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The changes in my protagonist, Phineas Cavendish
Phineas will be forever changed by the end of this novel. He starts out as a fairly meek and mild, law-abiding citizen. He is not happy living in Capercairn. He is not happy as a citizen of The State. But, at the same time, he does not wish to make any waves. As Moseley gets older, though, and his health becomes worse, Phin becomes more desperate to help him. He knows there is help - but it is beyond his means. If he could even get the boy some sunshine, surely that would help his condition.
This is where Phin starts to change. He starts to think Zenith was right for getting involved in the Alliance and the plan to overthrow the state. He starts to become more and more frustrated - and braver by the day. Once he decides to make the move and join The Alliance, he must leave behind everything he knows and loves at some point. He will even leave Moseley and Ana while he prepares for the war he knows must come.
He is imprisoned - twice. This will also change him. He will become tougher and harder than even he could have ever expected himself to be. He will learn how the other half of society lives. He will find that he cannot trust everyone - in fact, he will learn that there are few he can trust. He will quickly learn to tell the difference, but not before he has been burned a few times. He will give up a great deal for a promise that may not be fulfilled.
He will learn about others, but also about himself. He will become a man he did not know he could become - a strong man that could lead men into battle. He is more than a simple tinker and airship (cab) pilot now. He is a leader. Men look to him for answers and guidance - both of which he is surprised to find he provides very deftly.
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