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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Documentary · History · #2109084
Nefertiti remains the most mysterious queen of ancient Egypt; many researches stay unclear

Why did Queen Nefertiti caught the attention of most historians?
She was a very beautiful woman. She had regular face features. She was both slim and tall. However her beauty is also related to her personality and her power. Strong, harsh and faithful, such queen fulfilled her husband task when after his death she found herself on the throne and as the only woman obliged to reign.
It is thought that she lived during the period: 1370 to 1330 BC.

Who was her husband?
It is thought that she got married at the age of fifteen and that there was no first degree of consanguinity between her and her husband.
Amenhotep the fourth or Akhenaton was an eminent king. He was the first who set a new religion. It was a monotheist one. It was hardly set against such polytheist religion, in both social and policy middles. He did an eminent revolution in order to change ancient Egyptian mentality. He ordered them to abolish Ammon representations, as the ancient god of polytheist religion which was set for hundred years. As he put a representation of the new god: Aton in the entire hieroglyphs. He built a new capital at Amarna in order to set such new religion.

Such god was represented as a discus that is why most researchers think it was god sun. Was it?
Indeed Aton god was represented as a discus representation in all hieroglyphs. Researchers think that is related to the god sun. Such hypothesis is weak because the god sun was one of the gods of the polytheist religion.

What is Nefertiti reign?
Nefertiti found herself the only first woman to lead the reign of ancient Egypt during the fourteenth dynasty after her husband death. It was a short period of an average of twelve years. Also and according to historians, it is believed that it was the most prosperous one.
After the death of her husband, she gave herself pharaoh status and was named Smenkhkare. Many queens of ancient Egypt did the same thing in order to get the fullness of the entire governance.

What are the consequences of such monotheist religion on the governance?
Such monotheist religion would change controversially the governance status and hierarchy.
Indeed in ancient Egypt the pharaoh status was attributed according to their polytheist religion. Indeed pharaoh is a pharaoh because of his link to one of the gods and of being a god himself. Such monotheist religion would abolish such privilege forever.

How did the queen disappear?
That is why the disappearance of the queen was enigmatic. Crime or exile was the strongest explanation of such disappearance. Indeed the queen was the leader of this new monotheist religion. Then she was the most eminent policy personality target during her reign.

Had Nefertiti mummy been found ?
Many researches have been done in order to find her mummy. Such researches have been done at the Valley of the Kings at Luxor, at Amarna, Cairo museum and recently in Tutankhamen necropolis. Most of them are based on AND similitude between relatives. In vain, till today there is no Nefertiti mummy found.

What happened during the latest researches period about November 2015 to April2016Â ?
The researcher Nicholas reeves, who is the director of Amarna researches, puts the hypothesis that Tutankhamen was buried in his mother sarcophagus. Many researches sustain such thing because of the particular death conditions of Tutankhamen and his burial. That is why he believes in the existence of two secret chambers in Tutankhamen necropolis.

He based his researches on scan wall. He had to involve an eminent Japanese Hirokatsu Watanabe researcher in rock scan. This one used a radar scan. He discovered differences in wall density especially the one localized on the north and the presence of certain materials. He interpreted his researches by the existence of one room behind the wall which was at the north of the necropolis and the presence of certain materials not identified.

What is the result of such important research?
Such researches were not concluded and were not official. As such researches were not followed and were muffled for unclear reasons.
Indeed such historical finding would close for ever in this twenty first century, an important enigmatic affair of the most eminent personality of ancient Egypt.

Nefertiti or Neferniferuaton :"the beautiful woman who is the beauty of Aton has come" was an eminent governing queen of ancient Egypt. Her beauty was a myth; as her husband noticed and ordered a sculpture of her bust. Her bust conceived by Thutmose is still alive and reveals her mysterious beauty.
She had succeeded to lead her nation to a new prosperous world and struggled to set the philosophy of a new religion; monotheist which went completely against ancient Egypt believes.
Even though she was erased from the history by her compatriots, her mystery enhances her beauty and lets her alive as a historic personality.

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