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by Crow
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A part of faith that can destroy it.
         It would certainly seem reasonable to describe the nemesis of faith as doubt. But it is also most reasonable to say, that, when speaking of doubt, we are touching one of the great taboos of the Christian Church. Among Christians, personal doubt is a subject only spoken of with concealed lips and in hushed tones.

         There are, no doubt, a great many professors of faith who harbor great doubts about that faith and belief in God, but generally, would rather their fellow believers not know that they entertain such thoughts. And to those who entertain that which they wish to hide, remember this, that no man or woman who ever walked in the strongest light of faith did not, at some time, journey under the darkest clouds of doubt. And, although this may be a great scandal of the church wherein full assurance is the assumed and expected norm, it is, however, an all too prevalent fact of spiritual life. Simply put, many Christians have their share of doubts.

         But it is a thought worth pondering as to how many in the church would find it shocking to find that their brethren with who they have shared communion harbored serious doubt. For consider, if it were spoken of openly that doubt had found a host in the congregation of those professing faith, would it not then become the great lie of the church that God’s people were safe behind those bulwarks of salvation’s security, and that believers should have no fear of the enemies siege towers? Of course, and most foolishly proclaimed, such is not the case in reality.

         As any who has studied the history of faith, an observation made throughout the ages is no less true in these days. Doubt, as it were, has always had one within faith’s fort who was and is engaged in any number of treacherous undermining. If any believer felt secure behind his thick walls of ingrained assurance, he would be remiss in failing to understand that those walls would prove a scant security if the great gate is opened from within. Herein does lie one of the enemies most valuable and protected secrets, that there is the most deadly and unrealized traitor working from within to aid the enemy in his free and unobstructed access to the inner sanctuary. That traitor is none other than the believer himself. If those who profess faith knew themselves as well as they believe they do that faith would be much more secure. We have all heard strange stories of sleepwalkers performing the most amazing task while sound asleep. So, too, the believer may do a thing difficult to understand as he opens the gate to his dreaded enemy and bids him enter. This is the insidious side of faith.
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