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A poem written for my son when he was little
26 lines(newbies contest)

The Giggle Monster

Every since I can remember, I've had a special friend.
He can make me laugh no matter the mood I'm in.
He is the “Giggle Monster,” but his friends just call him “Gig.”
He's funny 'cause he's so darn silly, and he's so darn big.

He has a nose of green that glows in the night,
He wears big boots, and his skin is brown and white.
If you couldn't see him, he could make your spine tingle,
But, every time he wants to be scary, all he can do is giggle!

One day I was angry at Gig and tired of his giggle,
He was on my bed and when he laughed my bed jiggled.
I couldn't sleep 'cause of his giggle. Plus I had a real bad cough,
I got up from the bed and pulled his boots off!

Suddenly the laughter stopped, and I looked over at Gig,
He wasn't laughing anymore, and he wasn't big.
I couldn't understand why he had gotten so quiet and small,
But, I think it has something to do with laughter making the heart tall.

I picked him up with just one hand and slipped him into the pocket of my shirt,
I handled him real easy 'cause I didn't want him hurt.
If Gig gets mad, all he can do is laugh everywhere,
But, if I get mad, I can take off Gig's boots and flip him through the air!

If you listen real close, at night, you will see,
That off in the distance, you can hear him giggle TEE HEE, TEE HEE.
But, if you wake up in the middle of the night,
And there's a big hairy arm holding you tight!

Just listen a minute, and you will see,
Even in his sleep, he goes TEE HEE, TEE HEE!
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