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by Killik
Rated: 18+ · Other · Mystery · #2105433
A woman rescued by a mysterious shadowy man. Who is he? Part of a series (Title TBD).
It's near midnight, and the streets of Nassau County, New York, are near empty. The street lights cast strange shadows over the land. Even though the streets are familiar, Sarah can't help but be nervous. She's coming home from a party that ran too long, and the night air seems more haunting them comforting.

She walks quickly. As she rounds a corner, another pair of footsteps fills the air. Sarah glances over her shoulder but can't find the source of the sound.

Her phone battery is dead. She pulls it out anyway and pretends to be talking on it. The distraction doesn't work. With very little warning, Sarah finds herself pinned against a brick wall. The phone clatters against the ground. There's a dagger pressed against the nape of her neck.

"Take my money," she says. "Take my money! Take whatever you want!"
"Trust me," says the mystery man. "I plan on doing exactly that."

"Then it's a good thing that I'm here!" A masked man jumps down from the nearby fire escape. He's wearing a black suit and a white bird mask, the sort that curves into a beak and keeps everything but sharp hazel- green eyes hidden.

In the time, it takes for Sarah to figure out what's going on, the masked man has ripped the assailant off her and flung him away. It's hard for Sarah's gaze to follow the movements of the strange vigilante. He is quick on his feet and quicker with his hands, knocking the dagger free and - one, two, three - knocking Sarah's attacker right onto the ground!

Sarah holds her breath, but her attacker doesn't get back up.
The masked man turns to face her. He holds out a hand. "Are you alright?"
"I’m - yes?"
"You don't sound too certain of yourself."
"You just - you came out of nowhere! You saved me!"
"I wouldn't go that far," says the masked man. "I was just doing my job."
"Your job," echoes Sarah. "Who are you?"
The masked man tilts his head to the side. "I'm Calveras, man of mystery."
"You are pretty mysterious," agrees Sarah. She blushes, finally taking his hand. "Calveras. Who are you under that mask?"
Calveras laughs. "If I told you that, my secret would be out."
"But I can't meet up with you again if I don't know who you are," says Sarah.
Calveras shakes her hand once, and then takes a step backwards. "You can still find me. Simply walk these streets like you own them. If you ever have need for me, I will be here. That much, I can promise you."

And then, just as fast as Calveras appeared, the masked man vanishes back up the fire escape and deep into the night.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2105433