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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

“Did you call somebody?” Richard snapped, jolting Amy back.

“Yes, Randy, he’s on his way over.

“Stop staring at me.” Richard said, slowly.

“Tell me again, I’m just having trouble getting it straight.”

“What’s the point?”

“Well, do you want to explain this to Randy…?”

“Fine. I was pouring cement into the post hole and I saw a Monarch butterfly. There hasn’t been a Monarch in our yard for years! So, I wanted to snap a picture to show you. To show you Amy! I put the pail down and pulled out my phone, but just as I held the phone up to take the picture, a bee landed on my nose. I tried to brush it away but it stung me. I jumped and yelled, and my foot slipped into the hole. OK?”

“Ok, I got that part. But why didn’t you pull it out?”

“I wanted to get the picture of the Monarch, I told you!”

“So, with your foot in a hole of wet, fast dry cement, and a bee sting on your nose… you decided to take a picture first…?”

“A Monarch Amy! A Monarch!”

“Right. So, foot in hole, bee sting, taking the picture… got it. How again did Rover get stuck too?

“I leaned over to get closer,” Richard said through clenched teeth, “and tripped over the pail and fell, and Rover was right there and I fell on him, and I couldn’t get up, and he couldn’t get out from under me and I guess his foot slipped into the hole. I yelled and yelled, but you didn’t hear me! And then the cement dried. So we’re stuck. Happy?”

“Of course I’m not happy! I just keep wondering Honey, um… when you were calling me… why didn’t you use your phone?”
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