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My interview with my 2016 protag
Protagonist Interview:
Q: How did the events of this story change you?
Phin: I would suppose the changes have been sweeping. Look at me. Look at my attire. Not only have I joined The Alliance, but I’ve been given a position of distinction. Me! Phineas Cavendish! Son of a tinker and a seamstress. It baffles the mind, does it not? Things have changed, to be sure. Ana and Moseley and I have moved. Moseley, I would like to say, is a normal boy now. But he, too has changed. He is a military man now. Not a bad thing by any stretch. The look of pride he has when he looks at me now shakes me to my core at times. I suppose I have changed a great deal, although oftentimes I feel no differently. I am the one in a position of power now, not Carby Gorse. My only hope is that, no matter my decisions, they are always right for the people I serve, the people of Capercairn. I am truly their humble servant. Their best interests are at the heart of everything I do. The next step, I believe, is to take on the Nation. They have control of the seed bank, you see. But that is a conversation for another day. The seed bank. We must have control of it, for the good of the people. Now there, there is a fight I would never have taken up before this story. An idea I would have never even thought about! (laughs)
Q: How is life for you now?
Phin: If there is anything that has not changed, I am unsure of what it could be - other than the love of my family. But life is good. We are much better off today, all of us in Capercairn, than we were a year ago. As for me, life is busy. I have so much more responsibility. I have lost people, sure, but I have so many friends and others who are close to me now, who I can trust. It is truly the people in my life that make it what it is. That, too, I suppose has not changed. Life will always be a bit of a challenge, I suppose, but now the challenges are how to make things better, rather than simply how to survive from day to day.
I think life is much better, not only for me and my family, but for all of us. We are not under a ruler any longer, but I, and others, serve as servants to the people of Capercairn. They are free to come and go as they please. They are free to change jobs, careers, schools - whatever they wish. There are still dangers that lurk outside of Capercairn, but there are safe areas, as well. And they are free to visit them whenever they wish. Life is good. It is truly good.
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