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This is the final, revised premise for my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel
Phin originally wanted nothing more than to help his son. By the end, Phin is looking to help all of Capercairn free themselves from the oppressive, tyrannical rule of Carby Gorse and The State. Phin also has a deep desire to just get along in life, and this will cause the biggest internal conflict.
He will also worry about his family. What will happen to Ana and Moseley, should he not be able to return to them, weighs heavily on his mind. He does not want to let them down, or to leave them for any length of time. But his new position within The Alliance will dictate that he leave them for long period, especially after he gets arrested the first time.
Phin has always thought his brother Zenith took the wrong path - he feared Zenith would be imprisoned for his connections with the nefarious underworld, and yet he finds himself dealing with the same people.
So much is keeping Phin from his goal: his own beliefs that a person should just play the cards dealt to them rather than look for more is his biggest hurdle. The State will be scrutinizing him once they have reason to believe he is involved. He will be imprisoned twice, pushing back his plans.
The State and, indeed Carby Gorse himself, will be two more major obstacles in the way of Phin getting what he wants. He never thought he would be waging a war of this magnitude, but things quickly escalated, and he now has no choice.
The morale of the story, I think, is still good triumphing over evil. Phin and the Alliance, who truly want what is best for the people of Capercairn, will triumph over The State. Hardwork and perseverance will win over a heavy handed control over everyone.
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