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by K.HBey
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A dream or a reality this is a hard journey bringing a mixed time of both past and future.
Tired after such hard journey, she lies on her sofa and slips in a deep dream.

She is in a tunnel, out of her breath, she runs and runs. It seems to her that there is someone running after her.
The tunnel is too long and has no issue. She is afraid and starts to see some moving creatures. Such slim tall shadows with long fingers, are everywhere and try to catch her.
Her heart beats and her body is covered with sweat.

Suddenly she sees something in the horizon. It resembles a gleam. It is just at the end of such penumbra. She ignores it completely and has one thing in her mind, to get out of such dark place.
The more she runs the more light gets near and near. "Indeed this is a light", she finally realizes.
At this corner near the end of the tunnel she finds a map and something is written on it. It seems to her that it was an ancient Egypt map and which is written in hieroglyph words.
There are three symbols on the map: a hand a snake and a high pyramid covered with gold.
The map is damaged and a red color is on it .It seems to be a blood trace. It contains a disagreeable odor. It is a smell of wet paper. When she takes the map the ground starts to tremble. "It is a malediction" she says.

When being finally at the end of the tunnel, she discovers an immense spider covering this issue. She is too afraid and her hope falls apart. She realizes then she will never leave such tunnel.
In such hard moment, she suddenly remembers when she was a child. That day she was in a wide garden full of colored varied flowers.
She was running and playing with other children. When she got a rest with her mother, they were sitting and listening to birds' songs.
Then suddenly a scarab set on her hand. She screamed and did not know what to do.
Her mother spoke to her gently and advised her to be cool and to put her hand on the tree and then the scarab will disappear.
Her mother gave her a great courage and did what she told her, the scarab disappeared indeed but became golden.          On it there was a writing which meant "go over there straight to the treasure". When her mother touched it she burnt her fingers. So she decided to keep it out of the tree but in vain the scarab disappeared suddenly.
This memory, gives her a great courage and she decides that in this tunnel, to keep the spider away out of this hole with a stone.

The path is free now and she enters to another world.
There people are living in a full comfort because of a high technology development.
They have planes instead of cars. They drive using lances which guide them in the route.
They communicate to one another by such lances with a hearing sophisticated system incorporated inside their lances using the magnetized field. There is a great population everywhere.

All people are wearing glasses. When she asks someone about such glasses he gets a bizarre glance. He has no time to talk with her and advises her to go to "the space center". She does not understand what this means.
She walks and walks when finally she gets tired. She has a rest because she is hungry. She enters in to a great garden of a castle. Such castle is all made of glass.
She tries to get further when a great door opens and a plane saying automatically "get on". She is afraid but she decides to fly.
The plane lands on the roof of this great building. On the roof, she walks when a great carpet sliding brings her to an elevator. It is in fact like another plane.
At the roof of such building she notices three symbols: the hand/the snake and the great pyramid covered with gold.

She gets to the first floor, and then she notices a great writing: the great space center.
She enters when she discovers people wearing glasses and talking to the space.
One of them talks to her. "Where are your glasses?" She cannot respond. He brings her a pair of glasses and lances. He asks her to work for them one month instead of paying fees.

She goes to the restaurant of such center when she discovers that people have one bag of food. It contains all the needed ration of the day. She gets it because she is hungry but food has no taste at all.

When she wears her glasses for the first time she gets dizziness and falls. She puts them again when she discovers another world in four dimensions. "It is so amazing;" she notices. The glasses have also other virtues, they protect against ultra violet rays, and they use filtrated blue light to enhance the visibility at night.

The more time elapses the more she discovers that people are no longer human.
They communicate to one another with numbers, they are just numbers, and they are like machines.
People do not go for shopping; they make commands by using such tool of magnetized field. They do wearing essays virtually.
They are cold and have no time to discuss with one another and to travel. They do this virtually.

Annoyed, one day she decides to fly outside the center space magnetized field.
She goes far when she arrives at the desert. There she discovers a high pyramid covered with gold.
The pyramid and from the plane is so shinning and a myriad of rays are reflected everywhere. It is a so magic view.
The pyramid is surrounded by a protective magnetized field. At the top of it there are also three symbols: a hand/a snake/a high pyramid covered with gold.
When she gets a scan of it, she discovers a sarcophagus of an ancient Egypt queen. According to the images caught by scan and which are put on the walls of this necropolis, this was a beautiful queen.
The pyramid is very large and wide and gets a surface that equals a full town.
It has many other parts despite of this necropolis. Why is this pyramid preserved here in such desert within such modern civilization?

She lands outside this pyramid magnetized field and is obliged to go on foot in order to reach such pyramid.
She finally reaches the pyramid after walking on a long path in such burning desert.
She communicates with the guardians to allow her to go inside the pyramid. When she gives them her number they recognize her as a space center worker and let her enter the pyramid.

It is divided in ancient Egypt vestiges and a modern magnetized center.
Finally she understands why this queen catches such attention. During her reign, there were many pyramids walls functioning with such magnetized system. The password of the command of such walls opening system was the hand/ the snake and the high golden pyramid.
This center is studying such ancient magnetized system from whom such present system is conceived. They do not understand how ancient Egypt civilization could deal with such complicated modern system.
Now they also use such password to open all the magnetized field system within the whole country.

The story was so amazing and enigmatic.
The hand represents the hard work. The snake represents the protective force. The golden pyramid represents the wealth.
The full message means: "work hard in order to be strong and reach the treasure (the knowledge) and to be finally wealthy".

She finally wakes up.

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