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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

Rita saw the story in the news quite by accident. Her sneaker untied, and stopping at the bench to tie it, she noticed the paper. The headline jumped out: “Theft at the Dump!” That was crazy, why would anyone steal from the dump? The absurdity made her read it, but it was real. A thief had stolen the payroll.

She kept thinking about it because she passed that dump everyday. The theft had happened very early Wednesday, she might have been passing right then! Thinking back, she tried to remember Wednesday.

The dump buildings weren’t open that early. Normally, the lot was clear except for the empty trucks lined up waiting. As she passed it this morning though, she suddenly remembered there had been a car that day. The reason she noticed it was because it was a convertible, she had been looking at convertibles for her next car. Most were way too expensive. This one was light blue, beautiful, but she already knew, way over her budget.

Later that day, she made a trip back to the dump. The convertible was there. It was easy to find out who it belonged to, the company bookkeeper. It didn’t take much longer to figure out that the owner of the car was likely the perpetrator. Rita had friends, she found out easily that he was a gambler, in debt up to his ears. He had easy access and no mystery as to why.

That’s why Rita loved running, it cleared her head, she easily saw through all the messy details, honing in on the important things. The bookkeeper was a good man, just flawed. No sense in ruining his life. But... no sense in depriving herself either...

Rita bought a light blue secondhand convertible at an extremely good price.
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