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by Twiga
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2105787
An Indiana Jones type Adventure with Anthropomorphic Animals
The Treasure Hunting Pig Percy Porcine was deep in the Decrepit Desert Temple Koffekek who in Prehistoric Times was a Velociraptor Priestess who founded one of the earliest known civilization in Anthropomorphia...Koffekek had been known to have three artifacts of power and Percy was searching for one of them.

That was when Percy saw it! Sitting on a pedestal was the Famous Pure Glass Urn of Koffekek! Legend said it was one of the first glass items in all of Anthropomorphia!

Percy approached the Pedestal, he was a few inches shorter than it...But he could just...Reach...Oh no! He almost dropped it! But his tiny trotter hands were quick!

"I got it!" The Portly Porcine Treasure Hunter squealed in delight! But no sooner he said that that's when he heard a rumbling noise...And that was when Percy knew he had to run...

A boulder was released and while Percy was plump he was amazingly fast for a Pig and he ran and he ran until he found a convenient crevice to hide in and the boulder passed him by...But then! Arrows were released from the walls and Percy had to outrun the arrows!

A Guardian of the Temple an Artificial Creature made from stone called a Golem came forth armed with a spear...Percy had to run even faster! The Golem removed an incantation from the temple wall that caused the Temple Door to close...Percy knew it would be close....He also knew he couldn't damage the glass artifact...So...He slid on his butt across the smooth floor of Alabaster stone through the exit before the temple door lowered shut.

But the Golem wasn't through he burst through the temple door and began to chase Percy once more but Percy already saw his ride was waiting...A Boat Percy had a Mage enchant to be self piloting was waiting for him...Percy had named the Boat Otto. Percy jumped into Otto and the boat sped away down the river...Percy took off his hat and waved farewell to the Golem who would sink i he went into the water so all the Golem could do was hop up and down and scream furiously

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2105787