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This week's poetry assignment The Poet's Place.
One of These Days!

One of these days
I'll show them!
I will let them know just
how it feels to be so ill-used.
They take it for granted that I
will always be there to make things right.
No one cares how many times
I clean up this counter.
How many times I wipe up dried coffee stains
and leftover breakfast crumbs!
Someone just comes along and splashes
more coffee and milk and just assumes
that I will wipe up after them.
It's the same thing day after day.
Wipe up the counter.
Scrub up the pots and pans.
No one appreciates what I do for them!
I am tired of being taken for granted.
When I am not here anymore
for them to soak in scalding hot water
and wring out and get thrown on the faucet
to dry, then they'll get it.
But it will be too late.
I'll show them.
One of these days!

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