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Izuki finally battles the Avatar in a brutal battle. Who will prevail?
Chapter 7 Bolins Blunder

The three heroes talked over their plan with each other as they walked over to Izukis old apartment. Asami was somewhat concerned as she walked slightly faster than her friends and had a guilty facial expression. Korra put her hand on Asami's cheek and tried to get Asami to let out her emotions. "What's wrong Asami? Is there anything that's bothering you?

"Yeah Korra. I can't believe that this was caused by one of my own inventions. I have this feeling that if I didn't try to make the Bending Plus in the first place then none of this would've happened. Maybe I should just abandon the project all together. It seems to do more harm than good."

"Don't say that Asami. None of us knew that Izuki would fall into the unstable batch of it. After this is over you can perfect the product and prove to everyone what a great scientist and businesswoman you are. Just because certain tragedies happen that doesn't mean you should stop trying to innovate your technology. I've seen throughout the years that technology is the way of the future and if we can find a way to assist the sick benders I say that we should still go for it."

Asami leaned against Korras shoulder and rubbed her face against it. "I guess so Korra. That's what I like about you. You're so honest when it comes to your feelings. I'll perfect the formula once this is over. No matter what happens or how bad things get I'm still a Sato and I'm still going to innovate in any way I can." Asami rubbed her nose against Korras and continued walking this time in her usual confident stride. Korra then talked to Bolin who was looking a bit more on edge than usual.

"Are you okay Bolin? Do you want to sit this fight out?"

"No not really Korra. This guy tried to kill my brother I wouldn't miss this one for the world. Honestly I feel that this guy needs to be taught a lesson. I know I'm usually the funny guy of the group but Mr. Sloppyface needs to be brought down a peg before he hurts any more people."

"I understand Bolin. Just hang in there and don't think too much about the near death experience your brother went through. We'll stop this guy. We always pull through in the end... Well usually."

"I guess. Hopefully he'll just go back to his original personality so we don't even have to fight him."

"Well we're about to find out. He's coming this way." Observed Asami. Izuki lumbered towards the three heroes as his eyes started glowing orange again and his killers grin appeared on his face.

"Well if it isn't more people who want me dead. Don't you ever learn?"

Bolin cracked his knuckles and got into his fighting stance. "Just go through this guy and make your brother safe Bolin. Of course... Accidents do happen." Bolin thought to himself.

Korra issued the opening diplomatic response to get Izuki to stand down. "Izuki. You're outnumbered. You can surrender now and I promise you'll be unharmed."

"Thanks Avatar. But no thanks!" Izuki bended three stones at all of his opponents! Thankfully they all dodged out of the way. Korra realized that diplomacy wasn't going to work in this case. She had to go into combat again. Korra started with two fire punches and a fire spin kick. Izuki dodged the attack and retaliated with an earth kick to Korra. She split the boulder in half in midair, increased her speed by shooting air behind her as she glided towards Izuki and she blew him back a few feet with an air punch to the face. Bolin followed up with two earth roundhouse kicks causing both of the rocks he shot to hit Izuki in the back. But Izuki barely flinched after the attack!

"Just quit before we bust you up even more!" Angrily yelled Korra.

"You're not afraid of me tough girl? You should be." Replied Izuki.

Asamis flipped over Izuki and tried shocking his back but her shock glove had little effect on the man. Then Izuki tried to grab Asami but she was too nimble to be caught as she backflipped out of the way. Bolin bended a large boulder and shot it towards Izuki but he split it in two and shot both pieces of it back at Bolin. Bolin dodged the first rock but he got hit hard by the second one and was forced down to a knee! Korra tried to follow up with a few fire punches and a fire sweep kick but Izuki dodged each attack and hit Korra in the side with a torrent of sewage that he bended from the sewer below! That knocked Korra down but she quickly got back up showing her fierce resilience. Asami tried to wrap Izuki up in a bola she brought with her but while he was wrapped up in it Izuki broke out of it and smacked Asami right in the face! Asami was hit with such force that she was knocked into Korra who luckily caught Asami preventing any more damage although Asami did suffer a black eye.

"I'm not letting you go based on your split personality story. Not after all those people who suffered at your hands!" Yelled Bolin.

"You don't know the sacrifices I've made just to give the scum of this city their just deserts! You know nothing!" Yelled Izuki in retaliation. Izuki metal bended the trash cans around him and reformed the metal into blades that he attacked to his wrists. Then he ran after Bolin and tried to slash him with the blades. Bolin dodged and decided that enough was enough. He lavabended at Izuki which caused him to dodge the attack and start metalbending the blades at Bolin. He broke the blades down to knives and shot each one at the brave lavabender. Korra however used a metal hood of a nearby Satomobile to block the knives, saving Bolins life. Then she turned the hood into armor for herself and lifted herself into the air with fire jet streams before hitting Izuki with a superheated punch to the face! Izuki was briefly stunned from the attack allowing Asami to hit Izuki a few times with her shock glove. Izuki recovered and slashed at Asami forcing her to roll out of the way. Izuki sewagebended at Korra sending huge portions of disgusting mass at the Avatar. Korra blocked the sewage by bending an earth wall. Bolin lavabended at Izuki while he was focused on Korra but Izuki was able to block Bolins lava with more sewage and cancel his lava out!

"I've fought plenty of punks like you. None were quite as vicious though. Snarked Izuki.

"Yeah that's right. I'm vicious just like you. The difference is awful people like you deserve it! Yelled Bolin. Korra knocked the earth wall towards Izuki causing him to roll out of the way. Izuki then grabbed the Satomobile that Korra bended the hood off of and threw it right at the Avatar! Korra was able to bend the car apart to avoid getting hit but Izuki then lunged at her, hitting her hard with a shoulder block which sent her careening into a wall! Then Izuki launched himself into the air and attempted to hit Korra with a jump kick but Korra recovered and got out of the way forcing Izukis foot to hit the wall! Izuki held onto his right leg in pain as Asami got on his back and tried to shock his neck. Izuki then put his back to the wall and repeatedly backed into it, slamming Asami's body against the wall! Asami let go and cried out in pain as her back was damaged.

"Asami!" Yelled Korra and Bolin in shock. Izuki then sewagebended at Bolin while Bolin lavabended back at Izuki. The two were seemingly in a stalemate until Izuki shot a rock at Bolin and seemingly missed while the sewage and lava were still going. Then Izuki bended the rock back till it hit Bolin in the back of the head. This caused his lava bending to stop and it also allowed Izuki to rush forward and punch Bolin in the face knocking him down.

"You fight very well Avatar. You must have had training from the best." Complimented Izuki

"I've had training everywhere buddy. I'm the woman that goes into a fight when she doesn't feel like messing around!" Replied Korra. Korra got quite a bit angrier at Izuki as expected so she shot a huge torrent of flames at Izuki but the deformed man dodged them and grabbed Korra before slamming her to the ground! Then he grabbed her wrists and started biting near her face. Korra realized that he was trying to eat her so she went to her last resort. She entered the Avatar State forcing Izuki off of her with a huge blast of air!

"Wow. So your eyes glow too?" Asked Izuki. Korra then kicked a huge amount of Fire at Izuki which finally knocked the man down and had him on the ropes. Izuki then screamed and started to hold his head again. He started slamming his head against the floor and convulsing in total insanity. Korra went out of her Avatar State and asked what was up. "What's going on? He's going psychotic!"

Asami got up and saw what was going on. "He's going through one of his episodes. He's getting erratic brainwaves. The chemicals are still getting to him." Bolin got back up as well and walked over to the convulsing man.

"Is that all you've got Izuki? Get up!" Yelled Bolin in pure anger.

"Bolin No!" Yelled Asami but her words fell on deaf ears. Bolin beat up Izuki some more and then held him by the throat while also bending some lava close to his face.

"You can't get over your guilt huh? The thing is, I know you people too well to buy that! You're just a cancer of the world! I'd ask you to say hi to Tahno but you're not going where he is!" Bolin shot the lava at Izukis face as Izuki closed his eyes as if he was accepting his death. But before Bolin could inflict the final blow Korra pushed the lava back with her airbending.

"Don't do it Bolin!"

"Stay out of this Korra! Izukis just going to go berserk again and kill more people!"

"Remember what I said to Lin? He is coming with us alive. I can't let him die. Do you think vengeance is going to make you happy? You know it's not Bolin."

Bolin thought it over and burst into tears after realizing what he was doing. "What have I become?" Bolin dropped Izuki as Bolin cried some more. Korra, Pabu and Asami comforted him as Izuki ran away again.

"It's okay Bolin. I understand why you're upset. I wanted to beat Kuvira to death after she killed my father but you still have Mako. Please don't let yourself become a monster. Said Asami in a comforting tone.

"Thanks Asami. I just lost control for a second there."

"It happens to all of us Bolin. I should know. I almost killed Zaheer because I thought he killed my dad."

Just then Pabu pointed at the rooftops and the heroes saw the metalbending officers chase down Izuki over to Air Temple Island.

"Whoa! They're going all the way to Tenzins place?" Asked Korra.

"Looks like it. We need to end this before it goes too far!" Exclaimed Asami.

"I know. But let me heal you first. Don't worry, I'll be gentle." Korra gathered some nearby water and put it on Asami's back. Her healing ability quickly soothed Asami's injury and in barely any time her spine was healed.

"Thank you Korra. What would I do without you?"

"I guess you'll find out later tonight. Let's go and deal with Izuki."

Korra, Bolin and Asami all headed for Air Temple Island as Korras mind was filled with the question that plagued the mind of one of her predecessors. Did she have to kill Izuki to save those around her?

Chapter 8 End of the Chase

Korra, Bolin and Asami all reached Air Temple Island thanks to one of the Future Industries speedboats near the docks. However when they reached the island they saw all of the metalbending police officers strewn throughout the area. Korra couldn't believe her eyes. None of the officers were dead but all of them were badly wounded. As Korra looked around she saw Chief Beifong who looked like she needed medical attention as well. She ran over to the chief and checked her wounds.

"Don't worry Korra. I'll be alright. We didn't stand a chance against this guy."

"I'll see to it that you get healers soon. I'll get you all back to the station."

"No Korra. Me and Bolin can handle that. I think you know what you really need to do." Interjected Asami.

"Yeah Korra. Go after Izuki. I think you're the only one that can stop him. By the way, tell Opal that I'm going to be a bit late for our date because of what happened tonight." Added Bolin

"I'll make sure to do that. Chief, I've been thinking. Maybe you're right. Maybe there isn't a way to save everyone but I still can't bring myself to kill this guy." Said Korra with uncertainty in her voice

"Deal with it the way you always do. I just want our citizens safe. Just do the right thing." Said Lin. Korra rushed over to the airbending training grounds where she discovered in the middle of the night Izuki sobbing next to an unconscious Mako.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I knew it wasn't you... I knew you didn't do it... But I needed to release my anger. I can't control it!" Izuki wiped his tears and Korra was awestruck with how broken this man was. She was feeling a sense of sympathy that she hadn't felt for anyone for a long time.

"Come on Izuki. Pull yourself together and let's get you to a mental ward." Izuki noticed Korra behind him and he tightly grasped Korra around her waist as well as buried his face in her stomach.

"Korra... No! No! No! I can't go there! I can't go anywhere! You have to kill me Korra! Please kill me!" Korra was in disbelief that Izuki was so far gone. She was thinking that the no kill rule she gave herself might have to be broken now.

"What are you talking about? You're just upset. It's gonna get better I promise. We can work together to help you fix your brain. You've probably got a family back at Republic City anyway."

Izuki backed away from Korra and repeatedly hit the ground once he heard her say that. "Minami... No! She can't see me like this. I'm no husband to her anymore. I'm barely human! What am I going to tell her about Tahno?"

Korra tried to calm Izuki down but in the back of her mind she knew that he was going to go berserk again soon. "You killed and ate him. I heard that you did that but why? Why would you do such a thing?"

Izuki crawled back to Korra. "He... He never helped me when I was disfigured. He got me in this jam to begin with. I just didn't want to spend the rest of my life alone!"

Korra rubbed Izukis back and his shoulders to comfort him. "Being alone was something that I had to deal with for a long time. That's why you need family. Family for strength, strength for family right?"

"You can't keep going through the motions knowing how much pain you've caused. The people I've eaten! Where's the righteousness in that? I can't come back from this. You should know when balance needs to be restored by any means Avatar."

"I understand how you feel. How you have to face yourself. Maybe I've dealt with that sort of thing before. It's your brain that's the problem it's not you. Just please come with me, I can come up with a way to save you, I can take you home!" Korra wasn't kidding. She remembered when she practically faced herself when she was poisoned and broken in the Earth Kingdom.

"Home... Home's just another four letter word like..." Before Izuki had a chance to continue his eyes started glowing orange again and his facial expression changed from distraught to enraged. "Why are you here? Following your code just like a good Avatar? You've come to kill me right?"

Korra was feeling that she might have to go for her last resort soon. "Oh not this again! Izuki! Snap out of it! I'm your friend!"

Izuki shook his head and his eyes started to fade in and out in a similar fashion to Korras eyes when she was resisting the poison that nearly killed her years ago. "No. No. I'm still here. Please don't send me back to that torment again."

"What? I don't want to drag you out of here. I want you to come with me! We can make you better, the way it was before!"

"The way it was before? Think of it Korra." Izuki picked up Makos unconscious body and put his head to Makos barely beating heart. "All of those people I killed, they're not coming back. There's nothing left for me!" Izuki snapped right back into his berserk mode and threw Makos body at Korra! She caught him and airbended him away from Izukis position. Izuki earthbended two huge rocks and shot both of them at Korra but she was able to bend them away from her. The sounds of this conflict woke up the airbending master Tenzin, his wife Pema and their kids. One of the children, Jinora tried to get involved but Tenzin pulled her back.

"I need to help Korra!"

"Easy Jinora. I believe this is a conflict that Korra needs to complete herself."

Izuki covered himself in rock armor and advanced to Korras position. "You're gonna die Avatar. I'll do what should have been done by the Red Lotus over three years ago!"

Korra got into her battle stance and prepared for a fight that she dreaded since she started this chase. Izuki started by lunging at Korra and shooting two huge boulders at her. Korra dodged them both but Izuki was able to catch her and throw her into the air! Korra recovered while in the air and she hit Izuki with a huge fire kick while she fell from the sky! Izuki shot pieces of his burned rock armor at Korra but Korra blocked each attack before gathering water from the ocean and hitting Izuki with a water whip. Izuki created a tremor in the ground and tried to catch Korra in the split portion of earth but Korra was able to roll out of the way and pull Izuki closer to her with another water whip. Then she knocked the rest of the armor off of Izuki with an air roundhouse kick! "I don't want to kill you Izuki. But if that's what I have to do then so be it!"

"My whole life ended a long time ago. You're not going to change anything by doing this." Izuki bended some sharpened rocks at Korra and she was able to dodge the first two but the third and fourth got her on her shirt forcing her body to get thrown against a wall behind her. Izuki tried to follow up by covering his fist in stone and punching Korra in the face but Korra breathed fire to prevent the stone from hitting her face! Then she bended the sharpened stones out of her shirt and shot both of them at Izuki. He bended them out of the way but he then got hit with a huge blast of air that came from a backflipping kick from the Avatar! Izukis eyes started to flicker again as he yelled in pain. "Make it stop! My head won't stop ringing!"

"Those chemicals really did a number on your brain. They're making you suffer! Just please stop fighting me!"

"My heads splitting in two! Korra! Kill me! Who the heck is Korra?! Aghhhhhhh!"

"Easy Izuki! Easy! Please calm down!" Izuki lost control of his body as he just started flailing around everywhere! He shot rocks over towards the airbending gates, Tenzins house and even the ocean. Tenzin and Pema took cover alongside Meelo and Ikki. "Wait a minute. Where's Rohan?!" Asked Pema.

Pemas youngest son Rohan had been wailing near the air bisons when the fight started. Rohans loud cry allowed Jinora to locate him in the air bisons stables. She picked her brother up and ran back to her family. Izuki however shot a sharpened rock at Jinora without his control! Korra pushed it away from the young girl with her airbending and she finally entered the Avatar State, gathered as much water from the ocean as she could and hit Izuki with a torrent of water! She froze Izuki in place and prepared her two fists as she set them alight with hot orange fire! "I'm sorry Izuki, goodbye." Korra finally finished off Izuki by shooting a practical inferno of fire right into Izukis exposed face! Izukis face burned with him giving one final scream of pain before he broke out of the ice and his eyes stopped glowing. As he crawled over to Korra he let out three final words before succumbing to his wounds. "Thank... You... Avatar."

Korra finished her Avatar State by placing her fist into her palm and bowing in a sign of respect. "Go in peace." Korra then walked towards a very flustered Tenzin as Jinora carried Rohan back to him as well. Rohan was still crying but Jinora put the young boy in Pemas waiting arms and the loving mother hugged her son tight and kissed him on his forehead. "It's okay Rohan. Mommy's here. Why don't I get you a nice little glass of Lychee juice? That ought to calm your nerves."

"I want some Lychee juice too mom!" Yelled Meelo.

"Me too! It tastes so good!" Yelled Ikki. Korra put her big, powerful hand on Tenzins shoulder and sighed. Tenzin was understandably curious as to what happened once he saw the aftermath of the battle.

"Korra. Are you alright? Who was that man?" Asked Tenzin in his concerned tone.

"I'm fine Tenzin. As for who Izuki is... That's a long story. I'll tell you in the morning. Cause right now it's really late, and I'm tired Tenzin. I'm so tired." Said Korra as she yawned through her speech.

"I understand Korra. I'll head over to the Future Industries building in the morning when you're good and rested. I expect a rational and complete explanation for what happened tonight because honestly it looks like you've been through a lot tonight."

"You have no idea." Korra walked back to the boat carrying Makos still unconscious body back with her. Victorious but conflicted. Uncertain thoughts filled her brain. "Did I do the right thing? Was it truly necessary to kill Izuki? Should I have done it sooner? Am I really restoring balance by doing this?"

Chapter 9 Statement for the Future

Mako woke up slowly in one of the guest rooms of the Sato mansion. One of Asami's Butler's walked over to the woozy firebender and gave him some jasmine tea. "Are you feeling alright Master Mako?"

Mako slowly sat up and saw that the guest room he was in was full of flowers, cards and letters from various people that said "Get Well Soon Mako." Mako pushed his back with his right hand and still felt a sharp pain there. He did not leave his fight with Izuki unscathed. "I'm better than how I was back at Air Temple Island. That's for sure. Thanks for the tea."

"My pleasure Master Mako." Replied the butler.

"Though I've got to ask you something. The last thing I remember was that I was laying motionless on the floor when Izuki was on top of me ready to pound my face in. I completely blacked out after that. I can't remember a single thing. I don't remember what happened last night after that. Who carried me back over to this mansion?" Asked Mako in a drowsy voice.

"Oh it's funny that you ask that Mako. Because I carried you back here. Sorry, I forgot where your apartment was." Said Korra as she entered the guest room. "Well at least you're getting some old fashioned Sato hospitality. Are you enjoying the tea?"

"Yeah. Thanks for carrying me back. I guess this is you paying me back for me blowing up Kuviras mech huh?" Joked Mako.

"I wouldn't say that. I consider this to be me doing the right thing because it's my job. Although I still don't know if what I did was the right thing." Said Korra in a conflicted tone.

"What did you do? I wasn't conscious when you did whatever you did. You see when Izuki was on top of me, beating me senseless after he reduced my metalbending coworkers to a bunch of injured bystanders I couldn't move or hope to escape my predicament. When he knocked me out I completely blacked out I couldn't see a thing. I must have missed the whole fight that you had with Izuki. So what did you do? " Asked Mako.

Korra breathed deeply and tried to explain. "Izuki was telling me the whole night that he wanted me to kill him. After I figured out that he was the guy that fell into Asami's unstable Bending Plus batch I didn't want to kill him. I thought he could be rehabilitated. But when I faced him on Air Temple Island he kept on switching personalities. Alternating between wanting to kill me and him begging me to kill him. I hesitated for a while because I didn't want to go back to that dark place I was at when I was poisoned. I wanted to keep my compassion that I've learned through my suffering and torment. But when Izuki tried to attack Jinora and Rohan I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to finish him off. Even though he said thank you with his dying breath I still felt this sense of despair running down my spine like... It's trying to suck the life out of me. I tried to be a peacekeeper but I wasn't able to beat him peacefully. None of my diplomacy worked!" Korra was clearly very upset with how the whole incident went down but someone familiar came in to check on her subordinate.

"I personally think you did what you had to do Korra." Said Chief Beifong as she entered the room to check on Mako. "How are you holding up pal?"

"Well I'm not dying anytime soon." Replied Mako.

"You really think so Lin?" Asked Korra.

"Yes. Izuki was a suffering man, if he was asking you to kill him and you tried everything to avoid that which is understandable I say that you were justified in granting his wish. The thing is you won't always be able to find solutions to problems that are always ethically pleasing. I've had to deal with criminals in brutal ways and I always told myself that you have to do anything possible to keep the peace in the city. I just want the people around me to live their lives without having to worry about getting slaughtered. I'm sure you were thinking of the same thing." Said Lin in a surprisingly sincere tone from her. Korra was rather impressed that even someone as irritable as Chief Beifong could have her heartwarming moments. Though they are few and far in-between.

"Thanks for the pep talk Lin. I've got to go though." Korra headed for the door.

"Why do you need to go? What do you need to do?" Asked Lin.

"Asami is giving a speech to the citizens about what happened last night. I told her what I did and why. I told her that I'd address Republic City about what went down. The press conference is going on outside." Korra opened the door as Mako got out of bed and slowly walked towards her.

"We're coming with you Korra. I need to hear this." Said Mako. His back was still damaged but he was able to walk out of the room. Mako, Korra and Lin all walked to the front of the mansion where they saw Asami standing near a podium and practically the majority of Republic City's population in attendance around the mansion. Asami adjusted her microphone as Korra, Mako and Lin sat at the chairs to Asami's left side. Right next to Bolin and President Raiko.

Asami cleared her throat and started her speech. "Citizens of Republic City. I have some tragic news to deliver to you today. As you might have heard last night the serial killer known as Izuki was apprehended and executed by Avatar Korra. Unfortunately this man was merely a desperate individual who was trying to make ends meet. A man who couldn't get a job in the city and simply needed some money to get his pregnant wife into a better neighborhood. Then he was transformed into a monster by an unstable batch of my new formula known as Bending Plus. He developed a multiple personality disorder and he was unable to be saved. My thoughts go out to the family Izuki left behind as I hope his memory will never leave the mind of his wife. So if I may I would like all of you to bow your heads for Izuki." Everyone in attendance bowed their heads in a sign of respect and Izukis wife Minami hugged her infant daughter as she cried and thought in her mind. "Goodbye Izuki. I'll always have you in my mind and my heart."

"Thank you. Now I would like to call upon President Raiko who would like to say a few words regarding the events of last night. President Raiko please rise." Raiko stood up and walked to the podium as Asami backed away to allow Raiko to speak.

"Over the last six months I've been working closely with Ms. Sato and Avatar Korra to expand the city and rebuild the devastated landmarks. I've had my disagreements with the Avatar in the past and several of my interactions with her did not always end on the best of terms. But we should all realize that the Avatar has more power than we could ever imagine. Korra has used that power to save the people of Republic City once again. So I shall do something now that I should have done a long time ago. Everyone please show your respect towards our city's hero Avatar Korra!"

Everyone clapped their hands as Korra got up from her seat and walked over to the podium where President Raiko patted her on the back. "Thanks President Raiko."

"Don't mention it." Raiko and Korra might have been incompatible before but Korra could tell that Raiko was just trying to do the right thing... Even if she still disagreed with him from time to time. Korra tapped the microphone with her finger to see if it was still on before speaking.

"Thank you citizens of Republic City. It fills my heart with so much hope to see this city banded together after such a tragedy has fallen upon us. I promise you that I'm here to stay and that no matter how crazy things get I'll always be here ready to restore balance whenever our world is threatened. Now some of you may be wondering if this incident will cause Ms. Sato to abandon her Bending Plus project. Well I'm proud to say that while the project will be delayed in order to make sure an incident like this never occurs again we will release this product for the benefit of the citizens who seek to regain control of their bending in spite of their illnesses. So please let Ms. Asami Sato work her mind around this problem. As long as the Light Spirit Raava remains inside of me I will be a watchful protector. So just keep being the incredible people you are as we continue working to make this a better world." As Korra finished her speech everyone in attendance roared with applause. Korra walked over to Asami and Raiko and the three shook hands as they posed for the press who arrived at the event.

Later that night Asami was putting the finishing touches on her formula for Bending Plus. She was putting her big brain to good use as she managed to stabilize the batch at a much faster pace than most people expected. Korra however was feeling lonely and she wanted one final thing before the night ended. She walked behind Asami and put her arms around the beautiful Sato. Asami tensed up at first but once she felt the strong and firm embrace of Korra she smiled at her girlfriends affections. "Korra. Is there something you want tonight?"

Korra rubbed Asami's flat stomach and sniffed her long black hair. "Yes Asami. I want to ask you something."

Asami giggled as Korra continued to get touchy feely with her. "What is it? You can ask me anything."

"Do you think I'm a bad Avatar? I mean after I killed Izuki I was thinking that I might be. I don't have my past lives to help me out with this one. I don't even know who I am for the most part now."

Asami turned around, hugged Korra and put her hand on Korras cheek. "I know exactly who you are. You are an Avatar of the next generation, You are an Avatar that this world deserves because of how much you've changed it for the better. You are Korra. Nothing more and nothing less." Korra smiled brightly as Asami cheered her up. The two held hands as they went to their bedroom. The two of them shared a bed ever since Korra moved into Satos family mansion. Korra loved sleeping with Asami ever since she first went into the bed with her. Having Asami's warm, inviting arms around her and feeling her breathe softly as they cuddled before going off to dreamland filled Korra with so much delight. Korra stripped down to a tank top and her underwear as Asami stripped down to her nightgown. After brushing their teeth and getting some cups of water they entered the bedsheets and Asami put her arms around Korra as she rubbed her face against Korras shoulder.

"I love you Korra. Remember that no matter what happens or who faces you I will always love you." Korra fondled Asami's hair and kissed her lips as she purred in joy.

"I love you too Asami. I love you so much. Please don't ever leave my side. I need you to be with me."

"I need you too. I think you deserve a reward for what you did last night. Sorry I wasn't able to give it to you until tonight." Asami puckered her lips and kissed Korra with all of her passion and support. Korras mind lit up with happiness and confidence as she hugged Asami while their lips were still connected. Their kiss lasted for twenty whole seconds before they fell asleep with their arms still around each other. Korra and Asami slept well that night as they knew no matter what happens next they'll always have each other through thick and thin.

The End.
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