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Technology progresses quickly, a thing which creates a lack the adaptation synchronization
The prompt technology around the world:

She is in her room when a postman comes. She is very excited to know what good news such man brings with him.
She got a dream yesterday; she was at a great plaza and bought two dresses to her daughters. She was very glad that she did the first transaction with her credit card.
She also got a dream that she paid on line her language courses with her credit card when someone called her by phone from outside. He was probably the web site officer, she thought, when suddenly she woke up. She realized that these were only dreams.
Hello! The postman says. Have you requested for a credit card previously? The woman says: oh, yes. This happened two months ago.

She is very excited to take it from the post office. "Yes" she says "it is mine". She goes with her husband to the mall in order to do the first shopping with her credit card. She is very sure and very optimistic to do such first transaction. She remembers her yesterday dream.

"To pay with your credit card is impossible in this mall. We haven't got card reading machines yet", says a trader. Upset she goes when she realizes that she is out of petrol. She goes to the nearest petrol station. She gets no cash money as she is sure to pay with her credit card. She cannot also pay with her credit card and is obliged to call her brother to bring her money cash.

She is too disappointed as she thought to do many transactions with her credit card and that her dream does not come true.

That day I met someone who was nervous and excited to go to her bank in order to pay by pay pal. The bank officer was astonished and had no idea about such pay pal transaction. She had to pay from her account to another account. Such transaction takes a long time. The woman was paying her last trip fees. She was so excited to do this trip that she has been dreaming about since years. Walking in Istanbul, visiting blue mosque and crossing the Bosphorus , these were her dream. She had twenty four hours as time limit to finish her fees otherwise her trip would be cancelled and her dream would fall apart. The woman had a cancer and this was her last dream. She was watching her dream falling apart as she couldn't pay quickly with pay pal transaction.

Last week, an adolescent who was standing in front of the money server machine, was very upset and couldn't get his money. There was a long queue behind him standing to withdraw money. Indeed it was feats period. It seemed to me that the machine was broken up. When someone came and did the transaction instead of him, then I understood that he was illiterate and such machine is for him a real Chinese headache. The adolescent was very sad because he did not succeed to get his money by himself. When an old woman asked him about what happened to him. He quickly confided to her and said that he was an orphan and was obliged to enter the work world younger. He first found himself buying newspapers that he couldn't read by himself. After what happened to him today, he was greatly decided to learn writing and reading.

Today a young woman tells me to help her. She is a student. She comes from another state and this is for her the first financial transaction never done. This money is her first scholarship that she will perceive. She doesn't know whether she must add one or two zeros on her check and how she has to write the amount in letters.

Technology progresses quickly at the point there is a lack of synchronization between the defined means brought by such technology and the people expertise.
Technology is imposed to populations whatever is their cultural level. Most often it puts such populations in a real autism. When it is a matter to facilitate life to populations, instead of this, technology sometimes, renders life complicated; especially to people who have a mild instruction level.

Technology has a natural history which has allowed to different nations to get sufficient time to the needed adaptation; especially developed ones.
Most often technology has been imposed quickly to some emergent countries, a thing which has created a lack of synchronization between such defined technology and the different needed means for it, on the one hand, and between different level population's instructions, on the other hand.

On the one hand then, technology does not serve every one. That is when there is no first instructive preparation of the concerned populations.
On the other hand; technology needs a quick adaptation from human beings and the different means. A thing which implies a first basic platform knowledge of the different means.

Technology has come to let the human being gets profit of a promoting comfort and modern life and has allowed to humanity to do a great progress in the different knowledge fields. It needs to be used by all human beings. To do so a first preparation is needed. Then a first full knowledge about it and a certain expertise are needed in order to allow the setting of such or such technology.The goal is to realize the adequate adaptation to the concerned technology.

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