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by Skibbs
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2122057
SCP-1032-021 is a short novel based on the possible events of SCP-1032-021.



SCP-1032's chamber was small. Not as small as, say a child's bedroom, but it was small none the less. It consisted of two storage closets at the back of the room and a central pillar on which SCP-1032 was placed. As per containment procedures, an armed guard as stationed inside of the cell.

On any other day, every scientist, guard, MTF member and SD member would pass by SCP-1032's containment chamber without even glancing at the containment cell. However, today was different. Today was SCP-1032-021's midnight date, and everyone posted on the site was queued up outside the standard issue Foundation door. Of course, no one was allowed inside bar two scientists, one guard and, on special request, the Administrator.

The Administrator showed up to the site dressed in a sharp black suit, a bowler hat and a suitcase. He waltzed past the main entrance, security and bio checks, before proceeding to SCP-1032's containment chamber. Now, inside the chamber - he looked bored. He was waiting for the scientists to run their rather pointless tests and report to him, which still hadn't happened half an hour later. There was approximately an hour to go before the Midnight Time and everyone in the site ad either left or were lined up outside the containment chamber.

Only one scientist was left in his office. That scientists name being Horatio. He, unlike the rest of the Foundation, considered it to be a waste of time queueing outside of a chamber which you're never going to get in to, waiting for the inevitable to happen - even if we didn't know what the inevitable is. Instead, he decided to spend his time working on two things. The first being how SCP-939 both mimics its prey yet cannot distinguish between it and other inanimate or animate objects, and how to predict what will happen at the Midnight Time. However, he didn't know how to solve either of these issues.

So, instead of using up his time doing the pointless task of queueing outside of a containment cell he wasn't going to get in to, he decided to waste his time in his office, which would get next to nothing accomplished.

Quarter of an hour had passed before the Administrator finally got his report handed to him. However, he was displeased with the results; which were that 'something will happen to the Foundation in 45 minutes exactly.' Apart from that, no other information was available to him.

So, he decided to go for a stroll around the site. He clicked on the button to the containment chamber door; but before he could leave the clock flashed three flashes of blue light. Immediately, he looked in amazement at the clock, before shifting his gaze to one of the scientists. The scientist mirrored his reaction.

"Get Horatio here now." Was the Administrator's only response.

Horatio still sat in his office - shifting through reams and piles of paperwork which was as high as Everest. Yet his mind was still focused on what might be happening to 1032. He had had a gut instinct that - although everyone else's idea of SCP-1032-021's hand reaching its Midnight Time may result in a cataclysmic event that would shape the entire Foundation and shake it to its core - there may be a more subtle meaning. Yes, something might happen to the Foundation that makes it change; but it doesn't specify whether it moves forward or backwards.

As if they had read his mind - three MTF (specifically Nine Tailed Fox) members rushed into the room, barely allowing time for the door to open before shoving their way through - with their padded shoulders bursting through the narrow gap.

"You're needed." Said the lead MTF member.

"For what exactly?" Horatio replied.


"Well, if you don't tell me, how will I know what I'm doing?"

The MTF members shared a glance to each other - asking each other whether this scientist should be trusted in their minds.

"The Administrator wants you for a time-sensitive mission." The lead MTF member said at last.

"What do you mean time-sensitive?"

"SCP-1032-021 has predicted that something will happen to the Foundation in exactly..." the MTF member looked at his watch, "...thirty-two minutes."

"Okay. I've had some ideas about that; get the Administrator over here with SCP-1032."

The door to SCP-1032's containment chamber suddenly rushed open, revealing the Administrator in front of an item temporary containment box which was being wheeled through the barely-able doorway by the three MTF members. Immediately, the Administrator raised his hands in front of him - and instinctively the crowd of Level One to O5 Council Members cleared a path.

The four made their way down the corridor, with the swarming mass of people three foot behind. The Administrator swiped his Omni-Keycard on Horatio's lab, and the door opened, with the four proceeding to enter rapidly - yet with some stillness.

"Well?" asked the Administrator, rushing to find out what will happen to his beloved Foundation at the Midnight Time.

"I think that 1032 isn't dangerous. Seeing as the '09' hand predicted nothing dangerous whatsoever, this time I think the Foundation will be fine." Replied Horatio.

"Wait..." said the Administrator with some curiosity, "...are you taking this on a hunch?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it a hunch exactly - more an informed estimate..." was Horatio's reply.

"You expect me to put the WHOLE Foundation on the line - where anything could happen to it - in your hands because of a hunch?!"

"Yes, Administrator, I do. Frankly, you can't afford to do anything else, and to be honest, you don't have the options available to you. So, trust me."

Half an hour later the Midnight Time reached its clock time. The whole of the site gasped and held their breaths as the clock hand slowly dragged itself to the top of the clock - which was now the centre of the Foundation's attention. Even the Administrator, who had seen almost everything in his time - found himself breathing rapidly as the most docile object in the world - a clock hand - reached towards the '12' symbol at the top of the clock. Then, it was over.

The clock hand had struck its Midnight Time, but absoloutely nothing happened for five whole minutes. Then, a piercing alarm screamed through the Foundation's sites of the world, followed by the intercom: "SCP-001 IS UNCONTAINED. EMERGENCY WORLDWIDE PROTOCOLS ARE NOW IN EFFECT. GOOD LUCK, PEOPLE."

Horatio and the Administrator exchanged a glance, both of them trying to organise their thoughts. They looked up at the roof, then back at each other - and Horatio saw the Administrator mouth to him: "You lied."...

[Hello, readers. I have decided to write a bit about something a bit more abstract, an anomaly. Thinking about it now, it would have been much more exciting to write about this from SCP-1032's perspective - but I'll leave that to another author. I suggest that you read the 1032 article on the SCP Wiki, especially the sub-texts: SCP-1032-09 and SCP-1032-021.]


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