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by K.HBey
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Most often conditions life push us to do thing we think we cannot do, challenges are here.

He takes the plane and flies to Cairo. He has a hard research to do with his professor. After long hours he finally arrives to Cairo. At the airport he finds his professor waiting for him. He is one of his favorite students and believes that he has got a great potential in archeology.

Nazim has succeeded with the merit of excellent his first year of archeology studies. He has been classified the first at the first year at the university and then the third at the second year of his studies.

He is gifted in archeology and reads many books and has done many expeditions with his professors, he always finds many indexes.

His parents are very worried and most often advise their child to arrest archeology studies and slop to medicine ones. Indeed he has an allergic illness as his mother has. Always when he arrives from the expeditions he relapses seriously and physicians declare that he is a target to asthma.

He has never thought to arrest such studies that fascinate him a lot and finds that he gets capabilities which are suitable to such studies that he has always dreamed about.

"Hello: I have reserved for you a suite at Cairo hotel. Please get a rest and tomorrow we will meet"; the professor says.
Entering the chamber, it seems to him that he is entering the pyramid. There are many ancient Egyptian drawings on the wall. He is so excited. Indeed that is the first time that he visits Cairo.

He gets a deep sleep and wakes up when he hears someone knocking at the door. It is the server, he brings with him the breakfast. "Good morning sir, have you got a nice sleep?" He asks. Nazim is still asleep and could not respond. "Here it is your meal. Someone lets you this letter. It is from turkey". He says.
"Is it from Turkey?" Nazim asks. "Have a nice day sir, would you need something else?" The server asks. No thank you, Nazim says.

When the server leaves, he immediately opens the letter. It is from his parents.
"Good morning sir, I love a lot the suite, thank you. I look forward to your present expedition". Nazim says.
Mister Henry smith is an eminent American researcher in archeology. For fifteen years he has been studying the sphinx and its origin. He is really fascinated by such "Abou El houle" as Egyptian people call it.

"I am about to find the sphinx erosion cause and its historical origin". Professor says." I want to present you my friend and colleague the professor Abraham Anderson. He is about to search the underground of the Sphinx platform and its significance". Professor says.

"Nice to meet you professor", Nazim says. "Where are you from?" Professor Abraham Anderson says. "I am from turkey and came to USA two years ago to study archeology": Nazim says.
"My friend and I have a great project. It is about revealing the origin of the sphinx. We have been searching about this for fifteen years".

Professor Henry Smith adds that he believes that the Sphinx belongs to two civilizations. "It is the link between two periods. It is thought that it was born at the beginning of the Egyptian civilization. In fact the ancient Egyptians adopted the Sphinx from the first model inherited from the previous period". Professor Henry Smith says.

He adds," It belongs to khafra king. However the geographic position and the kind of architecture of such building let me believe that it belongs also to a previous civilization. The sphinx has been existing for 4000 years".

"I believe that the sphinx was also a necropolis then a link with the other world. The king khafra was buried there. However and till now we cannot find an issue to such necropolis."
"However I found a wall which was built later. As I found a part of a ground which seems weak according to earthquake researches; I believe that there is a communication between the ground and the underground.

This is a target of my present research". I have also found a script carved on the ground which means "you have gone forever and a symbol of the king". Professor Henry Smith gives all these details about such research.

Nazim enters the sphinx monument. It is the first time for him to do so. He is very excited and feels himself living in the past, during a very far period before ancient Egypt civilization.

For the first day he discovers that the sphinx of Giza is oriented to the pyramids and asks his professor about whether or not it is a pure hazard. "Well! The pyramids were built during a period which is not synchronized with the sphinx period building. That is why I think that there is no link between the two monuments, the sphinx is older". Professor Henry Smith says.

After this first day of such expedition which has been very interesting, Nazim finds himself tired and goes in a deep sleep.
In the morning at the first hours he hears the phone ring. Who is phoning at this time? He sleeps and wakes up when someone is knocking at the door. Nazim opens the door quickly and is astonished to meet Professor Abraham Anderson.

Hello! Professor Henry Smith is waiting for you at the hospital. Professor Abraham Anderson says. Is he at the hospital? Nazim says. Yes, do you know that last night professor Henry Smith had a heart attack and he was hospitalized in Cairo hospital? Professor Abraham Anderson says. "Oh! No! What a petty!" Nazim says.

At the hospital professor Smith Anderson is very sick and waiting for his student. The doctors have forbidden visits. However the Professor insists to speak with his student. Nazim has tears on his eyes when professor Smith Anderson is speaking to him.

"I have no longer time and I know I will die soon. My heart is most hypokinetic after being submitted to damages caused by my coronary arteries disease and I have no functional heart and my ejection fraction is less than 25 per cent. The doctors find that transplantation is my last chance." Professor Smith Anderson says.

"I would like you to take all my researches according to what I have just done as testament. I would like you to finish such present research about the sphinx with my colleague and will publish it under your name". Professor Smith Anderson says. "But I am just a student and.... " Nazim says.

"You are able to do so. You are gifted in archeology and you have all the potential to do so. This is my last hope in life and I would like that you confirm and promise me to do so now". Professor Smith Anderson says. "I promise you my dear professor to do so". Nazim says.
These are the last words of professor Smith Anderson before he has left this humble earth world.

Nazim is working hard and doing colossal efforts to realize what professor Smith Anderson wants. He has never thought to do such challenge and leads such great research as being just a student in archeology.

He discovers that the platform of the sphinx has got two issues. The west one leads to the head of the sphinx and the east one leads to the underground. He obtains the Egypt authorization to open such issues. This is the most interesting discovery of this 21st century.

The issue to the head collapses just finishing the research and the basic structure of the sphinx is just about to collapse also. The budget of the research goes to the renovation.
However they find a very interesting discovery. The head is the tower and it dominates all the west of Giza. As they find many ancient objects there. There are many genres of weapons. There are skeletons of many animals as cat goose and monkey.

The opening of the east issue is delayed by Egyptian authority because of the previous collapse which has put in danger the Sphinx building.

Nazim is now in USA is about to obtain Master diploma. The Egyptian authority has just sent him the agreement to continue the research and open the east issue. However he has an asthma attack and is obliged to delay such research.

When being in the mountain and within nature in turkey where he breathes pure air, he remembers a detail discovered in the sphinx. He has found previously a king ring at the head of the sphinx.
However it does not belong to Egyptian civilization. The symbols carved on the turquoise are not conform to the ones of ancient Egypt civilization. That is why he decides to return to USA in order to do investigations about the exact period of the ring. The research lab will take many months.

Nazim arrives to Cairo and all his hope is that he will find a king inside the underground. The researches start when an earthquake happens, it is a collapse again and all the team expeditions find themselves within the underground.

Nothing is found at the first glance. Nazim is disappointed and all his hope falls apart. Even though the underground seems empty, Nazim has an intuition to find something there.
The hole offers now a dangerous issue to the underground but he decides to go there to explore again the place. He puts his camera and starts to memorize all the details about such place.
He has no time and the rescue team comes quickly to bring him away from this place.

The video is watched for several times and finally he discovers a piece of wall which seems to have another color and no hieroglyph is on it. It contrasts with the rest of the wall.

The sphinx site is closed for undetermined period by Egyptian authority. Nazim writes his manuscripts and what he has discovered during these five years of researches. The publication gets a great success and is considered as a key to a final discovery of the determination of the Sphinx period birth.

Nazim has made a great challenge by doing something he has never thought to be able to do.

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