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This Tragedy Prose is about a love story of Sampa,Surojit,Sourav & Moumita.
Moumita gave the rose to Surojit.
Surojit took it gently.
"Can I talk to with you for the sometimes." Surojit asked.
"Yeah,you can." She replied.
Are you in love with anyone?
No sir,who want to love with a poor?
"No....no,I,I love the poor so much." Surojit said.
For sometimes their eyes were watching each-other.
Moumita got the love in his eyes.
At this time Sourav said from the beside,"Can I say anything?"
"Yeah,yeah." Said Surojit with shy.
Moumita,Surojit loves you.
Moumita became shy and said,"Then why he is not telling this by his own voice?"
Bro,say now,what is in your mind.
Surojit became a lover and with soft low voice,he said to her,"I want to marry you."
By seeing her smile they understood that she accepted his proposal,but,they asked her for the opinion to be sure.
She gave a red rose and said,"This rose will say you mine opinion."
Then,they asked her to leave the place to return home.
After came to the room,Sourav demanded a party.
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