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mopping, country folks, olden days, mother and daughter
“Mary Lee, what are you doing with that mop and bucket? Don’t you know mopping the floor in the winter is dangerous? We will wake up in frozen floors!”

“Mama, you know these floors need mopping. We got good some good soap to clean with from Mrs. Haygood. Did you know she made that soap from the last hog killing she had? I can’t believe those Yankee was there and had one of those movie cameras to film the hog killing! They are from Detroit and the family moved there to not be poor anymore.”

“Now, Mary Lee that’s a spreading gossip even if’n they moved up there it’s none of our business. That family was brave to leave Carbon Hill and go to a big city and at least they are doing real good. That little Bobbie and Jean work at cafes and make good money waiting on people who leave extra money or table kind of free money I think they called it a tip. We need to go over there and visit and tell them, being good neighbors and all Mary Lee, we could make money the emergency. I’m mopping anyway.’’

“Good night, Mary Lee. See you in the morning flat on your buttocks!”

“Mama,” screamed Mary Lee the next morning. “Bring the Goody powders, I’ve busted my butt on these icy floors. Please know I told you so’s.”
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