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2016 was monumentally life-changing... 2017 will be life-changing in all the good ways.
Word Count: 1,300

Dear Me,

You started 2016 as a married woman. You weren't happy and neither was he but you had gone on for several years trying to make things better. Without going into details, enough was enough and in March, you left. No one ever wants to live in a homeless shelter, but you did it, all while working to make yourself a better person. A few months later you were moving into your own studio apartment. It didn't last though... You were still in Vermont and it was difficult to start with a clean slate when you were always surrounded by people who judged you based on the words of others. You went to another state to get that clean slate and that didn't work either. You ended up in a psych ward for a week. But there is good that came of this. When you left the hospital, you went to New Mexico to live with your grandmother. This was a clean slate. The last few months of 2016 were much quieter and much, much more relaxing.

The New Year had some things in store for you right off the bat. On January 5th, you met Tye on a dating app (yeah, I hear ya, but you were desperate to meet someone to hang out with other than your grandma). The next day he came to the house to meet you and while Grandma wasn't the nicest to him, you were already falling before he even asked to see you, and your heart stopped beating as he got out of the truck and walked up to you. After a beautiful day of enjoying lunch, playing arcade games, drinking Slush Puppies, and generally hanging out and getting to know each other, he said he would like to be able to take you to church with him on Sunday (it was a Friday). Instead of having him come back and waste so much gas, you offered up the suggestion to just go back to his home (90 minutes away) and stay for the weekend. Well, after those few days you both didn't want to go back to Deming just to leave you there so you ended up staying. You have been here since, and these few weeks have been so great for your emotional health. You and Tye are learning more and more about each other each day and you fall more and more.

For 2017, on the relationship front, you will learn more about Tye (and his family). You will make him as happy as he has made you. You will care for him when he is sick just like he has (and is doing) for you. You will get to know more about Jeremy (his nephew that lives with you) and learn to help him with his disabilities and also teach him things that no one has had the patience to up to this point, such as: cleaning a house properly (he tries but doing a little here and a little there usually doesn't work), acting proper with a lady (he tries when it comes to that too, but his goofiness gets in the way sometimes), or even helping him learn a bit when it comes to a proper education (he graduated high school at a 3rd grade level). This is your family now and it's important that you not only cherish the relationships you have with your new family, but also help them to grow.


It's important that you get back to work on your freelance writing as early on in the New Year as possible. You were doing fairly well while you were staying at your grandmother's house but you were losing all your profits to paying for data for a mobile hotspot. Now you have regular WiFi internet set up at Tye's place, but his computer isn't working too well. You will get these issues sorted out so that you can have a better computer and be able to use that internet you have now.

You have had no problems getting clients. You've always been able to do that. However, your recent troubles have pushed some clients away. It hasn't affected your reputation on UpWork or Guru as of yet, but if this continues you will definitely start to see a decline in business or profits because of it.

Because you have so much support to continue writing, if EPCC (El Paso Community College) is offering the Small Business Institute series for the Fall 2017 semester, you should definitely save up your money to be able to attend. The skills you learn will help you to grow your business and to stay on track with it.


Reading! You haven't been able to read as much as you used to, especially the last few years. It's important that you get back to this habit not only because of what you can learn from the content of non-fiction books, and what you can learn from the way fiction books are written that you can use in your own creative writing, but this is also a relaxing hobby for you. You need to be able to spend more time enjoying things you used to, like reading.

As for writing... we are setting goals for that too. You are referring now to creative writing. You will write at least one poem per week and complete one short story or novel chapter per month. This is a lot more than you've been able to write creatively for much more than a few months but it's important to keep this going for the whole year. Once the year is done and you have a large well of creative pieces from which to pick and choose what to send in for possible publication in journals, magazines, eZines, etc. you will see a huge increase in acceptance. Once you get a few larger acceptances you will feel much more confident in your writing.


As for activity on WdC, it is very important to be more active here. You have made a lot of friends here over your 12+ years on the site but you have fallen out of touch with several and getting back in touch will help you to build a solid foundation of friends, even if they are in the internet world. You can keep in touch with cNotes and Notebook Scribbles and if they have blogs you can read those too.

Reviewing is such a vital part of being on WdC and for you, it has always been the most enjoyable. You got behind in judging "Pond Poetry - Open for Oct. Entries! and you now have a couple of months to get caught up on. By the end of February 2017, you will be completely caught up and on future rounds, you will give yourself two weeks to judge the previous round. You will also do your 3 reviews for "It's Our Job To Shine Bright each month. You will complete at least 5 reviews for "WDC Power Reviewers Group and participate in at least one review crediting shift for the group as well.

You will blog at least 5 days per week, and on those days you will read blogs of your friends as well. During the course of 2017, you will also participate in at least one blogging challenge.

Participating in the community will bring you back to the real reasons why you first searched for and found this site in 2004.


You have a lot to keep busy with this year but with a schedule to keep you on track you will be able to get it all done. Always keep at the forefront of your mind that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. These things are important to becoming a better person, a better writer, and achieving success with your career.

You can do this!


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