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A lady is enchanted by a stranger.
“Well I’ll be horn-swoggled, hog-tied, flame broiled, and tossed in the creek, if you ain’t the pertiest thang I ever seen.”

“Why thank you sir. I am, “perty” sure I can count on one hand how many men have ever said that to me.”

“I am just as proud as a peach in the apple yard to meet you ma’am. Tain’t never seen you afore, when did you git to town?”

“I arrived on the stage. I had barely stepped down when you spoke to me. I hope you don’t mind me saying sir, that you have the most beautiful blue eyes.”

“Aww shucks ma’am. I don’t mind at all. Makes me feel like a pumpkin in a pea patch to hear you say it. These eyes were a gift from my mother. God rest her saintly soul.”

“She must have been a fine woman. Can you tell me sir, where I can post a letter?"

“Yes’m, miss...miss?"

“Ms. Agnes Peabody. And you are?”

"Zebulun Dewpenny at your service ma’am. Drop your mail off over there with Mr. Jensen. He will see it gets into the mailbag and out on the next stage.”

“That will be fine then. Excuse me, you’ll have to step aside Mr. Dewpenny, I can’t seem to get around you.”

“Sorry ,ma'am, I’m blind as bat. Couldn’t see an eagle in a tutu if he flew up and landed on my nose.”

“But Mr. Dewpenny! All those compliments, and your beautiful blue eyes are a gift from your mother, remember?”

“Oh, I was borned without no eyes ma’am. Mama gave me these glass marbles for my 18th birthday. I work with horses. Don’t need to see to work with horses. I do all my seein’ with my nose. And if you don’t mind me sayin’ ma'am, you smell pertier than a sweaty mare after a long run.”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2120413