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by Twiga
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Wrote with the Write or Die program, to see how many words I could write in 30 Minutes
Once upon a Time there was a Young Square who lived in Geometry Land with her Square Mom and her Square Dad they lived in their Square House with a Square Garden all around it. Squares are normally very boring and pactical shapes in the Land of Geometry. Never one to indulge in anything impractical like "Imagination" But this Young Square was differnt she was a Dreamer, an Idealist. Her Folks didn't understand this but they were accepting of their daughter nonetheless. One day Young Square was about to take a stroll around town, since their were large dark grey clouds in the sky Her Mom insisted she take an umbrella just in case.

So Square went down the lane quietly thinking to herself. She thought about why Shapes are different and why there was a world at all.

That's when she saw her Friend Circle sitting by the side of the road looking down in the dumps.

"Hi Circle." Said Square "What'cha doin?"

Circle sighed deeply "I don't know..." He said sadly

Square sat down beside her friend and placed her umbrella so it was covering both of them.

"What'cha thinkin' bout?" Square asked

"I just can't help but think...What's the point?" Circle said quietly "Would it matter at all if I never exisisted? How can we sleep at night when there's so much suffering in the world?"

Square was quiet, she didn't know what to say. She wanted Circle to feel better but Circle was speaking the things that she thought to herself in her bed late at night when her Folks were asleep.

Meanwhile, far away from Circle and Square in the Nearby Country of Slime Land, Unlike the Beautiful and Elegant Country of Geometry, Slime Land shapeless and gross and dreary, and the Slimes liked it that way.

The Slimes...And they were literal living globs of slime, all dark and dreary in color, they sought to transform all of exisistance as disgusting, ugly and dreary as they we were. They hated their Neighboring Land of Geometry.

The Leader of the Slimes gathered all the Slimes about him and they intermixed exchanging bits of themselves with the other slimes, The Slimes had no real order in their lives, the Leader was only the Leader, because he was the largest slime who had absorbed many other slimes into himself to become the largest and the strongest.

"My Fellow Slimes." Said the Leader "We have attempted many times to conquer our hated neighbor of Geometry Land but every time with have been defeated!"

The Slimes murmured in agreement

"However..." Said the Leader "I have a plan...I have absorbed the most slimes out of all of us and I have come up with this Plan....Fellow Slimes! If you all sacrifice yourselves to me! Let me absorb all of you! We will become the Ultimate Slime! And then...Then we can conquer all of everything!

The Slimes Cheered and oozed into their Leader, eager to destroy the rest of everything.

And thus The Ultimate Slime was created.

Meanwhile Square and Circle sat together in silence for a very long time...Circle was still down in the dumps and Square not only able to help her friend feel better, but also she was starting to fret and worry herself.

Square looked at the sky "It's getting dark." She said "We better...You know."

Circle sighed and nodded sadly and then they walked slowly back to town.

Neither of them had any idea of the true storm that was coming.

The Ultimate Slime was slowly Oozing his massive bulk towards Geometry Land. He sneered with hunger as he saw it.

Later that night, Square was having supper with her Family they were having her favorite meal, of Square Noodles. Square barely touched it

"Aren't you Hungry Darling?" Asked Her Mom

"Hmm?" Square looked up "Oh...I was...Thinking."

Her Mom and Dad looked at each other

"About what?" Asked her Dad

"I met Circle today." Said Square "We talked for a while."

"What did you talk about?" Asked Her Dad

"I guess we talked about why Circle was feeling sad." Said Square "And then we didn't say anything for a long time."

"Why was Circle sad?" Asked Her Mom

"Circle was sad...Because of...Everything." Said Square
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