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by brom21
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An article about a former mental affliction.
Here's your feedback: "Cotard Delusion is not just something that I could be inspired by; it is also something I can empathize with. I’m schizophrenic and there was a time when I was teenager where I believed I had no soul. It was very frightening. I have written a few stories about different affects that my disordered had on me. One of them was a Writer’s Cramp entry a while ago. Along the same line maybe thinking you’re literally invisible may fall under Cotard Delusion. I had no idea there was a name for all this. Concerning writing from real life events, I am presently writing a supernatural story based on the Easter account. It is ending up to be a very touching story involving two children. Game2:Winter will not be something that I will watch. I watch little television as it is. More than that I do not enjoy reality shows no matter how outrageous. These show will just get more desperate as they go on."

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