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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2118215
Human Warlock MoonGaurd Ally
Back from Battle tired, marrd. Deep cut Lower Cheek to Chin
Still to this day Sports a Eternal Black Diamond


Her armor belt no longer snug. Under it, her robe just less curvyer! As her under tunic, lays over her form, lose now...
Large Gashes to Left Shoulder and Right Thigh

No longer was Her armor belt alittle snug. Or Under it, her robe just a little curvyer! As her under tunic, lays over her form, that was once much tighter than normal... Now flat and fit.


My family's business had been intact for years. Though most had no desire for our business, Though some sought it out and dememed it most necessary. Those which turned the self servant eyes had even called us Bounty Hunters, Mercencies! As we saw it... We're just helpin a Joe out!
My father had now ran the business for years and I had grown up in the middle of it. Now older his dealing were closer to home and I would seek the travel part upon the fiancial point of the business.
Now Far from home, on the business Of seeking a certain name, this time, to hopefully decuss employment, this new war had me scattering from one path to another, in search for the Man my father needed to see.
The chase had lead me across great waters, finally to a tiny Inn. But a few nights there show it was not a your ordanary Travern. My time needed to be short. To the point. Quickly handaled. To return home asap.
Then one evening Ventureing down from my room for dinner I stood at the end of the bar for a cocktail while my food was being prepared and taking in the traverns nightly entertainment I hear a woman's voice say. Oh My my my, Milord Cendiirn, you centainly jest! I turned to see The Man I was sent to find...
Time had pasted rather fast though in these monthes this War had taking on a whole new meaning and I myself had still heard no word from my family. My life had change greatly and I now took on a new part since the Legion. I have had to learn to fight beyond my witts and learn the art of hand to hand war far and in this time here fates had also shown what my true path here was for.

The Lord Cendiirn and I had became close. The one I had been sent to hire, now had taking up my garduian ship and more..... We have never married. That part never seem to be able to be had nor the time..... yet we had found a quieter place we both could rest at and seek each other we called home. We called our santery Darnassa..

Only to have at times to be called and need apart! Time seemed have stood still in this Absents during these times and ours letters traveled slow. Now with the rumors of the place we had settle into being destoryed, I needed to see him more than ever for one more meeting... *I look downward as I lay my hand over my dress*

And he came.
Upon my on return in the place we called home and looked out at the beautiful place that now was threated. It was so lovely. Peaceful. Quiet. He had choose wise to retain a home here for us. I head my name and I turned to the the Man I had said yes to but had never had before a priest! His eyes looked downward as he said...

Two months has been to long....


We kissed each other, laying their in each others arms, quietly looking out into the dark... The next few weeks we Remember. Laughed... cried... talked

Then News came. Our home would be going to war! We would look at each other as we quietly prepare our weapons and conveying with others to make ready, we knew When war breaks into our city, might be the last time we see each other...

The night it begin... We sat together. No words just sat. His arms around me and his hands over the top of the bump.... He speaks, and He Offred. Lets get you out of here. I smiled and said.. thats not who we are...... His hand lay protective over my growing tummy. Then he took my hand and slip on a Eternal Black Diamond. Ambassador Lord Cendiirn presented her a Eternal Black Diamond..

A tear slipped down my cheek quietly..
Again He says; Lets get you two out of here.
Again softly I looked downward and then back up smiling as my hand reached his cheek and said, that's not who WE are...
Last I heard was... 'But Milady… Then the Boom!

As I opem my eyes I realiased my body hurt all over. I coughed a little bit as I slowly looked through hazen heavy smoke mist. Suddenly I look over at the being next to me on a matching bed... Then look upward, My Hands go quickly to my tummy! I lay there quiely as tears begin to flow and slide down my cheeks! Because I knew!
The voices above me like soft music drew my eyes. One more than others. She said to the other beauitful Valkeries! This one! I watched her point at me and say.

Later I would sit in front of a large dressing table and just look into the mirror. I would touch my hair that was once lovely long and black now white. My blues eyes now dead... I was Gifted yet something taken. I was here, Yet Different!


(All that I see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Edgar Alan Poe)
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