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Discord and Rhapsody: writer experiencing the musical journey of his young pianist son.
Piano Needs Tuning


Auditorially challenged,
no rest for a beset mind
scanning a dim-lit screen
in adjacent kitchen.
Each discordant key echoes
off bay windows
into the open area shared.
Rests between keenly measured notes
plod along a spectrum of sound.
Sagging strings resonate
inside an upright Baldwin.

Once rich mahogany; faded by sunlight,
stained by coffee, marred by the talons
of unrepentant felines, sturdily depresses
carpet not seen in 12 years --
rolled away once for an errant toy,
the pianist's favorite when he was four.
Dust bunnies faux mortar tarnished pedals.
Music scores land like forgotten playthings,
stick out from bench and beneath stacks of bygone verses.

Sophisticated markings now smudge crimped pages
that 'Good Job!' stickers upon a time would adorn.
Handkerchief tablature pucker folder pockets, prop
music sheets taped up like paper doll cutouts
dancing on the edge -- daring, stare at the ground
from their cliff precarious, never falling.
The master deftly pushes back each teetering truant,
free hand, not missing those plucky levers
wired to hammers percussing rhapsodic rhythms,
begging still the piano tuner tighten lines
for his daring, high-wire act.
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