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One Mans Revenge is deeply rooted in the movie Diablo as well as my love for The Punisher.
One Mans Revenge
A novel set in the west.

Book premise: The setting is 1868, Grant is no longer president. The Civil War is long since over. Nick has settled in Patience Arizona.

Nick Richmond and his wife Judith settled on a 2000 acre plot of land. They receive unwelcome visitors on a dark night and are gunned down and left for dead. Nick survives and sets down a dark path to find his wife's killers. Armed with a Remington revolver, a Winchester Rifle and a military background, he sets out for revenge.

The goal is to have the book written and published by April of 2018. The past two months I have immersed myself in the culture. It started when I was watching a documentary called, "Heroes of the Old West." This documentary was on Wyatt Earp and has the tour guide in it that I met when I was in Arizona. It also had the entire cast of the O.K. Corall shoot out who I had a very interesting conversation with. I then started thinking that maybe a western would help me get out of my writers block, and thus, the book was born. I am currently reading "Blood Valley" by William W. Johstone and already have his next book ready to go. I also have books on gun fights, guns of the era as well as the civil war.

Because I have always trusted Writing.com and I have released some of my poetry here, I wanted to give you, an exclusive excerpt. I'm sure it still needs fleshing out but, here goes:

Nick looked at Sheriff Thompson.
"Goddammit now Sheriff, you said we were square back at the bank this mornin'!"
Thompson placed his boots on the desk and take a draw off his cigar with a sly grin.
"I never said we wasn't now did I Nick?"
"But you just tol' me that you plan to let the railroad come through my property."
Thompson held his hands out.
"It's business Nick, plain and simple."
"I worked 7 years and saved 5 to get that land."
The sheriff stood and slammed his hand on the desk, the cigar in his mouth.
"Don't you talk to me about work. What do you think your'e the only one who works. I gave you an entire year to pay half of what you owe and I haven't got anything close."
Nick turned to walk out of the sheriffs office.
"Have the $50 to me by next week or the railroad will be coming through that nice piece of land.
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