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A mother is telling a bedtime story to her daughter.
"Once upon a time, there were three kingdoms, Riverdale, Castle Hill and Agoradalia. Agoradalia was ruled by Queen Diane, Castle Hill by Queen Anne and King Nicholas, and Riverdale by King David. Now, Queen Diane, Queen Anne, King Nicholas and King David wanted to combine their kingdoms into one."

"But how do they do that, Mummy?"

"Don't interrupt, sweetie, and we'll find out. The first thing they did was bring Riverdale and Agoradalia together by Queen Diane and King David marrying. Then, to bring Castle Hill to the new kingdom, King Nicholas' and Queen Anne's eldest daughter, Princess Meredith, would marry King David's son, Prince Arthur."

"Oh, that's how."

"Shh. So when Princess Meredith and Prince Arthur married, the rulers would have successfully connected Agoradalia to Riverdale and Riverdale to Castle Hill. The rulers wanted to complete the circle by connecting Agoradalia and Castle Hill directly."

"What does that mean, Mummy?"

"It means that they wanted to connect them all with nothing in between each kingdom. The only solution to connect Agoradalia and Castle Hill was King Nicholas' and Queen Anne's second daughter, Princess Charlotte, marry Queen Diane's son, Prince Adam. The problem was, Prince Adam and Princess Charlotte didn't get along very well."

"Why not?"

"Because they were very similar. They liked the same things and thought the same way so they found it very hard to converse without arguing. When Princess Charlotte and Prince Adam found out an arranged marriage had been set up between them, they were both outraged."

"What does outraged mean?"

"It means angry, sweetheart. After a while they excepted the fact that they weren't getting out of the arranged marriage even though they had tried very hard. One week later, it was time for Princess Meredith and Prince Arthur to get married. All three kingdoms gathered in Agoradalia, they had much more empty space, for the ceremony. During the ceremony no one noticed Princess Charlotte slip away from the crowd and run off into the big, bad forest full of dangerous creatures."

"If Princess Charlotte is a princess, shouldn't someone notice if she disappeared?"

"You have to let me finish, Honey. The only person who noticed was Prince Adam but he just thought she was going for a walk. Later that night, Prince Adam went to check on Princess Charlotte to make sure she had made back safely. Even though they didn't like each other, they were still friends."

"Like a frenemy?"

"Exactly like that. However, when Prince Adam made it to her chambers, she wasn't there. On the way back to his own chambers, he asked some of the servants if they had seen Princess Charlotte, but they all said, 'not since the ceremony.' So, Prince Adam changed course and ran for the stables instead. He climbed on his horse and raced towards the forest only stopping when he reached a sign that said, 'Danger! This forest contains deadly creatures and poisonous plants. Enter at your own risk.' He ignored the sign and raced in. Prince Adam searched for hours and he was about to give up when he noticed smoke rising in the sky. He rode towards it, hiding behind trees. He peeked around the tree to see Princess Charlotte being slow roasted alive by,"


"Shh, daddy's asleep. Princess Charlotte was being roasted over a fire by two trolls. Prince Adam climbed off his horse and tied him to the tree. Than with his sword drawn, snuck up on one of the trolls. He stabbed the troll through the heart and dragged the sword through its body. Princess Charlotte noticed as the troll collapsed but the other troll had turned around. Gesturing for the princess to be quiet, he snuck up on the second troll and, just as the troll turned back around, swung the sword through its thick neck."

"Those trolls weren't very smart."

"That's because they aren't. Prince Adam put the fire out and untied Princess Charlotte, catching her before she could fall onto the hot sticks. Princess Charlotte hugged Prince Adam tightly, sobbing into his chest as he soothed her. He helped her onto his horse and together they rode back to the castle."

"What happened next?"

"They fell in love and got married."

"I want to hear about their wedding!"

"Tomorrow night. Goodnight, Millie, don't let the bedbugs bite."

I turned the light off and left for my own bedroom, crawling into bed next to Prince Adam.

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