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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2115666
Oh, those Pink Fluffy Unicorns!
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Pink fluffy unicorns
have commandeered my brain.
They override my thoughts
and are driving me insane.

What started as a silly joke
that got way out of hand,
has now got me floundering
in some sort of fairy land.

I see them jumping rainbows
as I try to fall asleep,
I am counting pink and fluffies
instead of counting sheep.

I've created countless images,
even made one out of felt.
I'm quizzically confused
at this fate that I've been dealt.

It's completely out of character,
I'm not a pink, fluffy kind of girl,
rainbows and happy endings
just make me want to hurl.

These magic, happy creatures
little harbingers of glee,
have turned my life upside down,
what have they done to me?

I'm now searching for a bright side,
yesterday I even smiled.
I'm looking at the cold hard world
with the wonder of a child.

Have they changed my life forever,
these pesky ponies all in pink?
Well, I guess, there could be worse things,
and they're cheaper than a shrink!

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32 Lines

Written for the
The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest  (E)
The greatest writing challenge on WDC! PINK FLUFFY RESULTS NOW OUT!!! :)
#2113126 by Robert Edward Baker
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