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by K.HBey
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Among all pyramids built at the epoch of ancient Egypt, Giza ones stay preserved; why?
The Giza pyramids architecture

What are pyramids?
Pyramids are an awesome creation of pharaohs. It was believed for many years that pyramids were the tombs of pharaohs. In fact pyramids were built as high monuments. The shape is not hazardous. Indeed built like that, the top near the sky, pyramids constitute the mean to communicate with celestial world(Giza pyramids are 147 m(481feet)high). It is the afterlife dwelling of the remains of pharaoh, his spirit the KA as told by ancient Egyptians.

Who build Giza pyramids?
Giza pyramids are components of a complex. The first who build these pyramids is SENEFRU (2686_2667BC).At that epoch, they were not perfectly built. The project of the Giza complex was followed by his son KHUFU (2575_2566BC).It was also followed by the Khufu's son. We are in the epoch of 2520_2494 when KHAFRE built such perfect pyramids. The Khafre's son also preserved the project,MENKAURE(2490_2472). HENON or HEMIUNU is the one who conceived the Giza pyramids. He was Khufu's vizier or architect. They were built in the fourth dynasty epoch: (2520_2472BC).To be built, pyramids needed 400.000men who worked on (slaves). Pyramids also needed an average of 20 years to be finished.

Are the architecture measures hazardous or a result of knowledge?
Giza pyramids are characterized by being built perfectly. Both the angles and the sides have got correct measures; in that way the pyramids escape to any collapse. Indeed ancient Egyptians found that there is a relationship in the calculation of the measures, between area and circular ray. A thing, which led them to know PI measure. That is to say that the pyramids of Giza were built taking into account architecture standard measures. Such pyramids construction is a witness of ancient Egypt high knowledge. Such architecture needs a spectrum of knowledge in mathematics, geometry, physics; trigonometry...The most distinguished character is that they are oriented towards special stars. Astronomy is then involved in such constructions.

Is Giza pyramids secret revealed?
Among all pyramids built around ancient Egypt, Giza pyramids, such amazing creation, remain intact as we see them nowadays. Even though the history revelations, many questions stay without responses and then Giza pyramids stay an enigma.
Indeed such mathematic knowledge was not synchronized with the achieved level of science knowledge of that epoch.That is why the discovery of pi(PI =II measure) stays an amazing thing and which cannot reveal in itself the perfect architecture of such pyramids.

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