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by Dragyn
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A poem about the newest Sesame street character
Julia is the newest friend on Sesame Street.
"She has Autism," says Elmo,
"which means she plays a little differently."
She's sensitive to sound, and Hooper knows that.
So when a siren went off, they took a time out.

Big Bird thought Julia didn't like him
when she didn't say hi back right away,
but like Elmo says, she's shy.
It takes a few times
before she might say hi.

It takes a simple change
in how they play
for everyone to have fun with tag.
From running to bouncing,
both ways are fun,
but one way adapts to Julia
and now, they have a brand-new game.

Julia really is no different from the rest of us.
She might play differently,
and she's a little shy,
but she's still a good friend.
We play tag, and go on the swings,
and at the day's end,
she's our new friend!
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