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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #2120185
The Hells gate has opened and the end is nigh.
For years the nightmares of the people talked. At night, people would rise from their beds with sights of the unspoken. Nightmares turned to night terrors. There were oddness going on in the world. Unspeakable events had been happening. No one knew the cause of these events. The events such as; rising seas, blood moon, reddened night sky, black sun and continuous shaking of the earth. Scientists were talking but they were not making any sense. The governments had shaken, some had fallen, and most had become authoritarian. Something was coming. Something. The entire earth was uneasy. The animals were acting weird. Some had jumped from heights, some had drowned. The sea life was even weirder. Mass suicides of the fish terrorized everyone. The fish, whales and dolphins would hit the shores with all their speed and drown in the sand.

There were a lot of religious organizations getting stronger in number and in political strength. They said the end was nigh. The apocalypse was approaching. The leaders of the biggest religions were causing big trouble and terror to the people and governments. The society was in a mess. Middle east was completely run by one man, Sultan Abdul. He was the caliphate. In the south America was a Christian leader, King Ademma, who had dominated the continent. In Europe, the catholic church was getting stronger. They had managed to get involved in the country politics. The far east was relatively easy with religious pressure but they had taken their toll as well. China was divided and Japan was in turmoil. In Afrika was where the things were at its absolute worst. The entire continent was in anarchy. Armed groups had taken charge. They were massacring ethnically different groups and blaming them for the upcoming apocalypse.

North America was also in strain. The religious populous was causing uprisings against the secular constitution. The nation was divided in two by the blade. Southern states were where the situation was in its worst. They wanted to separate from the United States. They were under control of one leader named Abdiel. They wanted, as all religious leaders did, the nation to be ready for the apocalypse. Ready for rupture. Punish the heathens and rule the nation with religion.

The mountains were shifting with great force. The cities were getting destroyed. There was one leader of the secularists, Everett Marshall, who was organising something. Nobody was sure what but he was getting people ready. Some thought for war. The war against angels, against dictatorship, against apocalypse, against the armies of god and against the god itself. At least that is what the religious said against him.

I was stationed at Istanbul as a news informant. There was one good side of the events, the news was plenty to go around. I was staying at an apartment at the European side of the city, near the phosphorus. My neighbours were deeply religious and were terrified but excited of the current situation of the earth. They would invite me to their faith to save myself. They cared about me and they would pray for me daily. I wish I could say it worked but it didn't. I knew whatever was going on was much more likely to be something else other than apocalypse, but something inside still terrified me. The nightmares were so clear. They were about fire, death, hell, and torment. And everyone saw the same thing. That is what exactly what terrified me. Not the earthquakes, not the blood moon and not the dark sun but the nightmares everyone saw. What could possibly explain that? Mass hysteria? What, everyone on earth has the mass hysteria? Was it caused by black sun's radiation? No, this was something different. I had started to lose my trust in science but I knew magic itself would be science if it was discovered.

* * *

I woke up to yet another terrorizing night sky. I still didn't get used to this sight. The sound of morning ezan was so loud. It was louder since the events had started. The nightmare I had today was of me getting tortured in a burning cell. I was strapped to a metal bed and my legs were being sawed off by a black entity. I got off my bed and went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. The fear that burned inside me was constant. It never gave me any breathing space. It was always there, to make me terrified. I got off to the balcony to look at the blood moon. It was such a sight to behold. It was terrorizing but elegant. Could it actually be real? I sometimes wondered. Could it all be a dream I haven't woke up from? I wish that was the case so other people didn't suffer from this hellish sight. Thousands had died from earthquakes around the world and from the rising seas.

As I looked at the people who were going to the mosque not to be alone, I thought that what a nice feeling it must be to believe. There was also military activity on the streets. Army trucks moving through the streets. That was common these days when trouble had been happening constantly. After five minutes of staring at the city I decided to try to sleep, even though I knew I wouldn't be successful with it. As I was getting inside the ground shook aggressively and a very loud noise filled the air. The sound was of a siren. My heartrate risen and I got dizzy. I held the side of the door and looked behind to see what was going on. When I looked at the sky my eyes dilated. What I saw was of no horror but wonder. Something was rising up in the sky. A dome like structure was getting created. It looked like it was made of light. The field had risen and met on top. The terrorizing night sky turned to normal deep blue. The moon turned white and stars looked normal.

This structure didn't seem of unknown origin, but of creation of man. An announcement throughout the city had started. It was the voice of Edward Marshall.

"The citizens of the world, as of now we are at war. The armies of god have surfaced and started to approach the major cities. The cities are protected with the protector fields so anything holly won't pass through but it will not keep out the daemons. And massive legions of daemons are approaching to the population centres. I have taken the control of the civilized world with the permission of most world leaders and now I am ordering all countries of the world to be run with marshal law by me. I give my word to all of you that we will win this war. We will defeat the armies of god and we will be independent. I give you all this one crucial warning: Don't get out of the protector fields because if you die out there you will go to hell. Inside, even if you get killed you will only die but out there you will be tortured for all eternity. Good luck and good fight."

Another announce was heard and this time the message was in Turkish. I was baffled. Did I hear what I just heard? Armies of god? Daemons? This surely can't be real. It must be a joke. But the field? I saw it with my eyes and I can see it now. It rose up and surrounded possibly the entire city. I went inside to get my phone. I tried to call the news agency but the lines were down. I went out to balcony again to look at the sky just to be sure that it was real, and it was. It was still there and the moon was still white.

I got dressed and got out in the streets. People were gathering to mosques in numbers. You could feel the fear in the air. We had just entered war with god if the announcements were not a joke. But it was still more likely to be a ruse than it actually being real. I got in my car and started to drive to the police station to learn about the current events. As I drove through the streets I saw a lot of people gathering together. Some chants could be heard, praise the god in Arabic. Something odd started to happen to the newly risen "protector field." The surface of it fluctuated and altered. From the waves shadows flew in. Countless shadows of black and red. The leaking shadows first ascended, then rapidly flew down to the earth. People in the streets were looking to the shadows with terror. The chants started to be more frequent and louder. You could tell that people were terrified. The shadows landed in the streets and did things beyond comprehension. A red shadow near my car picked one of the chanters and risen him to the sky. Another one flew through a person. That person bled from countless holes inside his body.

People panicked and ran all around. A black shadow hit my car and I had to stop. The engine caught fire so I got out. Chaos ran through the streets as shadows cut down people. I started to run to the closest building that was twenty meters from me. As I sprinted a panicked man that ran into me. We both fell and I got him into his feet. He gazed into my eyes then turned his head to my side. His eyes widened. My heartrate hit the roof. I felt like I was having a heart attack as I saw his eyes. I knew what was behind me so I ran forward without looking back. As I ran I heard a scream which was probably that man. I reached the door and buzzed all the buttons. The red shadow butchered the man I ran into and now it was coming towards me. I buzzed the buttons more furiously and banged the door. "Let me in," I shouted. Suddenly, the door lock buzzed and I got in just in time. The red shadow crashed the door as I closed it.

I ran up the stairs and knocked the first door I came across with major strength. When I heard the screams coming from inside, I left the door and got up another floor. A terrorizing noise filled the building. I didn't know what it was but I was sure that it was the red shadow. As I reached the second floor I could hear the screams coming from the apartments so I ran up the stairs without stopping. Next floor the same, the next one the same. The last floor and blood was oozing from the doors. I got up the stairs and came to the roof. The sky was illuminated with AA fire. Gunshots were from everywhere. I looked around the roof but there were no other buildings I could jump to, nowhere to go. Now way but down. I approached the edge of the building and turned to the staircase. The red shadow made its way to the roof and now was approaching me. I remembered what the religious family that was my neighbour teached me; "Eshednlailaheillallah, ve eshedenne muhammeden abduhu ve resulu." Now I was Muslim, not that it would matter. The speakers said that I wouldn't go to hell inside the protector field, but to nowhere. I got up the concrete step and I jumped down into oblivion.

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