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The background of Capercairn and Carby Gorse for NaNo 2016
Carby Gorse was elected, in a way, 25 years prior to this story. There was an uprising, as most in Capercairn were sure war was imminent. Those who were in control of Capercairn in those days were peaceful folks. They knew nothing of war. They had no idea how to defend the land against any enemy. Gorse, however, had gone away for military training. He did not let anyone know he had failed miserably, just another in a series of disappointments in his young life. Of course, he could never let anyone know this when he came back to Capercairn. Instead, he instigated the rumors of an impending war, and also the idea that only he could save Capercairn from certain ruin in this war. He would train and mobilize an army, he said. He would fight any and all comers successfully. What’s more, he would improve the economy by creating more opportunity for industry - industry he learned about while he was away in the military, studying the ways of war.
The old regime was basically pushed out, overthrown may be too strong of a word. They would not have fought. They would have never thought their citizen would rise up against them. So, in the face of Gorse and his followers, they went quietly. Whatever happened to those who were ousted, they were never heard from again. There was speculation, of course, but it did not take long for citizens to realize that no words should ever be spoken against The State, as the government had been come to be known under Gorse’s rule.
Once Gorse took over, war never came, of course. He had fabricated the entire thing a part of his scheme. He had failed at everything he had tried, even at love. Now he would rule with an iron fist. People would fear him. It might not be respect, but it was close enough for Gorse. The people looked up to him. He was finally in a position of power, one he had desired for so long. He would never lose control of The State - at least that was what he thought.
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