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This Tragedy Prose is about a love story of Sampa,Surojit,Sourav & Moumita.
The colleague asked,"But,how? How you finish them,Sampa?"
Sampa replied with sorrow,"I hired a killer to kill Moumita,but,everything is finished,I lose my Surojit."
All the secret talks of Sampa and the colleague went to the Sourav's ears.
That time Sourav was so desperate,he understood his errors and felt shame.
After two weeks, Sourav called Sampa on the roof of the office-building. Sampa went and asked,"Why are you call me here? What happen?"
Sourav slowly went towards Sampa and pushed her down from the roof.
"Today is Friendship day,the murder of Sampa is mine Friendship day's Gift for you,Surojit and Moumita,Oo! Happy couple please accept mine Gift,please." Sourav said with cry.
Then,he cameback in his cabinet and swallowed ten sleeping pills.
Everything came to an end with his deep sleep.
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