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by K.HBey
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2119508
A hard competition creates sometimes scientific disaster and renders science harmful then
When Jasmine has finished her medicine research, she asks for a manufacturing patent. She has discovered a new drug.
She returns to her laboratory research when she discovers that her medicine preparation and her research notes have disappeared. She calls the police and after an investigation they unfortunately find no track for such burglary.

She returns home and finds her husband. She has never felt the love he does bear for her. Indeed he is the one who has always hidden his feelings.
She enters her office when she remembers that she has saved a draft on her laptop. There is also no lap top. Her husband reacts strongly about this and calls the police.
Jasmine cannot stay home and out of herself she goes driving to nowhere.

She discovers suddenly a high fire coming from a mountain. What is this?
A volcano has erupted strongly and people are leaving quickly. They go towards the sea side and some boats take them away. She takes a boat also and meets many people.
There are some researchers in many sciences fields with whom she has many discussions. She meets an old researcher. He got many merit medals in the past. One of his researches resembles hers. However he has never finished it. His wife is also a researcher in informatics. She also got much recognition.

Suddenly the earth trembles again in this deep ocean.
They are leaving and from the boat, a view of the volcano seems to be lost.
The boat seems to capsize and it seems that this is titanic misadventure.
What happens? The passengers scream.

The boat continues sailing further when suddenly another boat over there is seen at this horizon. It is in fire and people are crying. Some of them have died and others have attained this present boat where Jasmine is.
When asking people about what has happened all say the same thing, Bermuda hole is there. "Bermuda" "Bermuda", passengers say.
The survivors describe this misadventure: "All the staff disappears suddenly and the boat loses the equilibrium and starts to turn and the captain loses control of this machine. It is a mysterious disappearance".

Jasmine is very worried. When the present captain sees this boat drowning, he decides to take another itinerary. He calls the control base but the contact is disturbed. All his modern tools cannot function in such conditions. This is like the scan and magnetized field devices which do not respond to any stimulus. He then simulates a virtual ocean road according to his both map and compass.

It is the night and a great wind is blowing. A huge amount of waves surround this boat. It is balancing and it seems that the boat will also be soon drowned. The captain orders passengers to wear their life vests. Jasmine is too afraid.
All the passengers are terrified. The boat is fighting strongly against this immense wind; when suddenly, all seems to be normal. After this storm, the passengers are all exhausted and fall in a deep sleep.

In the morning the boat is thrown over this sand. The passengers wake up; when they discover something at the horizon. They all go on foot to see what is there at the horizon in this amazing island.
In walking, Jasmine sees something on the sand. She gets near when she does not trust herself. "Unbelievable", she exclaims. Indeed these are her manuscripts thrown and burnt partially. She screams loudly and then begins to cry. Her hard labor of an average of ten years found today like any other garbage.
All the passengers come to her and most of them encourage her to write again her researchers according to these documents. A great hope invades again her heart. Indeed she decides to do so.

They get a rest and all they find as food are bananas. They continue walking when suddenly they find themselves within darkness. Inside such gigantic mountains, they become to hear some sounds coming from a far place.
There is no light at all. Mercy to the captain who brings a torch with him they can cross such mountains.

There, they discover an amazing world. They are obliged to take a metro in this tunnel. They cross both earth and sea. From windows, a magnificent view of the ocean full of gigantic fishes. It seems to someone that she/he is within it.
Something amazing catches their attention. All the passengers of such metro are young and they have may be the same age of thirty. It is a very astonishing fact.
The trip inside the metro is too long and there is no arrest. When being in a desert all people get off the metro. This is the first and last stop. This is a wide desert and there is a great capital. There people are also young and there are no old ones.

In this great metropolis, there are many buildings, cars and metros. Everything is modern. They do not use electricity and all their needed energy depends on the sun and wind ones .
All the population is young and there are no old persons. Their children, when reaching the age of thirty, they get the same age as their parents. Many people get a bizarre glance on Jasmine's companions. Indeed the captain and some researchers are sixty years old.

They take a taxi, a luxurious car which is comfortable and works only with solar energy. The man is a nice gentleman but has some difficulties to understand them. Indeed he is from another region. However he knows this place spot by spot.
They have some discussions with him and get some information.

Here people do not deal with money but live by accomplishing services to each other. There are no banks. Then, unfortunately Jasmine and her companions currency brought with them, becomes only stones and garbage.
Indeed everything is for free, such solar and wind energies, such foods made of some fruits like bananas, pineapples, dates and some vegetables dried or not. They preserve natural fauna of both animals and vegetables and rarely use them.
There is also a very strange thing, there are no diseases.
They take a taxi by groups and meet at a certain place. This is a great scientific complex. The building is too gigantic so that it seems to someone that this is a sanctuary.

There is a high screen of the supervising camera at the entry. Someone has to put fingers on a machine to be recognized towards these references: age/sex/illnesses and genetic card characteristics/prints before entering. A man at the reception talks with Jasmine and the others and tells them to stay for a moment to be received by the headmaster.

A great door is opened and at the office they are all astonished to discover a very old person talking with them. He is a researcher. It seems to Jasmine that she knows him but she does not succeed to recognize him.

He trembles a lot and wants to talk with her apart. He calls her by her first name and uses a surname. She quickly knows that only her colleague uses it. She observes him deeply and tears drop on her cheeks. She is so touched to see that her young dynamic colleague of forty years old has become a senile weak person of ninety years old.
He has always hidden his love for her. Such love that a colleague can bear to his colleague which is mixed with a strong jealousy. He has always thought that she is better than him at work and sees her as an arrogant competitor.

"I am at the end of my life and I would like to tell you a secret that I have borne for years and which burns me".
He confesses to her and recognizes that he is the one who has stolen her drug formula. As he tells her about his great mistake that at his first essay of this drug fabrication, he couldn't put a radical at the end of the formula. He then reversed completely such equation and made a drug of senility instead of youth. He was the first one to drink such drug and made experience on himself.

After being submitted to the disaster of such scientific mistake, he has finally made the needed correction according to Jasmine drafts exactly as the formula has been first discovered. "You are too intelligent and wise when you have kept the end of the formula for yourself and lets it be secret", he recognizes.
Here on this island and since, he has produced youth drug that people must take at the age of twenty and this becomes a program to be followed scrupulously by the population like any vaccine one.

"I have paid heavily the price of my mistake and the senility process is accelerated on me. I have no more time .This is your discovery and not mine. I regret a lot what I have done and recognize the harm that I have caused to you. Please let me die in serenity. This is yours, please lead this research center and continue your brilliant discoveries". These are his last words and then he died.

Jasmine lives then a hard moment made of ambivalent feelings of joy, sadness, grief and remorse about what has happened to her and how can this has come from a colleague that she has always borne respects for him.
The more such researcher brings her an enemy the more this lets her makes account about its opportunity. Indeed it has rendered a dream to be a reality. Such dream which is borne by everyone, becomes true, this is the eternal youth. However this lets her think deeply about its meaning.

What has brought such research to population?
Such society made of people of almost the same age and in which there is no place to any natural predecessor.
What is the limit between youth and oldness?

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