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My market definition for my 2016 NaNo Novel
My market this year is definitely a small niche than normal (I normally write mysteries, which I think appeals to a larger audience). My steampunk tale will appeal to steampunk aficionados and those looking for some adventure. Of course, overthrowing an oppressive regime is one of the keys to steampunk, and that is present in this work.
Steampunk itself, I believe, appeals to teens as well as adults. They tend to be fairly well educated, which is what makes the science of steampunk a bit tricky or requiring a good deal of research. Steampunk readers are accepting of an alternative reality, which makes them a distinct group. I believe they tend to read more, as the genre is not one that is readily found while flipping through channels, although a close relative, sci-fi, is seen with some regularity in movies.
Both males and females enjoy steampunk, but I would tend to believe it is more geared toward males - unless the protagonist is a female, of course. It may once have been a male-dominated genre, but I believe that is changing. Steampunk readers seem to be younger, in general, but there are some people of all age groups now interested in the genre.
Overall, I believe the appeal is to the young adventurer.
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