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This was a story written for a vocabulary assignment. hope you like it. I love it!
Alice sat in the back of the room waiting for the bell to ring to signalize the end of math class. She had been doodling on the edge of her paper and her drawing vaguely appeared to look like wings. The bell rang and she heads to the same spot on the quad under the trees where she sits every day for lunch with her boyfriend Matthew. She sits down as Matthew walks up behind her and pokes her in the side making her wince. She had fallen the day before at Figure Skating practice and had a large multi colored bruise on her side.
“Did I hurt you?” Matthew walked in front of her and looks her in the eyes, his eyes filled with worry looking at her.
“I’m fine, I just fell last night at practice.” Alice looked at him sincerity in her eyes.
“You sure? Matthew kisses her cheek softly. Alice would smile and close her eyes and lean into him.
“I’m positive Matthew, really I just fell skating and landed on my side.” Alice looked him in the eyes and smiled reassuringly. Matthew nodded and smiles.
“Okay, anything I can do to help?” Matthew would walk behind her and sit down and lean his back against a tree trunk and then wrap his arm lightly around her as he relaxed against the tree.
“I’ve been doing alright so far so not yet, you’ve got to remember I’ve been doing this since I was little. I’ll let you know if I am in need of your assistance. Alice would giggle softly. Matthew laughed as well.
“Oh Matthew, we are working on a new piece for the upcoming competition, it’s using allusions on the floor to intensify and advance the look of the piece.” Alice spoke excitedly.
“That sounds amazing, mostly because you’re in it.” Matthew would take her hand and kiss her softly. Alice giggled and kissed him back.
Are you the theme of the piece?’ Matthew would ask.
“Yes it’s a solo piece.” Alice replied.
“How’s your coach?” Matthew would ask while playing with a piece of her hair.
“She’s so altruistic, when it comes down to this piece she has been so thoughtful and understanding if I don’t get something right.” Alice would say heartfelt.
“That’s great to hear Alice!!” Matthew would continue to play with her hair, but look up and smile at her.
“But there is a hindrance in the performance...” Alice would speak quietly wishing her words could be taken back.
“What’s wrong Alice?” Matthew would stop playing with her hair and turn her so he could look at her. Alice would put her head down not wanting to look him in the eyes.
“What if the arbiter’s don’t like my performance?” Matthew would look at her, her words surprising him.
“Hey, Alice look at me.” Matthew would lift her chin to look at him.
“They are going to love you, and your performance, I promise!!!” Matthew would look her in the eyes and kiss her softly.
“I promise.” He would whisper as she laid her head on his shoulder. The bell rings to end the day, normally she would drive with Matthew but she had to go to a private lesson that Matthew couldn’t attend. They kissed and parted ways. Alice gets into her Bronco and starts driving towards the skating rink. She drives through a green light when an immaculate foist sends her truck rolling into a ditch where it comes to a halt. She had been knocked unconscious with severe injuries. The paramedics get there and rush to get her out of the overturned vehicle. She wakes up and cries out raucously in immense pain. The paramedics get her out of her truck and get her on a gurney and get her into the ambulance where they splint her leg and cover large cuts that had been made from broken glass. The ambulance roars down the street lights flashing and sirens blaring getting her to the ER as fast as they could. They get her to the ER and they take her straight back into the OR to get her shattered knee fixed. Hours later the surgery is complete and she is taken into her room where her parents sit quietly and Matthew is pacing around the room. Her parents stand as her bed is rolled in and they go beside the bed and hold her hand. Matthew stays away from the bed pacing in the corner of the room, waiting for her to wake up. Hours pass and finally she wakes up and looks at her parents who are watching her tentatively. They smile at the sight of her waking up.
“What-What happened?” Alice spoke softly her voice hoarse.
“You were in a car accident, the Bronco flipped and it’s totaled” Her father spoke quietly as if he was talking to a child.
“Ugh, great” Alice groaned softly and she rubbed her eyes with her hand. There was in IV sticking out of the top of her hand. Matthew would come to her side and kiss her softly on the forehead away from any of the cuts on her face and the colorful bruise that was making an appearance on her cheek.
“How are you feeling?” Matthew would whisper softly in her ear as he sat back down in a chair next to the bed.
“I’m feeling alright, I mean my knee hurts a lot but I’ll just take off from practice this week and next week I will work hard to catch back up.” Alice spoke softly looking at Matthew who went pale and whose eyes had nothing but worry.
“Love there is something you should know about that …” Matthew would speak softly and look down at his hand.
“Matthew what’s wrong? Tell me…” Alice’s eyes would lock onto his. Her heart started to race not knowing what to expect or be said next. Her leg had been covered with the blanket she was under so she hadn’t seen or known about her leg yet. Matthew would stand and go to the end of the bed and move the blanket aside so she could see her leg in the splint and wrapped. Alice just stared at her leg not knowing what to say or do about the situation.
“You’re going to be out longer than a week I’m sad to inform.” Matthew would bow his head and not look her in the eyes.
“How could this happen to me? What did I do wrong?” Tears would fill her eyes as she spoke so upset, wondering what she did to deserve this right at this point in her life where skating was at its peak.
“I’m sorry Alice.” Matthew covered her leg and sat down beside her again taking her hand.
“This is just an obstacle that you will overcome. There is no point to become complacent in it because there is nothing that can be done now.” Matthew would speak honestly to her. Alice looked at him with consternation in her eyes. Alice wipes her eyes and relaxes against the bed exhausted from all that had happened in the days’ time.
“I’m tired so please excuse me if I do end up falling asleep.” Alice said. Her parents rose from their chairs.
“We are actually going to head home for a bit and get cleaned up and everything, we know you will be safe here with Matthew.” Her mother said softly. Her father and mother would kiss her on the forehead then leave the room to leave Alice and Matthew in the room alone.
“I’m sorry that all this has happened. I wish it could have been different and not have happened.” Matthew took her hand and started tracing the veins on her hand around the IV. Alice smiled smugly, while watching him trace her veins.
“That feeling never gets old.” Alice spoke softly.
“And it never will.” Alice looked at him and raised her hand to run it across his cheek. Matthew relaxed against her touch as if it were his own.
“Your right it will never get old.” Matthew kissed her softly not wanting to hurt her.
“I have something to give you that I was going to surprise you with but I feel like there is no better time than now to give it to you.” Matthew would pull a black small box from his jacket pocket and her runs his thumb over the top of it looking at it.
“What is it Matthew?” Alice would look at him confused as to why he had gotten her a gift. He hands her the box and allows her to open it. Inside is a small promise ring with a platinum band and a circular diamond stone that sits on the ring. She takes it out of the box and looks at it finding their initials and date on the inside of the band.
“Oh my gosh Matthew its beautiful..!” Alice put the ring on her hand to find it calibrated perfectly to her exact ring size.
“How did you find out my ring size?” Alice would smiles softly still looking at the ring.
“I asked your parents and your mother gave me a size and I went with it. Do you like it?” Matthew would watch her worried on if she liked it or not.
“I Love it Matthew and I couldn’t ask for a better ring let alone a perfect gift.” Alice would sit up and kiss him softly.
“I’m glad to hear, when I was picking it out it was like the oracles were telling me to get that ring and so I went with my gut and got that one.” Matthew smiled and continued holding her hand now looking at the ring on her finger.
“I love it thank you!” Alice would relax against the bed. She soon starts to fall asleep still holding his hand. About a half hour later she wakes up to tremendous pain in her leg. She whimpers and Matthew goes to get the nurse. The nurse comes in and starts messing with the bandage on her leg, she cowers back away from the nurse’s touch not knowing what to expect.
“Hey it’s okay. Matthew came over to her and wraps her arm around her and holds her hand to comfort her which allowed her to relax against his touch. She closes her eyes and then breaths out and allows the nurse to work with the bandage.
“Alright you’re all set, I redid the bandage so it shouldn’t put so much pressure on the injuries themselves. Let me know if you need anything.” The nurse then left the room and went back to her post. In symmetry they both lean in to kiss each other, mastered in the art. Love is always the best form of medicine.
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