuki stomped the ground to force a piece of metal to come up and he kicked right into the first guard. Then he dodged the second guards metal cable, grabbed it, pulled the guard towards him and hit him with another metal scrap piece. Then he dodged another guards fire strikes and broke apart a piece of metal to ensnare the third guards body in a metal straightjacket. Then a nonbenders guard tried to shock him with an electric glove but Izuki dodged his strikes, grabbed his arm and shocked him with his own glove!

Unfortunately for Izuki, just when it looked like he'd escape someone special arrived to stop him. Avatar Korra showed up to the factory and used her airbending to rush towards Izuki. "Fall back guards! I'll take it from here."

Izuki was terrified at the sight of Korra. He knew how powerful she is and how he doesn't stand a chance against her. "What did I do to deserve this?! I've gotta get out of here!" He ran over to a suspended platform close to the exit but Korra stopped him in his tracks.

"So you're stealing from my girlfriend's company huh? Well this is a new low even for people like you!"

"Stay away from me Avatar Korra! Don't get any closer!" Izuki backed away from the Avatar who was clearly in a bad mood but he tripped and fell off of the platform he was on! He landed in a vat full of chemicals that burned his skin on contact! He climbed out of the vat but it was too late. Izuki convulsed and screamed as his skin felt like it was melting! Korra changed her facial expression from anger to shock at the sight as Izuki started to burst into flames right before her eyes! Izuki sprinted for the exit as Korra tried to stop him.

"Wait! Hold on! Stop!" Korras words fell on deaf ears as Izuki ran over to the local lake to try and wash off the chemicals but that only burned him more! Suddenly Izukis body started to mutate forcing his face to physically deform itself and causing his skin to be covered with holes and blemishes. Izuki tried to get his mask off so he could see what he looked like but once he did his eyes started glowing orange and he screamed in a guttural moan that echoed throughout the city for what seemed like hours.

Izuki got out of his flashback and realized what happened to him. "In one day I went from a loving husband to a serial killer with dissociative identity. I've got to do something before I go berserk again. I hope my wife is still alive. Maybe she'll see me for who I am inside again. Well it's as good of a shot as any." Izuki walked over to a sewer exit so he could try to find his wife. Little did he know that the Avatar was ready to chase him down.

Chapter 6 Advanced Chemistry

Korra, Bolin, Lin and Asami all entered the sewer and walked over to the sludge wall that Mako was last seen at. Asami examined the sludge as Korra and Bolin tried to bend it away. "So Lin. What exactly happened when you were down here with Mako?" Asked Asami

"We fought Izuki and found Tahnos remains. I tried to bring him in but he was powerful enough to beat me and chase Mako down. He was able to bend the sewage below us."

"So he's essentially one of those special benders that discovered a new form of bending that we've never even known about?" Asked Korra.

"Basically as far as I can tell yes. I wasn't able to break through that sewage but I know you might be able to." Explained Lin.

Korra tried to bend the sewage but the mixture of earth and water didn't make for a substance that could be manipulated by her. Bolin was having similar trouble even with some encouragement from Pabu. "I don't get it! I can bend all four elements and metal and I can bend a beam of Spirit Energy that can destroy anything but I can't bend this?" Yelled Korra in frustration.

"Well I'm having the same problem Korra. Maybe I can just lavabend to melt this wall of sludge out of our way." Said Bolin.

"I wouldn't recommend it. This whole sewer floor could collapse under the heat." Remarked Asami.

"I know what'll get through this wall." Korra shot a huge gust of air at the wall causing the sewage to spread everywhere and the wall to get knocked down! Everyone got covered in sewage as Korra awkwardly smiled in embarrassment.

Lin gave Korra a frown as she wiped off the sewage from her uniform. "Yeah. Thanks Avatar, now I'm going to have to clean my shirt and my shoes when this is over."

"Sorry... At least I knocked the wall down." Remarked Korra.

"Yeah right on top of me!" Yelled Mako as he crawled out of a huge pile of sewage that Korra inadvertently made by knocking the wall down.

"Oh! Mako. Sorry about that." Exclaimed Korra as she lifted her former boyfriend up.

"It's alright. You didn't see me. You couldn't have known that I was behind the wall." Replied Mako.

"I guess. Anyway, did you find anything out while you were down here?" Asked Korra.

"I'll tell you but first I need some healing." Mako showed Korra his left arm. Korras eyes opened in shock after seeing Makos cut.

"Wow! I'll heal you right now then." Korra pulled out a canteen that she brought with her and used the water inside to heal Makos cut. Korras healing ability was quite adept so the cut was closed in only a few seconds. "That attack hit your bad arm too. You should consider yourself lucky that Izuki didn't eat your arm."

"Well he was about to Korra. But he stopped himself from doing it." Explained Mako.

"What? Why would he do that? Did he eventually realize that he should eat kale instead? Cause if that's the case I could just call Opal over the radio..." Said Bolin.

"This has nothing to do with kale! He hit himself and acted like he didn't know where he was or what he was doing!" Yelled Mako. Bolin walked back in shock after his brother snapped at him. "I'm sorry bro but I just don't know why he's been doing the things he has been doing."

"What did he do after he attacked you?" Asked Korra.

"Well after I told him what he did he ran away and started crying. I tried to get him to stop but he made another sludge wall near the end of this corridor. That's when I decided to head back and try to find Lin so I could get some reinforcements involved in this case." Finished Mako.

"Wow. If your descriptions are true this guy we're chasing seems to suffer from some sort of mental disorder. Almost as if he has a split personality." Said Asami.

"You mean sometimes he's a total coward and other times he's a vicious monster?" Asked Lin.

"I wouldn't exactly call him a coward Lin. Based on Makos descriptions he's obviously upset about something. And based on his ability to bend sludge and overpower both you and Mako it seems likely that he might have somehow gotten his hands on my new experimental product Bending Plus." Explained Asami.

Bolin looked confused as he had never heard of the product before. "Bending Plus? I don't know what that stuff is. Why would one of your products have anything to do with this guy?"

Asami sighed heavily as she explained what her product was. "When I was on my vacation at the Spirit World with Korra I discovered a new use for the Spirit Vines that are scattered throughout Republic City. I found out that there was a special liquid that was seeping out of the vines surrounding the Spirit Portal. This liquid proved to have potential for a new product I could use for helping out sick benders. You know that Firebenders tend to lose control of their flames when they are coughing and sneezing and you also know that bending and the strengths that come with it are reliant on the chi in a person's body. I've noticed that chi itself isn't very reliable when a bender is sick or injured. So I decided to make a product called Bending Plus that would be released in the Republic City's pharmacies. It was only meant for the sick and injured and I never intended it to be used for boosting the bending power for benders who were healthy."

Korra added into Asami's explanation. "Yeah. Asami actually asked me if she could test out the liquid before she sold it and I told her yes. We both discovered that after several tests at Future Industries the liquid only heals and restores bending abilities to those that are sick. If a healthy bender tried to take a dose of the liquid then it would cause a physical deformity on their skin. Almost as if the liquid from the Spirit Vine is self aware when it's being used by someone who isn't worthy of its power. So Asami told me she wouldn't release the liquid to the public untill she found a way to cancel out the side effects."

"Exactly. Unfortunately when I was combining the liquid with some chemicals that I mixed up which were supposed to cancel out the side effects someone entered one of my factories and tried to steal the Bending Plus. Korra you were there that night... Who tried to steal my product?"

"The thing is I didn't attack him, he just tripped and fell off of the platform and into the failed chemical batch. As I saw him convulse on the floor in pain I saw that he was an Earthbender and that he was clearly scared of me. He was backing away from me when I confronted him and when I tried to tell him to stay where he was so I could get him some medical attention he just ran."

"I think I'm putting these puzzle pieces together. So what you two are saying is that this guy we've been fighting was the guy who fell into your little science experiment and he became a monster because of it?" Asked Mako.

"Well when you put it like that it sort of makes me feel like you're blaming Asami for making the Bending Plus to begin with." Said Bolin.

"I'm not implying that at all. I'm just saying that's apparently what happened. How was Asami supposed to know that someone would try to steal stuff from Future Industries?" Clarified Mako.

"So he's a thief and a cannibal. Forget being sentenced to prison. He should count himself lucky if he doesn't get sentenced to death!" Said Lin.

Korra walked over to Lin and put her hand on Lins shoulder. "I wouldn't do that Lin. He has something wrong with his brain. Maybe you should consider sending him to a mental asylum?"

"Not a chance Avatar. I won't let him eat the doctors. Sometimes you can't choose the ethically pleasing solutions to all of your problems. Sometimes there isn't a way to save every life. But I'm sure you know that." Remarked Lin.

"Yeah... Don't remind me." Korra was just then thinking back to when she couldn't save the Earth Queen and when Ba Sing Se was reduced to chaos and anarchy. She knew that sometimes not even the Avatar can save everyone. But she had to try. She still needed to be a hero. "So with all of that being said I think we can just head where he's going now."

"How? He travelled through the sewer by bending the sewage around him. His feet didn't hit the floor so we can follow his acid pools. How are we supposed to find him?" Asked Lin.

"Oh. I have a way. When I was attempting to regain my strength with your mother she taught me a very useful skill. I can connect to his energy by using Spirit Vines." Korra saw a Spirit Vine nearby. She put her hand on the Vine and saw several energy signatures. She zeroed in on the most agitated energy she could find and she saw Izuki walk around the district's of Republic City untill he eventually found his old apartment. Korra put her hand off of the Spirit Vine and talked things over with the group. "I found Izuki. He's going to the apartments by the train station. Let's go!"

Korra ran into the corridor Mako was chased through and her friends decided to follow her. "How did she so that?" Asked Lin in amazement.

"Trust me. When you're with Korra you see her do some amazing things. I should know. She impresses me every night." Replied Asami with heartwarming delight in her passionate voice.

Meanwhile Izuki trudged along the streets of Republic City and eventually arrived at his old apartment. He rung the doorbell and the sweet and kind voice of his wife responded. "Who is it?"

"It's me Minami, Izuki." Minami opened the door and revealed that her once pregnant stomach was flat now. It was obvious to Izuki that the baby was now born. But as soon as Minami saw Izukis face she screamed as loud as she could and backed away from him! She earthbender some rocks at him which Izuki dodged while trying to calm his wife down.

"Hey! Knock it off! I swear it's me!"

"Get out of my house you monster!" Minami bended a huge section of the floor at Izuki which knocked him away from the apartment. Then Minami slammed the door as Izuki started to cry again.

"What else could go wrong? Maybe I should just leave Republic City. Yeah. I'll leave, live somewhere else and just isolate myself from society I guess." Izuki trudged away from the apartment as Korra, Bolin, Mako, Asami and Lin all emerged from a sewer entrance that was about a block away from Izukis position.

"I'll head back to the station to get my fellow officers involved. Mako, you come with me. I think you've had enough near death experiences tonight." Said Lin.

"Agreed Chief. Bye guys. I hope you're able to handle Izuki without me." Said Mako. Both Mako and Lin ran back to the station as Korra Asami and Bolin prepared themselves for what was sure to be the big fight against a man who clearly went over the edge and might not be able to be saved!
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