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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2119561
What happens when Jerry's stay for six months at Tom and Jerry's house? Bad for Tom.
Based on the Tom and Jerry kids episode, Jerry's mom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD5G6fWWAkI

After some failed plotting from Tom, Jerry's mom decided to stay at Tom and Jerry's house for 6 whole months to make sure they were eating. Jerry was okay with her mom stay for a while longer. But Tom... Tom didn't seem to happy about it. See, recent events, Tom tried to hog all the food in the house for himself. When he sent Jerry and his mom on a cruise, he took it on himself to gorge on everything in the fridge. Doing so lead to Tom having a bit of a overstuffed belly.

After that, the mouses came back home. Even when it was clear that Tom was full, Jerry's mom said that he was "nothing but skin and bones". So she offers to make Tom a 16-course meal. Both Jerry and his mom were stuffing poor Tom to the brim with cheese, potatoes, turkey, fish, bread and cakes. Tom wanted to stop eating, but Jerry's mom was a bit scary as most mothers can be. To deny her would be a very unwise thing to do.

After a few hours, the feasting was finally over. Tom now had a belly triple the size before the feast. Tom's belly groaned in discomfort from all the eating. He has never ate this much in his little cat life. The two mouses hopped onto Tom's round and bloated belly.

"Are you nice and full now?" Jerry's mom asked the stuffed cat. Tom responded by rapidly nodding his head up and down. He really pleaded that her and Jerry would stop feeding him. "Good."

Tom was relieved. It looks like she was done feeding him for the day. It was nighttime now. Jerry and his mom have been feeding Tom for a long time now.

"Oh dear. Is it that late already?" Jerry's mom said. "You two better get to bed."

After the meal that Tom just had, sleep was something he really wanted right now. So he didn't complain. He got out of the chair and began waddling to his bedroom. It was even harder for him to walk now. His belly continue to jiggle like it was jello. Jerry giggled at the sight of this. The cat that always chase him was now having a hard time to even walk.

"Oh... Jerry and Tom, don't worry. When you wake up, I'll be sure to make you a BIG breakfast for you." Jerry's mom said with a smirk.

Great... more eating. Tom didn't seem glad about that. She said she would make breakfast for both Jerry and him. But he feels that most of the feast would be for him. Tom's belly groaned at the thought of more food. Tom just wanted to sleep all of this off while he could. He got on his bed and try to wish that these six months will go fast. Not likely.

End of part 1.
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