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morning gone wrong
(14 lines)
30-Day Image Prompt.
Morning Mishap
I thought it tasted funny, but silly me continued to drink.
News said “the water isn't safe from the kitchen sink”.

I had just finished the water when something strange
My body quickly started shrinking! My husband-I had beckoned.

He screamed “what the heck is happening? Hey, kids, come see.
You'd never guess what is going on with your dear Mommy.”

I was so small by now that I dangled from the water bottle's rim.
My husband called 911 But hung up 'cause they wouldn't believe him.

My kids ran into the kitchen and they thought I was a toy.
“Dad, can we keep her?” Was the words I heard from my boy.
My husband said “calm down and find out the reason for this ordeal.”
I said I'd only drank a water out of the frig. My husband turned pale.

Oh!” my husband studdered “Honey, I'm so sorry this is my fault, I think”
I filled that bottle this morning but, I filled it from the kitchen sink. ''

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