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Setting Free My Happiness

Learning to live a life filled to the brim and lavishly overflowing of positivity continually proves to be a more daunting task than I had expected, but I haven't thought it as a cake walk either or else I'd be doing so already. I strive to live a healthy, positive life though it doesn't mean that all things bad or negative get a blind eye either; it just means I must take time to adjust my attitude and thinking first before each not-so-pleasant predicament is tackled.

One day I woke up and decided my over analyzing, what if things don't go according to my plan, and all around negative attitude and ways must go. Now. Emotions like staying mad longer or angering at the littlest things, feeling sad for unobvious reasons (to me at least), or being disgusted of my body typically ran me more than I ran them. That sent me searching online to read through articles to find out what to do and how others keep up a positive life.

After scouring articles to find tips and suggestions of how others handle their struggles, several are now implemented into my daily life. For example, I have a journal that has all sorts of positive affirmations for various reasons and I read many, both out loud and silently, numerous times daily. Some are even easy to memorize and run through my head at times the journal can't be attached to me. Another way I stay positive is with lots of practice to recognize encroaching, unwanted emotions and work my way through them, but don't allow them to overpower me. It's important to recognize that one can't prevent bad things from happening or feeling opposite the usual happy self, but you can control your response to them.

I may be working toward becoming more positive myself, but that doesn't mean everyone else around me is though. Why is that a problem? Well, their actions and attitudes have a big influence on positivity levels too, especially if they tend to let negativity rule their life. Sometimes it's easy to fall into a toxic relationship be it significant other, a friendship, or even a family member without even realizing it. It could even go on for months to years as you unnoticeablly take on their negativity too. I have had my share of these toxic relationships and don't think I've seen the end of it yet. Some have yet to come, some are gone (and it feels so good!), and I'm also going through some at this very moment. If one can end the toxic relationship it's best to do so, if not then the less contact with them, the better.

Getting rid of toxic relationships is where I find myself struggling. I find that my overly caring personality can guiltyly lead me into these toxic relationships, then I find myself trapped and unsure how to remove myself in a preferably kind manner. The ending a relationship falls short for me because my all to caring heart takes over yet again even if I know I need to end it. As I gain my positivity back, I will learn to resist the manipulation of both the toxic person and my all to caring heart to determine and say exactly when I've had enough. If I am wanting to have that positive life, then I must be willing to do the work.

As I set free my happiness, I hope it'll will inspire those that it can to change and be the change this world needs to become a happier place again. I may think I'm unable to do so now, but that is sure to change soon. I can and will do this.
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