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Poem about the audacity of a stranger I encountered this week. Am I naïve? But seriously
As she sat in total shock, not knowing how to feel,
Insulted, happy, sad, or mocked, is this even real?
A sheltered life she'd had thus far, where men where gentlemen.
Now she was confused to see, how it could have been.

In that very moment, when she read that simple text.
The one where a stranger was asking her for sex.
Her heart sunk to the floor, as the words stuck in her throat.
She felt like she was seasick from standing on a boat.

She prides her self in confidence, in being strong and brave.
But as she sat there in a daze, she soon began to cave.
She thought a simple "no" was fine,
But he had other things in mind.

He begged and pleaded and tried say,
That "no" is never truly that way.
She wished he'd simply get a clue,
As her anger grew and grew.

In the same amount of time to write this little rhyme.
He gave up, went on his way, now everything can be okay.

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