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How to describe? I really don't know.
The muted clicking of students typing their argumentative papers filled the room.

In the distance, a faint squeal. Half-asleep, drooping heads perked up. The first bus was pulling in. The tapping noise became quicker as the students craned their necks towards the clock.

Daisy timidly raised her hand.

"Yes, Daisy?" asked Miss Anders, gesturing to the pale, skinny arm sticking out in the air.

"Um..." Daisy cleared her throat.

"Spit it out," said Miss Anders, her brow a bit furrowed.

Daisy's words tumbled over one another. "Umm, may I use the bathroom? I really gotta go."

Miss Anders gave Daisy a cold, steely glare. "I told you, you should go during recess or lunch."

Daisy raised her chin defiantly. "My bus was late, so I couldn't go before school. First recess, I had to stay in to type my essay, I had a big lunch that I barely finished, second recess I was catching up on math homework, and I'll pee my pants if I have to!" she said, her defiance melting to barely contained exasperation.

Miss Anders squinted at her, opened her mouth, and...

The bell rang. Or rung. Or even rugged, depending on who you asked. Daisy slung her messenger bag over her shoulder and got the heck outta there.

Daisy set her bag on the table. It landed with a heavy thunk.

"Hey Daisy," said Jacob, one of her classmates. "I can guess why you're late."

Daisy laughed. "Yeah. I was pretty scared when she started to say something back there."

"Would you really have peed your pants if the bell hadn't rang?"

She absently stuck a couple of blocks together. "Doubt she would've left me any choice."

"That would've been embarrassing."

"That's for sure."

"So..." Jacob made a mini LEGO tower. "Do you like cats?"

And they talked about cats and video games and drawing and space. They had a lot in common. Tigers, Undertale, comics, and Cosmos.

"Hey, there's this movie I think you'd like," she started to say, but was cut off- by a tower of blocks crashing down on her.
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