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Someone said something to me about my relationship statues, so I wrote about it.
“The way you are, you should just stay single.”
At those words, my eyes start to tingle
And the tears begin to flow.
“Why?” I ask myself, I don’t know.

“Why would he say that?”
“Why am I crying?
I’m not too fat.
I don’t like lying.

Sure I am emotional from time to time.
But I am a girl and emotions aren’t a crime.
I fear commitment too.
But be honest, what about you?

I find people hard to trust.
And my faith is a must.
I don’t want to feel pain.
I feel that everyone abandons me for selfish gain.

Those simple words that cut to the quick.
Feel like I won’t be anyone’s pick.
But as I frown,
While I tear myself down.

I remember a few things.
As my heart sings.
I may be an emotional mess.
But I love with my whole heart through the worst and the best.

Commitment is difficult
But once I’m in,
I won’t easily bolt.
Not even when patience wears thin.

Maybe he can’t handle me.
But I am pretty unique as far as I can see.
It may take a very special man.
But I’m sure someone can.

Those words were hurtful when they were first heard.
But I shouldn’t cry because someone decided to be a turd.

I like who I am even when I find myself to be difficult.
But being happy being me is all that I need to be.
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