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by Moona
Rated: E · Monologue · Environment · #2115921
Disillusioned about not stopping carbon emissions
Paradise Lost

Is it too late for us to save
The Earth
Our souls?

Life is the experience of it.
Life consists of moments.
Often we remember the terrifying
Moments better than peaceful ones.

‘And they lived happily ever after…’
Gave way to crime and disaster.
We will not be able to curb carbon emission
To stay below the threshold of no return!!!!

If we won’t, there will be no return.
Our lives will be altered.
Many lives will be ended.
Maya, the foam of illusion

We have so craftily whipped up
Over the last few centuries
Will subside again into the slime
Of primordial existence.

Your own life may still be lived to its
End in glory, gluttony and artifice.
Most of us are banking on that little bit
Of time to live before total collapse.

What if it happened tomorrow?
Reset to zero.
Billions of years before anything
Would move again of its own volition.

Cut the fat!
Get lean, efficient, eat grains.
Be vegan, refrain from killing.
Cherish the soil that gives life.

Or drink yourself into an early grave.
Rebirth as a tree or a crocodile.
Build an ark and land on Mt Ararat
In the Fertile Crescent where people

Have been killing each other for thousands of years
Determined to grow only desert around them
Nothing worth stealing here
Except the dead bodies

That started the industrial revolution
The frenzied driving all around the planet
Evolution from mixing genes to making genes
To destroying even the air we breathe.

We lost the earthly paradise to boredom
And to greed.

Moona Perrotin
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