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Finally! I found a direction for this story!
         If it is one thing that I have learned from the free-writing experience, it is that brainstorming REALLY is a dangerous thing. There have been so many twists and turns in this journey, I felt that I really had lost my way. I was beginning to think that I was over-thinking this whole process. I have been dealing with my fair share of "doubt creep". The "doubt monster" has been haunting me, for lack of a better description. But a random insight came to me as I went over my notes, and Voila! I found the direction I needed.

         The issue/issues that I thought would be the main source of conflict for my protagonists -major and minor- are not the main issues at all. They are all certainly struggling with these issues. It is not the issues that is/are the antagonist. The real culprit, a troubled and sadly twisted young person, will be the catalyst for them all. Every issue the protagonists are dealing with, I have or am currently dealing with in my own life. ( Surprise, surprise. Talk about writing what you know. )

         The antagonist was a "fun" addition at first. Don't get me wrong, briefly inhabiting a role of villain/villianess can be a tad fun, but when the character was "fleshed out" so to speak, the reasons for the behavior are heart-breaking. Again, a situation I am a bit too familiar with.

         So maybe, just maybe, my protagonists and I will be able to come to terms with this story, life and ourselves. We/They might just come to realize we are who we are meant to be and sometimes that is more than enough.
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