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John goes through his father's journal to learn the truth of the corporations.
“What’s that noise?” I groggily thought. “Ugh, it’s my alarm clock.” I rolled over slapping at the clock. Lying sprawled in my bed, I wondered why I set the alarm. I’m on forced paid leave. Alia was out of the AGU with Remi Shadix for the next week. I had nothing to do and nowhere to go.

After the deaths of Dawn Delgado and Mara McBride my supervisor, Mr. Coleman, put me on paid leave. He said I needed time to think things through and put their deaths behind me. What I needed was time to think about the Patriots. Mara told me before she was killed, the Patriots were organized and my father helped create them. She also told me the Patriots wanted me. I had no clue how to deal with any of that.

I sat up on the side of my bed and started rubbing my face to wake myself up. Pulling my body off the bed, I got in the shower. Looking in the small shaving mirror, I decided the weeks’ worth of growth, on my face had to go. Maybe it would make me feel like actually doing something.

I made my way downstairs, where I was met once again with images of Dawn sprawled on my glass dining table with her blood draining out and dripping off the table. I looked towards the front door, where my memory flashed to the two dead security officers. I have thought several times about moving, but unless I wanted to move back into a studio apartment again, I was stuck here.

After making myself some tea, I sat on the couch flipping through the television channels. I was not only disinterested in the shows they actually annoyed me. I even tried watching cartoons, but they were even more unsatisfying.  I turned off the TV and tossed the remote to the far side of the couch. Looking at my tea, I decided it was disgusting and placed it on the coffee table.

I stared blankly up at the ceiling, mindlessly lost for I don’t know how long. It finally struck me that I was wasting time, I could be doing something. I tried to think of something to do, but I just went blank, once again staring at the ceiling. The questions about the Patriots popped into my head again, with thoughts of my father. I wished he was still around to talk to about all of these allegations. I remembered he did leave behind an old book style journal that I had never touched. I had it locked away in the hidden safe. Perhaps, now was the time to read it.

Heaving myself off the couch, I made my way over to the bookshelves. I dropped to my knees, removed the sailing boat model from the bottom shelf, and tapped on the shelf. The shelf tilted up revealing the floor safe. It had been a long time since I looked inside. It took me a moment to remember the combination. With the safe open, I dug out the contraband books, music, and movies. Once the floppy leather-bound journal was in my hands, I crawled up into the big fluffy chair and extended the foot rest.

Opening to the beginning, I skimmed through the pages glancing at different sentences on each page. It looked like the journal started off with a history of the fall of the U.S. Government. Then I saw passages about my dad’s climb up the corporate ladder. Towards the back of the journal, I found some entries about the Patriots. My father really was a Patriot. I had always tried to deny it, putting it off to my father’s curiosity about America. I decided to start with the front of the journal and the history of how the corporations came to power.


January 2nd – It’s a new year and a lot has happened. A lot is going to happen. I’ve decided to keep a journal of the things that are going to happen. I feel that some kind of record should be kept. Whoever reads this, needs to know about the Patriots’ cause and how they tried to come into power. I say “tried” because I really don’t know if we can survive.

I don’t know how the corporations can be beaten. The Patriots want people to be free to choose how their lives should be. However, people are so dependent on the corporations not only for money, food, and shelter, but also told how to live their lives. The corporations choose for the people what kind of jobs they will have, where they will live, and how well they will live. The people have accepted living like livestock. How could they accept choice?


January 3rd – I think I should write about some of the history that led to the corporations’ power. Some of this comes from the history we know, the rest of this comes from contraband history books and stories that have been passed down.

It started at the end of 2016 when William Faison was elected as the President of the United States. As we know from the history we have been taught, to save the people of America from hostilities of the world he turned to the corporations to look after the people they employed.

What is not known is how President Faison started the hostilities with the rest of the world and how he pushed through legislation to give control of the country to the corporations which threw the country into one of the worst economic crisis ever seen.

In President Faison’s first year in office, he succeeded in lifting most business regulations, giving the corporations carte blanche to do what they wanted. This included creating monopolies, controlling wages and hours, controlling medical insurance, what kind of people they wanted to hire, and eliminating almost all of the corporation taxes.

Overtime, policies disappeared and wages plummeted. Hiring practices changed nepotism plagued Corporations. Jobs and promotions became exclusive birthrights as though they were heirs to the corporate kingdoms. Interest rates soared. Hundreds of homes were foreclosed each week. The middle class was quickly eradicated. Homelessness reached epidemic proportions. Food shortages sprang up when most farmed and ranched food experienced large losses of workers due to President Faison’s deportation policies.

With more powerful lobbying, the people quickly lost what little voice they had in government. Public positions were turned over to interest groups and corporations. Oversight groups, such as the Food and Drug Administration, became a free-for-all for businesses marketing their products. Other groups, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, were dismantled. The people of America were told the corporations knew best how to control their productions.


January 10th – In President Faison’s first term, he appointed Lincoln Trimwell as secretary of state from the shareholder’s board of Boeing. It took almost three years of Faison’s first term, but he and Trimwell replaced the military officials of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with private companies such as Grumman-Northrop and Blackwater USA.

President Faison was well known for his xenophobic stances. As promised, he started to build walls along the U.S. / Mexico border. Islamic people were banned from entering the country. Those who were living in the United States were first put on a registry and then rounded up into camps. Naturalizations and citizenships were frozen. Deportations increased a hundred-fold. This led to President Faison being banned from visiting countries in the European Union and Central and South American countries. OPEC shrunk oil supplies to the U.S. while prices increased. Even with America’s reserves and the countries own production, there were still gas shortages. This took a heavy toll on trucking and shipping of products. With the tripling of gas prices came a huge inflation of goods.

Despite their best efforts to stop incoming immigrants and to monitor its citizens, America was still afflicted with terrorist attacks. Bombings of roads and densely populated areas became common place. President Faison became convinced the attacks were the workings of Islamic States in the Middle East.

Without seeking approval from Congress, Faison launched nuclear attacks on the Middle East. Nuclear impacts were from Pakistan to Kazakhstan and from Kyrgyzstan to Syria, though the radiation fallout spread much further. Surrounding countries quickly died out including Israel, Saudi Arabia, most of India, and Eastern China.

The world’s countries were outraged, including the few allies the U.S. had left. President Faison’s response was any type of reprisal would mark that country as an ally of the Islamic States and would meet the same fate. Fearing all out nuclear war all military actions were stopped. Instead, the United States was isolated and heavy sanctions were levied against America. The United Nations relocated to Germany. All trade, financial, and diplomatic ties were cut off. Canada severed all pipelines into the continental U.S. Alaska being cut off from the U.S., became an independent state and seceded from America.

Russia, under President Putin, was the only ally the U.S. had left. Even though they lauded America’s actions in the Middle East, Russia did nothing to assist our country. They took advantage of becoming a world leader during the disarray. Russia busied itself with rebuilding the Soviet Blocs by regaining control of its surrounding countries.

Other communist countries took advantage of America’s weakened state. North Korea attacked the U.S. military that guarded the demilitarized zone, forcing their retreat. Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, they over took South Korea creating one Korea under the North’s control. China invaded Hawaii and Guam. Due to diminished American resources the U.S. military was unable to do anything and fled the islands. China detonated EMPs over the western and eastern coasts of America, effectively destroying electronics and data systems that ran the countries economics.

President Faison played to the fears of Americans and promised he could rebuild the U.S. as a strong isolationist country. He easily won a second election, but unable to follow through with his promises of rebuilding the country, America fell into economic failure. The states became splintered and began fighting amongst themselves for the few remaining resources.


January 30th – Because of the chaos between the states, elections were never held again, President Faison remained in office for about two years past his second term. He turned to businesses especially corporations to take care of their employees and communities surrounding their corporate offices.

Out of desperation people accepted the handouts from the businesses around them. Corporations saw an opportunity to employ people for basic necessities. This allowed the corporations to rebuild not just their own infrastructures, but also surrounding cities. With cities reestablished by the corporations, they took control of the areas they rebuilt, effectively governing that area.

Basic needs of the people were met. The corporations were governing the people. The local, state, and federal governments dissolved and disappeared.

William J. Faison returned to CEO of his own corporation. Corporations across the land began to fight amongst themselves to gain more power and control. Faison saw an opportunity and attempted to build a coalition with the corporations, with him at the head. He successfully brokered treaties and trade deals among several of the corporations, but the businesses did not trust each other enough to become one governing entity.


February 4th – Even though there were skirmishes among the corporations, the country was stable and strong once again. The larger corporations began to look at the troubled countries around the world as prospects for growing their power internationally. The first country to receive help from the corporations was Japan. It was relatively easy to break Japan up into businesses and make them subsidiaries. The Corporations moved onto other countries such as England and most of Western Europe.

Communist countries refused to accept capitalism. China, The Soviet Bloc, Korea, and most of South America created the United Communist Nations. Distrust between the capitalistic entities and the communist countries flourished. Ties were cut between the two. War was a specter that stayed in the shadows, as long as the two opposing sides did not bother each other.

Faison’s legacy lived on in history. The Corporations lauded him as a hero who dismantled the corrupt governments of the world and led them into a new secure world under the guidance of the Corporations.


I left the book lying in my lap as I reclined back in the fluffy chair. I wanted to disbelieve what I had read, but I had been reading the textbook my father had. It seemed to correlate with my father’s journal entries. President Faison was no hero based on what my dad wrote. He was the cause of how the world is now. In school, we never learned about a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East because of a first strike by America. We were taught that the people of that region killed themselves off with their own nuclear capabilities. After that, the communist countries took advantage of the U.S. to overrun territories we held and protected. I, like everyone else who lived in and worked for the Corporations, accepted that this is just how things were. This is how our world progressed. Now, I’m faced with the possibility that it was all a lie.

The depression I had been feeling over the events of the past couple of weeks was covered up by feelings of dread and fear. I wanted to throw away all of my dad’s contraband again. I wanted to forget it all and go back to believing in the Corporations. It was a futile thought. A memory of my father’s voice flashed through my head, “You cannot unlearn what you have learned.”

I raised myself back up in the reclining chair and picked my father’s journal back up. Flipping to the back of the book, I started reading his journal entries that led him to be a Patriot.


December 27th – I am starting a journal to make a record of being contacted by the Patriots. I must admit I am a bit excited at the possibility of getting to know these people. To protect them, I have changed the names of the Patriots I met with.

It is the weekend after Christmas. My tradition is to go shopping after the holiday to get myself a little something. I usually end up on the fringe of the Slummers area looking through black market items. I usually pick up something from the era of the United States.

Today, I was looking through an American history textbook when a man started talking to me. “So, you have an interest in history, I see.” He started.

I refused to make eye contact and put the textbook down. I was afraid he was an undercover security officer trying to bust me for buying contraband. “It might be a passing fancy.” I scanned over some of the jewelry that was hanging on branches of a small metal tree.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the man pick up the history textbook. I didn’t buy the book, so he couldn’t arrest me, but the vendor might be in trouble. The man held out his palm to the vendor, who used an old scanner to swipe the man’s palm chip. I turned to look at the man and what he was doing. He thumbed through the pages and stopped at a picture.

Looking at the book, he asked me, “You ever wondered how much of a legend Faison had to be to replace President Lincoln on his own memorial monument?”

The man handed me the book. I closed the text without even looking at it. I lied to him. “I’ve never given it much thought.” I tried to hand the man’s purchase back to him.

He shook his head, “Keep it. It looked like something you were interested in.” He held out his hand to me. “I’m Ralph.”

I shook Ralph’s hand. “I’m Paul.”

“Paul Carrio. Yes, I know.”

Fear shot through me again. He knew my name. A Security Officer wouldn’t know my name. If I was under investigation it would be done by the brokerage. I couldn’t think of anything I may have done to garner the interest of a broker.

Ralph dropped his hand to his side and chuckled under his breath. “Don’t worry Paul, I’m not with the authorities. I am, however, the furthest thing from it.” Ralph told me where he worked in the AppleGates Union. He turned back to the vendor. “Thanks for introducing us, Betty.” He then asked me if I wanted to get a cup of coffee.

I didn’t know what else to do. I hid the textbook in my satchel and followed him. The vendor, Betty, was the one I usually shopped with. She was about the only one who had items from before the Corporations. Betty must have been watching me for some time.

Once we were seated with our drinks, Ralph took a sip of his Grande Espresso. He closed his eyes and nodded, “At least one of the things The AGU got right was taking over Starbucks. I love their coffee.”

I sipped from my hot chocolate and stared out the window, waiting for Ralph to make the first move. At this point, I was confident that he was a Patriot, but I didn’t want to start talking about Patriots, in case he was actually a broker.

Ralph stared out the window, across the open shopping area towards the black market and Betty. “What do you think of the black market?”

I shrugged. “I think it’s a necessary evil.”

“How so?”

“It keeps the masses quelled. It allows people to buy things they normally couldn’t afford or don’t even have access to. Even if the items are mostly forgeries,” I sipped from my cup. “With the masses quelled, they fall in line, do their jobs, and live their lives. The Corporation barely allows or gives its people enough, so there are no uprisings.”

Ralph smiled and nodded, “Good,” He slid a card across the table to me and stood with his espresso. “I hope to see you there,” he walked away.

I reached out and slid the card over to myself. Cupping it in my hand, I stared at the hand drawn map. In the corner, it had January 1st, 11:00 am. What was I getting myself into?


January 1st – I walked around Seattle for a couple of hours. I knew exactly where to go for the meeting Ralph invited me to, I just was not sure I should go. I kept looking at my watch. With about fifteen minutes before the meeting, I hailed a taxi and asked him to drop me three blocks from my destination.

Standing outside the old Catholic church, I contemplated what my future would look like if I walked in versus if I walked away, like that classic movie. Do I take the red pill or the blue pill? One direction was scary as hell, while the other was mundane as hell.

A hand clapped down on my shoulder. I snapped my head around to see Ralph.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” he said. “Are you ready to go in?”

I could not think of what to say to him. Ralph did not wait for a reply and escorted me in.

The inside of the church building had been remodeled into offices and meeting rooms. A quick scan of the registry as I passed by showed that most of the meetings were for those with addiction problems. The offices were held by agencies that tried to help some of the Slummers and those with addictions.

As far as I knew, the AppleGates Union was like most other corporations, they did not want to waste time and money on Slummers. They were people who had fallen out of the system and were deemed worthless. I wasn’t really sure how the Corporation looked at those with addictions.

Ralph directed me into one of the meeting rooms. Based on the registry, I was thinking there had been a mistake and this was some kind of a meeting for an addiction. I don’t know if I really have any addictions, but there is nothing affecting my work.

Ralph leaned into me, “You’re safe here. All of the people here are like you. They are interested in a United States Government. We’re here to share ideas.”

I didn’t know what to say. I just let Ralph lead me around as he introduced me to individuals. I was honestly surprised. I was expecting Slummers and those who were on the edge of becoming Slummers. There were about a hundred people in the large meeting room and they ranged from simple laborers to high level management.

A man a little bit older than me, in his late sixties, stood at the podium towards the front of the room. Everyone quietly took a seat. Ralph offered me a seat next to him.

The man at the podium introduced himself as Steve. He started his speech off with talk about how great the U.S. used to be. How the country cared for its people, especially the weak. The U.S. also used its military strength to protect other countries. The way he made it sound, America was some kind of paradise. I wondered if the United States used to be so close to a utopia, then how could it have failed?


March 18th – As you can see from my previous journal entries, I had settled in with this group and started participating, after quite a few meetings. Based on stories that had been handed down in my family and the textbooks I had, we were able to create a more realistic view of the old United States.

We agreed it wasn’t perfect, but the system that was in place was capable of amazing things. It was a matter of having the right people elected to the offices they ran for and then listening to the people they represented.

At the end of today’s meeting, Ralph approached me with Steve. Ralph asked me if I had a few minutes and to follow him and Steve. I accepted and they led me to a small office, just across the large hallway, from the meeting room.

Inside, I took a seat in front of the desk. Ralph sat next to me and Steve took the chair behind the desk. Steve tapped a few keys on his desk and the glass walls darkened, to the point where you could barely make out anyone passing by.

“I’ve been impressed, not only with your participation, but also by your knowledge of U.S. history,” Steve said with a cordial smile.

“Thank you,” I replied. “It’s just been a matter of studying the few textbooks I have been able to scrounge up.”

Steve nodded. “I also study textbooks, but these people out here don’t want to hear the facts about how the system works. They want to hear about the dream of America.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said. “The people I have talked with in the meetings have been fairly receptive to learning about the U.S. Government systems.”

Steve pointed at me and smiled, “That’s because of you. You have this ability to teach.”

I shrugged, “It’s probably because of all my years of middle management. I’ve found it is much easier to get workers to follow you, if you show them how to do the job, and give them a reason to do that job.”

Steve stood and came around to the front of the desk, “You were right Ralph. He’s perfect.”

I looked to Ralph, who was smiling, and then back to Steve.

Steve broke the brief moment of tension I was feeling, “Paul, we are much more than a group of people that are getting together to dream of a utopia. There are groups of us in every single corporation and we are all networked together. We even have support from some of the governments in Russia and China.”

Electricity pulsed up my spine, sparking my brain with thoughts of revolution. This was much more serious then I had ever imagined.

“We are ready to start moving our plans forward. Paul, we want you to be…”

Deafening automatic fire exploded, in the hallway. Ralph vaulted to the office door, opening it just a hair and quickly shutting it. He looked over his shoulder at us. “It’s the Security Officers. They’re mowing down everyone in the meeting room.”

“That’s impossible! Security wouldn’t kill people for talking about the old government!” I exclaimed. “At worst, they take you for reconditioning.”

Steve busied himself behind the desk rapping on the surface and looking up at his display. “That’s only if you’re by yourself at home do they recondition. These meetings are considered to be full of dissidents. Security uses extreme prejudice in these situations."

“I’ve never heard of them doing such a thing.” I retorted.

Ralph picked me up by the arm and ushered me around to the back of the desk. “They’ve done this in other areas of the AGU. It’s not something they want advertised.”

Under the desk, the floor slid open and Steve crawled down into the shallow cavity. “Get in here!” Steve waved hurriedly.

Ralph pushed me through the opening. I laid on my back to the side of the hole.

Steve reached up for Ralph, who shook his head and looked up at the office door. “They’ll be expecting someone to be in the office.” He tapped on the desktop. “I’ll see you on the other side.” The door slid shut.

Lying on my back with inches of space between my nose and the floor above me, I asked Steve what this space was.

“After attacks on some of the other cells we made this hiding place between the floor and the ceiling of the next level down. Now shut up, or they’ll find us.”

The chaos from the meeting room was not audible in here. It was several minutes until we heard the glass office door shatter and boots thump across the floor.

From directly above us Ralph yelled out, “What’s going on out there? Is it a hostile takeover?”

There was a pause and then a muffled Security Officer spoke. “Confirmed! Ralph McGuiness, known dissident!” Another burst of automatic fire and the office fell silent with the thump of Ralph’s body on the floor above us.


March 21st – It’s been three days since the slaughter at the old Catholic Church. Once the stomping around on the floor had finally finished in the early morning hours, Steve and I crawled out to find a spotless office and meeting room. The Security Officers had scrubbed the place clean, leaving no evidence of the slaughter.

I had just barely made it to work on time that day. I was so nervous and scared. I was afraid Security would show up at any moment to scrub me from existence, but I could not leave. That would look too suspicious.

My secretary and several co-workers asked me if I was feeling all right. I took advantage of that to say I was coming down with something. This gave me the perfect excuse to call in sick the next few days. I spent the next couple of days hiding in my condo.

During that time, I contemplated what my next move should be. Should I run? Where would I go? What about my son John? I also debated with myself several times whether I should destroy the textbooks and other paraphernalia I had about the old U.S. Government.

I actually spent most of my time paralyzed by fear. Trying to sleep was hit and miss. There were times I would pass out from exhaustion, but would shortly awake screaming. It was one of these times I was startled out of a fevered sleep by the chiming of my door intercom.

All I could think was they had finally come for me. Quickly, I made my way off the couch, to the intercom and checked the video feed. Steve was standing alone outside my door. I threw the door open and quickly shuffled him inside.

Closing the door with weight of my body against it, I stared at Steve. “What the hell are you doing here?! If one of us is implicated in the Patriot Meetings the other is screwed. You’ve got to leave.”

Steve took a deep breath, slowly exhaled, and sat at my glass dining table hunched over. “You’re in the clear. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“How about you?” I asked, “Are you in the clear?”

“I don’t know.” Steve sat up a little, leaning on the table, “You see, I’m an intelligence officer with the Security Officers. It has allowed me to keep track of any investigations into any Patriotism. I should’ve known the attack was coming, but I had no word of it. I think they may suspect me and are keeping me out of the loop.”

I continued to talk to Steve over the counter in my kitchen, while I made some tea. I was trying to act calm, but my entire body was shaking. I didn’t know if I could stay standing, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure. I’m afraid to go home or even to work. They might be waiting to arrest me.”

I sat a mug of tea down in front of him and then took a seat across the table from him.

“Don’t worry,” he stated. “I’m not going to ask if I can stay here.”

My body relaxed a bit. That was a huge relief.

“I’m going to try to make my way out of AppleGates Union. See if I can hook up with another Patriot group in another corporation.” He looked up at me with a small glimmer in his eyes. “Several groups have been working on something big. If I can get in on it, I’ll be safe.”

“What about the rest of the Patriots here in the AGU?” I asked.

“You’re the only one left.”


December 31st – It has taken a very long time to relax and stop looking over my shoulder. It was some time this past summer, I finally decided if the Security Officers had not arrested me by now, they weren’t going to.

It has been about nine months since I talked to Steve. I also thought I would never hear from him again. I just wished I knew if he was still alive and what the big plan the Patriots were building.

These thoughts ran through my head as I stared out my window at the masses in the streets celebrating the New Year. I’m always glad for the holidays. It seems to release tension and put everyone in a good mood. I just couldn’t imagine being down on the streets with all that chaos and partying.

My mind drifted off to what my son might be doing. He’s been so busy as a broker, I hardly ever see him nowadays. I worry my Patriot ways might affect him. He has a good life and a great job. I don’t want to ruin it for him.

The intercom chimed. I let out a quiet deep breath and set down my champagne. At the intercom, I saw a woman with the hood up on her jacket. I could not make out who it was. I slowly opened the door a crack to peer at the woman’s face. Her cocoa eyes pierced me.

“Steve sent me,” she said.

I opened the door to let her inside. Once inside, she pulled down her hood, revealing a lovely ebony woman with light brown curly hair. “Paul?” she asked.


She seemed to relax a bit. “I’m Shauna,” introducing herself as she held out her hand.

I accepted her handshake. “So, what brings you here?”

“Steve. He wants to talk with you.”

Excitement shot through my body. “How is he? Where is he? Is he safe?”

Shauna giggled lightly. “He’s all right,” rubbing her arms for warmth.

“Please, have a seat and I’ll get you some tea.”

While I made the tea in the kitchen, she leaned over the counter to talk to me. “Yeah, Steve is fine. He said he would explain everything to you.”

I handed over the tea, “When can I see him?”

With a smile she pulled an object from inside her jacket. Sliding it across the counter to me, she explained, “This device is programmed to put you directly in touch with Steve.”

Picking it up, I turned it over in my hand. It looked like a two-centimeter-wide jello mold.

“Connect it to any communication device and press the button on top. The communication is disguised by piggy backing on an outgoing signal. It can’t be traced, because it’ll be invisible to detection,” she threw back her tea and slapped the cup down on the counter. “Steve said you had good tea.”

“When should I contact him?”

Shauna headed to the front door to let herself out. As she put up her hood, she said, “Whenever you want,” The door closed behind her.


January 3rd – I’ve thought about the communication device and contacting Steve for the past couple of days. Like an itch on the middle of your back that you can’t reach, I was consumed with wanting to know what happened to him and the Patriots. However, like any other itch you scratch it too much and it will bleed. I was not sure the device would really work and contacting him could pull me into something dangerous.

I had enough. I had to know. Placing the device on my counter, I tapped the button. My communications came to life with an AppleGates Union logo slowly turning in the air. After waiting for a couple of minutes, I almost gave up and shut things down, when a twelve-centimeter-tall figure of Steve appeared floating above my counter.

“Hello, old friend,” The smiling figure said.

I smiled back. “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing well.”

“What happened?”

“That is one of the reasons I wanted to contact you. Things worked out very well, after I left. Long story short the Country of Alaska gave us Kodiak Island. It’s just south of the mainland. Patriots from all over the Corporations in America have been pouring into the Island for safe refuge.”

I was stunned speechless.

“I know it is a lot to take in. I have a secret package that will be delivered to you soon, by Shauna. It has all the details in it. I’m sure you can keep it hidden and safe?”

“Yes! Of course.”

“Good. I have a couple of jobs to offer you now so you can think about them while you go over the information.”

“OK, what?”

“First, we want you to act as eyes and ears in the AGU. We have people in almost every corporation spying for us.”

“I don’t know what information I could offer you. I’m just middle management.”

“We’re completely cut off from news of the Corporations. We can’t even find out about day to day activities.”

“OK, what other job do you have for me?”

“Well, we have created a kind of counsel of leaders to guide the Patriots and our new home. We want you to be one of the counselors.”

I leaned back against the opposite counter from the holographic figure of Steve. “Uhm… Why me?”

“You’ve been studying history for a long time. When we were meeting in the AGU, you taught us a lot about how things really were. We need that insight while we rebuild The U.S. Government. Thanks to you, we know it wasn’t a perfect government. We want your help to prevent us from falling into the same traps.”

It didn’t take me long to think about it. “I’ll do it.”


I dropped the leather covered journal on the floor, next to the recliner and draped my arm over my eyes. I could not read anymore. My dad was not only a Patriot, he helped build them. All the time, I thought he was a loyal citizen for the AppleGates Union, he was actually spying for them. Mara said the Patriots were interested in me. Dad must have been spying on me as well.

The history of the Corporations and my dad’s life were so many lies. It was too much to process. I needed more answers. I need to find this Steve person who now leads the Patriots.



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