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guess who the vamp is upon reading unless it never sang in your ears or drank your blood
The wee lil vermin vampire villain
Can kill unlike any monster from Halloween

The world's number one
I wonder why it hasn't
yet made its way
Into a horror movie
Why, though it could beat
Even the serial killer!

Oh it gets even past
locked doors
Through the tiniest of
holes and pores
And however tiny
It bodes fatality
For to many its bites
Have been lethal, fatal
And it sings freely in
your ears
But like a teeny weeny

Don't you undermine the
miniscule, the minute
For tis a real-life
miniature vampire
Tis a blood sucking

And they come in hordes
Without guns or swords
This major yet tiny killer
of humans
Though you might kill
with a flick of your
Yet you could never
wipe out the whole band
From the face of the
What with its prolific
As this is one flying
army here to stay
And by hook or by crook
In each and every nook
It shall share our land!

How terrible that our
blood is on its main menu
My blood, your blood its
main staple diet
So I warn you fellow
Save yourselves from
the anopheles's bite.

Call it mosquito or agent
of malaria
Plasmodiums are far
worse than any bacteria

And they aren't just
doing their job
They're doing their
bloody feeding
We ain't in paradise yet:
thus both the harmful
and harmless are
I pray there may
Be no parasites in paradise
Only on earth this bug may bug
And people drop like flies

(Only anopheles the female mosquito causes malaria)
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2099715