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A brief Steven Universe Fanfiction from someone who knows/cares little of the show. enjoy!
Just a head's up, I know enough about the Canon to know that most of this would never happen, but, I intend to give my vision of a possible event in an alternate version of the typical Canon.

A whisper of wind covered the sound of his entry that night, his steps like the careful tactical movements of a trained assassin as he entered the young boy's room through the large window, barely hidden from his guardians, three powerful soldiers. Arc stood above him as he slept placing a small book on the shelf above his head as he turned to leave the way he came. A threatening presence caused him to snap to view his surroundings. One soldier missing. Tallest of them had disappeared since he looked that way. Arc began to back out of the window, more mindful than before. As he turned to leave a large hand ripped him off the ground. He twisted around to see a large dark-skinned woman in red armor, staring through a dark visor.

"What were you doing in there?" She interrogated, her lips pursed tightly.

"Ensuring that my people's savior finds his power sooner than I did" Arc trembled, his heart racing as he let his limbs slacken except his arm which he used to touch the pink gem poking a hole in the tanned skin on his shoulder.


As a bright light engulfed the area, the boy in his bedroom awoke, the light catching his attention.

"Garnet?" he called sleepily.

As the glare dissipated, Arc had disappeared, no trace of him found anywhere. Garnet looked around before turning to leave. She came back inside, addressing the other two in the lower room, the boy overlooking them from his own room. When he turned to look above on his shelf, seeing a new book sitting atop his comics, he came closer to inspect it. The book seemed to glow, calling him to open it. He did so and saw shapes and symbols on the pages, unlike anything he'd seen. He suddenly felt a spark of energy jolt along his spine and as well as on his fingertips at the same time, causing him to convulse and drop the book. When he went down to pick it up, he heard the call of his friend Garnet, stern and somewhat excited. He gave up his search for the book as it seemed to have disappeared and went to hear her.

"Steven, did you see anything strange up there? I saw a strange creature sneak in and out of your room," Garnet asked.

"I found a book with some symbols in it but I dropped it when you called and now I can't find it. What do you think it was, Garnet?" Steven asked, suddenly feeling a bit antsy.

"I don't know but he might have been dangerous."

"If he could sneak around us then there's no reason to assume he isn't! We should be careful," the waif-like pale-skinned soldier, Pearl noted, her eyes narrowed.

"Why are we acting like this is news, we've got tons of enemies," The short purple soldier, Amethyst spoke up, loudly eating chips beside Pearl.

"This one wasn't a Homeworld Gem, Cluster or Gem monster. He wasn't human either and he had a crystal of some kind embedded in his arm," Garnet added.

Steven suddenly felt the world spin out of control underneath him and his vision blurred. As he came crashing to the ground, he heard Garnet and Pearl call out his name. His consciousness faded as he entered a different state. His home, the soldiers, and everything was replaced by a foggy pink desert, swirling vortexes of purple smoke in the distance barely visible. As he thought to question his surroundings, a tan-skinned young man came from amidst the thickest of the fog, smiling slightly and carrying a huge sword, as tall as himself and half as wide. Steven guessed that he couldn't have been more than six feet and one foot wide.

"Who are you?" Steven questioned him.

"I am... Well, I have many names; Arc, Atlas, The Broken One. Neven is one I'm fond of. I am... you. Or more specifically, I am 'Steven Universe' number 23,352,252."

Steven stumbled back, his eyes wide with a mixture of fear and confusion.

"You think I lie, don't you? Here, let me show you the proof I have."

The boy turned and waved his blemished arm in the air, allowing the fog to concentrate in a central area between them. When he did this, a picture formed in the center of this fog wall, a picture of a pale woman smiling, holding a broad-shouldered man in her arms as they danced on the beach.

"T-that's... That's..." Steven felt the words turn sideways in his throat.

"Your mother, Rose Quartz. My version is little more than a gem as well. Unlike you, I have no father, but, that is a story for another time. Steven, you have a power, several powers that make you more than just a threat to the homeworld gems, they make you a physical god. I awakened to them much too late but now I can empower my alternate self, you, to do what I couldn't, to succeed where I failed," Neven finished.

"How is this possible? Are there more me's out there? I-I-I don't understand!" Steven cried, falling to his knees.

"All will be revealed in time. Right now, I must awaken one power in you. This will start the transformation from child to adult in the AmalGem. The weaponize ability." Neven said, coming closer to Steven.

"Why? Why do I need these powers? What am I- er we fighting?" Steven asked, his brain wracked trying to get his head around these ideas.

"We will talk again soon. I have to leave you for now. My dimension is still a dangerous place to stand still, so I will release you from this meeting place. Goodbye." Neven's voice faded as Steven felt his body take a shape without his control as his room returned to him, the ceiling faded into view.

Now he was laying on his bed, his friends sitting beside him, all except Garnet who watched the area around them, searching for threats, he assumed.

"Steven are you alright?" Pearl asked, touching his shoulder softly.

"Yeah, I-" Steven stopped when he noticed the glowing pearl on her forehead. It had always been there, but he never noticed it glow quite like it did now. Like it was being highlighted in one of his many games. When he reached up to touch it he felt his mind focus on one idea very strongly, pearl's signature weapon, the spear she carries into battle. He wanted it, no, he needed it. He called it.

"Steven, what are you-" Pearl began to phase out of reality as the pearl shifted from her head to the center of Steven's outstretched palm.

"Steven!" shouted Garnet.

As Garnet and Amethyst stood speechless, the light in the room flickered and sparkled and where there was once a spindly pale female a large spiky pink halberd, headed with a massive blade shaped like a rose petal now sat. Steven snapped back and let go of it. As it fell back it seemed to dematerialize and Pearl reappeared, flopping over in the chair she had been sitting in a perplexed smile scrawled on her face.

"Dude, what was that?" Amethyst called, her eyes wide with curiosity.

"That... was... incredible..." Pearl breathed heavily as she talked, she seemed euphoric and drunkenly aroused.

Steven looked at his hands, the pearl was gone, but he could feel it still, cold and fierce. Suddenly his shoulders began to burn and sting. He cried out as he doubled over in pain, his cries morphing into screaming sobs. Shards of a dark pink gem tore through his shoulders the skin burning off in purple smoke. When he looked up, tears dribbled from his bloodshot eyes, his pupils rimmed with gold.

"Steven..." Garnet whispered.

"Yo, Pearl, snap out of it!" Amethyst shook Pearl to her senses.

Steven heaved and desperately tried to calm his vibrating heart.

"What happened to you when Steven touched your gem?" Garnet asked quickly.

"It... It was like... fusing with Rose again. I could feel her, her touch, her heart. I could feel everything. Oh my..." Pearl seemed to slip back into the euphoric state she was in while Garnet looked them both over.

"Weaponizing... Powers to make me a-a-a god? This is nuts-" Garnet called his name, causing Steven to cut his train of thought off.

"What exactly did you do, if you know?" She asked trying to remain in control.

"I... I wanted Pearl's weapon and... and all of a sudden I felt her and her weapon become one. At least I think that's what happened..." Steven explained.

"Lemme try, Steven. Whatever Pearl's goin' nuts over's got to be really good to get her in a good mood like that. Come on, please?" Amethyst jumped up and down like a happy child.

"Amethyst, that's dangerous. We don't know what could happen!" Garnet snapped.

"No, wait a minute, Garnet. Amethyst's got a point. If whatever I did is causing Pearl to be so... well unlike herself it's probably not going to hurt you, plus, we need to figure out what it is I'm doing." Steven said, motioning to her to come closer.

Garnet stiffened up as Steven reached out to touch her gem. As the outline of it glowed through her shirt he felt the pulse of thought again, the urge to want. This time he saw her weapon, a whip, clearly outlined in his mind. He wanted it and he called again for it. Just as before he felt Amethyst fade away as his arms were wrapped in a blinding light. When the light subsided he had a blade tether coiled around his arm. He flicked his arm out in a random direction and the whip launched in the direction, crashing through whatever happened to be in the way, in this case, it was the wall across from his bed.

Can you release her?" Garnet asked, her curiosity piqued.

"I'll try," Steven replied, attempting to pry the tether off of his arm.

Just as he thought it, the tether disappeared and Amethyst appeared once more, sitting on the ground with a dopey grin on her face.

"Amethyst, what happened?" Garnet asked, picking her up off the ground.

She explained that, just like Pearl, she had embraced and fused with Rose Quartz. Garnet, seemed unsatisfied with those answers so she stepped up to Steven and held out her hand to him.

"If what I'm thinking is at least half-true, then I should be able to get out relatively unscathed. Let's go." Garnet commanded.

Once again, Steven repeated the process. This time, however, was different. Instead of one weapon, two appeared.

"Do I want ruby's gauntlet or your gauntlet, Garnet?"

"Mine, Steven."

As he chose the bigger image in his head, the large pair of gauntlets, the weapons called to him once more. In an instant, he felt her hand disappear from his and in her place, a pair of gauntlets were wrapped around his hands complete with shoulder plates. He willed them off and Garnet was in the room once again, standing unlike the other two.

"Well?" Steven asked.

"I-I've never felt anything like it, such pure and uninterrupted peace. She was there, I talked to her about the war and everything. It was like time had reversed. Steven, this power you gained, we need to train it. learn about it. Tell me everything you know." Garnet said, not looking at him for a second.

2. Weaponizing Gems for Dummies

The next morning Steven met the three in their temple, prodded into investigating Steven's mysterious new powers. Just as Steven began to think on it in the temple, a sudden dizzyness caused him to collapse and he entered the dream-like vision state once more.

"Hello again, Steven," Neven said, wearing a soft smile and focused eyes.

"Hey, um... Neven. Sorry, this is really weird," Steven blurted out, scratching his head.

"It is. Unfortunately, we can not have a conversation of idle nature, as time is of the essence, though you are picking up on this much faster than I expected. Anyway, let's begin."

Steven nodded silently as Neven brushed his loose dark brown hair aside and spoke up.

"You now know the basics of weaponizing, now you must learn to modify. I will instill in you several weapon designs I've acquired from alien species I've encountered in my time. These will provide the base of your new ability."

Steven felt a pulse of thought as the images flooded his brain. Most were weapons designed to fire plasma bolts or streams of atomic energy and even pure light. Cannons, handguns, rifles and repeating guns of all kinds were all in full detail before him as they began to fade, leaving behind the most distinct designs.

"There, your mind has chosen the most unique and feasible designs to incorporate as secondary forms, upgrades if you will, to the gem's weapon form. keep in mind that this ability allows you to modify your own gem weapon. Now, you must return, I just saw a Naeo scout ship headed to your planet, you have to fight. Use your abilities well, the Crystal Gems won't be able to fight them alone."

Steven felt his vision fade in and out as he was returned to consciousness.

"This 'passing out' thing isn't going to be a problem is it, Garnet?" Pearl asked, standing over Steven.

He leaned up, standing quickly as he rushed outside to look into the sky. Sure enough, a large mechanical spire pierced the cloudy sky and seemed to stretch down like a scraggly clawed finger.

"What is that?" Garnet whispered.

"A scout ship! We gotta take the fight to them, they're coming for me!" Steven shouted, leaping out to the beach as the claw-shaped ship stabbed into the ground, blasting aside the earth nearby.

Steven shielded his eyes from the debris as he tried to assess his enemy. They didn't look like Gems to him, Sharply shaped and crystalline in nature, but no gems he'd ever seen.

"Steven, do you know what these things are?" Garnet asked.

"They look like gems but I don't recognize the color at all," Pearl voiced her concern.

"Whatever they are, they do not look happy to see us!" Amethyst flicked her wrist, summoning a whip studded with crystal shards and whipped it at the ground.

"So, these are this world's Crystal Gems. Not much more advanced than the last, use a Luster Heart and bring me back their gems as well," One of the taller black crystal creatures spoke with a deep booming voice.

"Good luck with that!" Garnet hissed through clenched teeth.

The battle was four against a dozen broad-shouldered, demonic looking gem monsters. Each seemed dragon-like in its reptilian jaw structure and eyes.

"These guys are... umm Naeo scouts, I think... That's what Neven said," Steven responded to Garnet's query as he summoned his gem weapon, a transparent round shield.

"Who?" Garnet began to question, catching an oddly shaped blade between her hands.

"My other self, umm, from another dimension... It's hard to expla-" Steven gasped as he shielded himself from both sides by ducking down and enlarging the shield to encompass him.

Pearl deflected the assault of three jet black aggressors with her spear but caught a blade to her hip and staggered. The one in front of her took advantage of this and heaved his blade into the air for a heavy strike. Steven shouted for Amethyst who snapped her whip to catch the blade just as it inched up to Pearl's caltrop spike of a nose. Steven did all he could to shove the blades off of him but their combined weight was too much for him. Beside him, Garnet suddenly faltered. She cried out in anguish and though he couldn't see her eyes he could feel the terror in her heart like a throbbing migraine. Clenching his teeth tightly, Steven opened his eyes wide as the golden trim began to widen as well, taking over all but tiny beads of Steven's pupils. He hissed a name through his teeth as he began to lift from the ground.

"R-Rose Q-Qu-uartz."

The sky darkened.

The Crystal Gems looked up and around as Steven roared, throwing aside the monsters, hard enough to send them crashing into the mountainside where his home sat carved in. His body began to change dramatically. Bones shifted in place, muscles began to grow and compound on one another, the gem residing where his belly button had been shot out tendrils of crystal that snaked up his body and pierced his chest, crawling into his heart. When it did, blood came draining out into the gem, turning it a dark red. He summoned his shield once again but as he did a bold of lightning exploded from the sky and struck his hand. When the light died down a long curved blade, twice his size was in his hand and seemed to weigh nothing. Steven faced the black monsters, the leader specifically and issued a wordless challenge with one finger.

"Damn it, we got here too late. Use the Luster Heart damn it!" The lead monster called.

One of them held a giant pulsating orb in their claws, tossing it into the air. It exploded in a mist of purple and green as the crystal monsters began to change shape, becoming less draconic and more humanoid. The Crystal Gems regrouped around Steven as the monsters took a more aggressive stance. Steven stood defiantly, his golden eyes never blinking. The shield in his opposite hand changed shape, growing and spiraling out of it's somewhat flat surface to blossom like a rose, the center glowing like a burning candle. Steven positioned the shield in front of him and the glow expanded as a beam of pure light ripped through the air and disintegrated one of the monsters.

"Steven..." Pearl gasped.

"The power... of a god..." Steven murmured, his thoughts unfocused and murky.

He waved the shield across, wiping out two more monsters before the others began to wisen up. Thet leapt into the air to strike from above. Steven eyed them quickly and dismissed his shield to oblivion before taking the blade in both hands and splitting one monster in two, cleaving through some kind of inky black liquid as he did. The next monster landed out of reach of his blade, but Steven closed the distance with a short dash and impaled him. The next three surrounded him. He summoned his shield again and threw it. The circular shield acted as a rotary blade beheading the monsters as it circled around Steven, malevolently searching for targets before returning to his hand. With the momentum from the catch, Steven launched his blade into the chest of the next monster and sprinted to retrieve it.

"Ha, I got it!" The leader gasped, yanking the sword out of his comrade before swing it to aim.

Steven smirked devilishly, twisting his body to turn the headlong dash into an acrobatic flight as he passed just overhead and with a flick of the wrist, summoned a massive gauntlet wrapped in capsule-like pods. He quickly pointed the gauntlet out and a sudden shotgun blast caused the leader and his remaining monster soldiers' heads to explode in a row. As the group stood amidst the pile of shattered inky crystal bodies, Steven breathed in sharply as the transformation in his eyes died down.
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